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  1. Oh no... It wouldn't be BIG at first but maybe only 10-30 smart owners show up first. Nothing BIG on a first time scale. I am just thinking BIG PICTURE
  2. I was glad to read this post as I was begining to wonder if I had missed something.Thanks. The reservation confirmation is the functional equivalent to placing your order. The vehicles are being ordered from Germany just as you configured them. A true 'order' as such can't be taken by smart USA, because that triggers all kinds of legal requirements in different states. The language (and process) is carefully tailored to avoid crossing those legal lines. After you have configured your vehicle, there will be a period of time that passes, and eventually you will be contacted by the dealer to execute the formal purchase agreement, and to arrange delivery.smart is streamlining the process somewhat, with corporate ordering all vehicles. Originally, the expectation was that the dealers would order the actual vehicles for customers, but they decided to shift that process, and keep it centralized for now.It was very smart to go that route. I think doing it any other way would have been a bowl of spaghetti instead of one noodle.
  3. Shydog; Now tell us what you really like about the smart?
  4. In my personal opinion ZAP is trying to do what it can to salvage it's smart business. At one point in time ZAP and it's 'grey' smarts were the only game in town and when smart fortwo comes in 2008 with a factory warranty and much lower pricing ZAP will not be able to compete. When maketing 'grey' cars it's a chance you have to take and ZAP will lose any litigation in my opinion. Daimler AG, Smart GmbH is not a competitor to ZAP. Unless ZAP has some kind of iron clad written non cancelable contract with the makers of smart I don't see that they have a leg to stand on. I went to ZAPs webpage searched 'fortwo' and the only think that came up was their lawsuit. Shows me how important smart fortwo is to ZAP. When I input 'smart' into the search I cam up with some more interesting results and some comments and statements that makes me wonder just how trustworthy ZAP is but it's my personal opinion so you may want to go over there and read the articles for yourself and see what you make of their lawsuit and if they have a leg to stand on.
  5. Iain,Your tour shots and descriptions are always entertaining. Looking forward to your next adventure. The pictures taken look incredible. What kind of camera do you use?
  6. It would perhaps be better if the pictures were on a server that doesn't require a person to "Log In".
  7. Yes, thank you for another piece of the puzzle. Now if we could get smartUSA to publish on their website the last for digits of the reservation number that they are sending out the second confirmations then it would be really easy to guesstimate when you are to be notified by email and or phone.
  8. The slightly modified information in this post was taken from: xel member of forum CleanMPG.com. CleanMPG.com is an interesting forum that appears dedicated to getting better MPG from your vehicles. An interesting forum with interesting information available. Also there is a CleanMPG Preview of the 2008 smart fortwo which has a very good write-up of their smart fortwo experience. Go check it out. 2008 SMART Fortwo. Prices $11,590 - Pure Option Price ($USD) $600 A/C w/ Auto temp control $225 Metallic Paint (Red, Blue, Silver) $175 Silver colored Tridion cell $160 Alarm $350 Panorama roof – Sun shade included $450 Power Steering $220 Heated Seats $350 Radio - AM/FM/CD $495 Premium radio - AM/FM/6CD/MP3 $13,590 - Passion Option Price ($USD) $225 Metallic Paint (Red, Blue, Silver) $175 Silver colored Tridion cell $160 Alarm $450 Power Steering $220 Heated Seats $110 Fog Lamps $120 Additional instruments – Analog Clock and Tach $150 Premium radio - AM/FM/6CD/MP3 Option packages: $350 Premium Sound - Includes Premium Radio w/ 4 speakers and Sub. $850 Comfort Package - Includes Power