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  1. Although I'm not a professional in tires I would say that if you are riding around on a tire that has ANYTHING in it other than what is supposed to be there there is the possibility of tire failure or catastrophic tire failure which could lead to an automobile accident. It is my recommendation to either fix it yourself if you know how or take it to a tire shop and have the nail removed and hole plugged.You didn't indicate that you had any type of tire damage / wear warranty coverage commonly referred to road hazard warranty here in the States so I'll assume that you don't.

  2. I'm on the Orphan List at my local smartcenter Dealership and I had gotten a call 25Apr08 around 9am EASTERN USA time from the smartcenter Virginia Beach VA USA and the Dealership Manager ask me if I wanted a Blue/Black Passion and I inquired as to what options the car had as he replied that it was the Passion model with NO other options. On the Orphan list you can specify what "preferences" you want in an Orphan or depending on how desperate you are just take what comes along. My reserved car was the same colors but with ALL options so I thought for a moment and told the Manager I would have to pass on the Orphan offer because at this particular dealership they ask you two times if you want the Orphan that they have available then they continue to the next person on the Orphan list and this was the first call for me. I was number 18 out of 125 people on the list.

    I sent the Dealership Manager an email as to the exact options that I was looking for as well as my reservation number xxxxxx1243 and what type of vehicle that I had reserved and about an hour or two later he had called me back saying that my car was on the boat!!! Fate maybe I don't know but in a way I'm glad that I chose not to take the offered Orphan and in the process made someone happy down the list.

    I tried to find out more information so I could track the boat but my Manager could not find the VIN number and I read in another thread that it takes a few days from when the boat leaves that the VIN number "pop-up's " in the dealers super secret 'smart' computer once the boat has left France or whatever port they leave from. I suppose I'll hear something more in a few weeks and hoping that I'll finally get the smart that I've been wanting since I reserved 29May07.

    to reiterate from another thread and hopefully they don't mind me reposting that if you are trying to track your smart it can be done here:


    Tracking a PO number- choose 'Cargo Tracking' then ' Customer Reference Number' Make sure you include the initial zero (ie 0570170000) If you click on 'Cargo id ' (which is your VIN - by the way) you can get more information.

    Tracking a "stock" number- apparently this is just another version of the PO number. ie 5721331. Remove the initial 5 and add 05701 on the front instead, this should be your PO number.

    Tracking by VIN number- choose 'Cargo Tracking' then 'Roro cargo' and enter your VIN number. The 'Customer Ref. Nbr.' is your PO number.

    Tracking a ship by name- choose 'Schedules' then 'Search by Vessel' If the vessel has a 2 word name just enter the first or you get an error message.

    Oh, and by the way, your number probably won't register for a couple of days after the ship sails. So don't panic.

  3. You have a nice site. Unfortunately here in the USA I haven't seen this level of dedication to the potential customer base by Dealership personnel. The only downside that I could see might be the constant updating of inventory that wil be required and as such does take some time. Other than that it looks GREAT.

  4. I personally never will purchase a factory extended warranty from a Dealership but that's just me. I have read alot of information about the warranty from another forum and the basic consensus is that the smart warranty is really not that great. I would shop for a third party warranty. If you would like to see the smart warranty paperwork a person did scan their paperwork and I have a copy of it on my server found ftp://smart:@a.servegame.com/ in the smart pdf files folder and the pics are numbered smart_warr_1.jpg through smart_warr_5.jpg As a comparison I would look at that and then a warranty company like http://www.warrantydirect.com/

    Hope this helps.

  5. My other car has rain sensing wipers and I find that they work well and I like them. The entry and exit delay that the lights are a nice safety feature especially if you happen to be going to your car at night and want to see inside your car BEFORE you get in. Heated leather seats are nice in cold or cool weather.