Steering, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Rain and Light Sensor and Auto-off headlights w/ exit delay. $16,590 - Cabriolet Option Price ($USD) $225 Metallic Paint (Red, Blue, Silver) $175 Silver colored Tridion cell $160 Alarm $450 Power Steering $220 Heated Seats $110 Fog Lamps $120 Additional instruments – Analog Clock and Tach Option packages: $850 Comfort Package - Includes Power Steering, Leather Seats, Heated Seats, Rain and Light Sensor and Auto-off headlights w/ exit delay. Specifications Engineering: Engine Type: In-Line 3-Cylinder Engine Block/Cylinder Head: Aluminum-Alloy Displacement (l): 1.0 Horsepower @ rpm (SAE net, Rev 8/04): 70 HP @ 5,800 rpm Torque (lb.-ft. @ rpm): 68 lb.-ft. @ 4,500 rpm Redline (rpm): TBD Bore and Stroke (in): 2.83 x 3.22 Compression Ratio: 10.0:1 Valvetrain: 4-valve per cyl. - SOHC Electronic Multi-Point Fuel Injection Rear-wheel Drive CARB Emissions Rating: ULEV-2 Federal Emissions: Tier II/Bin5 Direct Ignition System with Immobilizer Transmission: Gear Ratios 5-Speed Automated Manual Transmission 1st: 3.308 2nd: 1.913 3rd: 1.258 4th: 0.943 5th: 0.707 Final Drive: 4.529 Reverse: 3.231 Body/Suspension/Chassis: Unit-Body Construction MacPherson Strut Front Suspension DeDion axle Rear Suspension Stabilizer Bar (mm., front): TBD mm/none Rack-and-Pinion Steering Turning Diameter, Curb-to-Curb (ft.): 28.7 Power-Assisted Ventilated Front Disc/Solid Rear Disc Brakes (in.): 11/8 Wheels: All-Season Tires: 155/60 R15 Front/175/55 R15 Rear Interior Measurements: Headroom (in.): 39.7 Legroom (in.): 41.2 Shoulder Room (in.): 48 Hiproom (in.): 45.4 Cargo Volume (cu. ft.): 12.0 Passenger Volume (cu. ft.): 45.4 Seating Capacity: 2 Exterior Measurements: Wheelbase (in.): 73.5 Length (in.): 106.1 Height (in.): 60.71 Width (in.): 61.38 Track (in., front/rear): 50.51/54.53 Coefficient of Drag: 0.34 Curb Weight (lbs.): 1,808 08 EPA Mileage Estimates/Capacities: 5-Speed Automatic Manual (City/Highway): 34/40 Crankcase (qt.): 3.5 incl. oil filter Coolant System (qt.): 4.5. Fuel (gal.): 10 gal. – 8.7 gal. w/ 1.3 gal. in reserve Required Fuel: Premium Unleaded recommended
  9. What is the size of the blankets? They look very nice and warm.
  10. According to the review xel posted more info on the mpg was noted. Here is an excerpt of that section:"Although I did not drive the SMART Fortwo the entire distance over the routes we were directed to travel, I was behind the wheel for ~ 2/3 of the total distance traveled including two long highway bouts between San Francisco and San Jose (one to the other and back). On day 1 in a completely non-setup SMART over a route including ~ 20% city and 80% highway, she retuned 52.7 mpg over 37 miles per the SG-II. My non-hypermile trained journalist partner, Kelly Thomas from the Pioneer Press pulled a 35.9 mpg run over 9.6 miles of 35% highway and 65% city. On day 2, the Smart allowed a 54.6 mpg run with a 4 mile – 40 minute stop and crawl out of San Jose and an all-highway and unmolested run back into downtown San Francisco. I was learning Kelly took over for 22.5 miles pulling a 35.6 mpg segment in and amongst the outskirts and into the inner portions of San Francisco. I took the opportunity to drive a nightmarish segment taking the SMART through everything downtown San Francisco had to offer including our final destination, Fisherman’s Wharf. That short segment yielded 43.8 mpg in strictly stop light to stop light, hill climb to descent to climb and repeat “Streets of San Francisco” nightmare while I threw the book at it. The SMART offered up a respectable 45.5 mpg average over ~ 120 miles with 1/3 of the driving performed by Kelly and 2/3 by me. This included ~ 1/3 harsh inner city and 2/3 somewhat open Interstate. Between 48 and 58 mph, she would allow 50 – 70 MPG and this is indeed a nice little spot to hold thus making me believe 60 MPG should be achievable by a trained hypermiler with an unmolested suburb/highway commute."I believe that the prices and specifications regarding the MPG is quite conservative.
  11. The interior color of your posted picture reminds me more of the exterior (tomato red) color of the car I seen at the road show here in HamptonRoads, VA a while back.
  12. I just came from my insurance carrier (State Farm) and here in the HamptonRoads, USA area I was quoted for FULL COVERAGE insurance for a 2008 Passion (remember that EVERYONE(s) quote would be different based upon numerous factors, location , driving history, and way too many other factors to list here but just to give you a very basic idea ...) was; SEMI-ANNUAL COST / LIMITS / COVERAGE 166.28 / 100k/300k/50k / Automobile Liability 031.98 / 5k / Medical Expense Benefits 045.06 / ACV / Other than Collision NO Deductible 117.50 / ACV / Collision $250 Deductible 001.80 / $100 MAX / Towing and Labor 015.00 / $900 MAX / Transportation Expenses (Rental Vehicle) 019.66 /100k/300k/50k / Uninsured Motor Vehicle 397.28 (USD) Total of 6 Month Premium I was also told that since this is for a 2008 that the amounts could change due to the following factors such as, parts availability, where car can be fixed at an authorized repair facility, etc... Just REMEMBER that this was an estimate for me so your cost could vary widely compared to mine. I also didn't inquire much about other factors such as if this vehicle would be replacing or adding on to another policy, how many drivers or additional drivers, amount of miles driven annually, drivers driving history, optional equipment, discounts such as defensive driving course, car alarm systems and there is alot of other contributing factors that would raise or lower the total cost BUT it was just intended to give prospective USA drivers and our Northern brothers a vague idea of automobile insurance costs. I happen to be 46 years old with a clean driving record.
  13. I would wait also but to include find a friend that has one and perhaps they may let you drive it once in a while so you don't go crazy.
  14. That the Strike is over and we can enjoy...
  15. A do it yourself guide can be found all over the internet. Here are some examples: http://automedia.com/Aiming_Headlights/ccr20010801ha/1 http://www.danielsternlighting.com/tech/aim/aim.html Hopefully this will head you in the right direction.
  16. Telemarketers are people too but telemarketing is EVIL. Before I put my phone number on the U.S. National Do Not Call Registry I would get up to 10 phone calls per day by a telemarketer wanting to try and sell me something. WARNING, this video contains some minor cursing and a reference to homosexuals and impersonating a peace officer but other than that it is one man's revenge toward telemarketers. Click LINK
  17. I found a ride that you might like Duck: http://www.break.com/index/not-my-type-of-fun.html Have you ever rode one of these?
  18. There will be those who wait patiently for 'NEW' news and then there are those who no matter what NEW' news is supplied it is never enuff to satisfy their appetite. This forum is a place where like minds gather that have a common interest in all things relating to smart vehicles. There is no need to appease those who want specifics nor a need to put all information 'on the table'. Personally I'd like to see many of the European cars be available to the North American Shores but it just "Ain't gonna happen" any time soon so I can either be happy with what we are getting or move to Europe. Much of what aphoenix has said can be found around the internet should one try and find it. There are also 'gems' of information that can be found in the most unlikely places if you know where to look. Even a SmartUSA representative would most likely be under a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to only reveal information that has been authorized to disclose and you can bet that the official website would be the front runner of the information first. On the other hand that wouldn't keep those "in the know" from hinting at some information. Mr. Matt Morrow if you are truly distressed about the responses of other people here then go to the source and email smartUSA http://www.smartusa.com/contact-us.asp to answer you questions or concerns and the fact that you have been and I quote: "I've been waiting patiently since 2000. I've waited very patiently since 06:38 AM EST on March 19, 2007." does not give you the right to start arguments with aphoenix or anyone else who is trying to provide information not only to you but everyone here on this forum who is interested in smart vehicles just like you. The best way to debate is to attack the facts and provide counter facts to substantiate your position on the subject, not attack the messenger. I am as sure as I can be that there are representatives from smart that frequent smart forums to glean information from it's users and I wouldn't be surprised that those same representatives keep a low profile so they are not bombarded with questions, gripes and a host of other peoples wants, needs and desires. In closing this is a privately ran forum and all topics, discussions and content are allowed by the CsC Directors, Moderators at their discretion for the decorum as stated http://www.clubsmartcar.ca/forums/faq.php so it does behoove you to think for yourselves before pressing the 'Submit' button. Yes we can 'all get along' but sometimes it takes self restraint and not say what's really on your mind. If there IS a need that you must argue with another member then it's best to take the argument PM.
  19. Thanks for the link. The FIRST picture shows a yellow/black smart and I have not seen one in real life so is the one in the picture represent the true yellow color or is it a different shade? As many know from first hand experience the pictures of the 2008 smarts do not reflect the true color of "metallic red", more like "tomato red" or "orange-red".BTW the yellow/black combination looks pretty sharp to me.
  20. You will want to torque in increments, not all at once also.
  21. I enjoyed reading the story.
  22. I remember when most cars back in the 60's & 70's had the same size tires on all four wheels except for those cars that were fixed up or some of the muscle cars.The last car that I purchased recently has two diffrent size tires on the front and rear. The smarts will be having two different size wheels on the front and rear so I was wondering if a person could trade with someone else wheels (rims) for the same size so the front and back wheels would could be the same size so it would be possible to rotate your cars tires for more tread longevity rather than having to change out two tires at a time.What do you think of the possibility of doing this and just what are the pros and cons of having two different size tires on a smart car?
  23. For the few people who could not open/view the AVI videos that I had taken at the VA Bch Road Show I converted the files to WMV and the file sizes are smaller so if you have Microsoft Windows Media Player then you shouldn't have any problem viewing the converted files. Link: ftp://smart:@a.servegame.com The video files are located in folder: Road Tour Va Bch VA Aug 24 2007VideoWMV Format Hope this helps and thanks for letting me know that you could not view the AVI files. Depending on your web browser set up you may have to right click the file name and "save as.." to view it. There are several different ways to view a video file with web browsers, video programs etc.. The possible pc configurations are mind bending. If you continue to have problems watching the videos then click on my name to get to my profile and PM me a message and I'll help you to view the videos.
  24. Ok I'll try and make something up for you in the near future. I'll let you know when it's done No, the red interior came from a Pure cabrio but I'm sure that all models would have similar colored red interiors if you chose red. The red color of the interior is also very similar to the orange-red of the exterior so the red you see in the picture is not exactly the same. Going back and looking at the pictures I cannot say that it does for sure but it certianly looks like it could. Yes you are correct the larger fin-type cup holder swinges back and forth to support larger cups. Anytime.
  25. Excerpt from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octane_rating"In most countries (including all of Europe and Australia) the "headline" octane that would be shown on the pump is the RON, but in the United States, Canada and some other countries the headline number is the average of the RON and the MON, sometimes called the Anti-Knock Index (AKI), Road Octane Number (RdON), Pump Octane Number (PON), or (R+M)/2. Because of the 8 to 10 point difference noted above, this means that the octane in the United States will be about 4 to 5 points lower than the same fuel elsewhere: 87 octane fuel, the "regular" gasoline in the US and Canada, would be 91-92 in Europe. However most European pumps deliver 95 (RON) as "regular", equivalent to 90-91 US (R+M)/2, and even deliver 98 (RON) or 100 (RON)."So therefore the above picture can be misinterpeted. I do believe that we could run on 87 octane. I will just have to wait and see.