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  1. After seven years of smart ownership I have just sold my 2006 smart. It was all in all a great little car and I had a lot of fun driving it and, sometimes, defending it to those that judged it harshly (usually without having any idea what smarts were all about). I would like to thank those that created this forum and certainly to all those that helped me over the years with the questions I had, it was invaluable.All the best to all of you and...goodbye.
  2. Just got back from an extended vacation and when I moved my smart (2006 450 model) I saw a hunk of curved metal that was under the car. Turns out it was part of the front left coil spring which had broken. I got it replaced okay ($$) and all seems fine now. My smart only has 56,000 K on it but the streets here in Winnipeg are tough to say the least and try as you may not to pound the suspension, it nevertheless gets pounded. I was wondering if anyone else had their coil spring break and, secondly, why it would finally break when it was just sitting there parked (you would think that it would go while I was driving it).Also, I want to mention the great service I got from Lonestar Mercedes here in Winnipeg to get this fixed along with my A service which was also due. I know that many in the forum have had problems with some Mercedes dealerships but Lonestar has alway treated me and my car well.
  3. Welcome. I have a 2006 Pure that I have been driving for the last 7 years. It's still as much fun as the day I got it. Hope you have years of trouble free enjoyment. Other than swapping the summer/winter tires every year I don't do my own maintenance so I have no advice for you there.
  4. It is unfortunate that each dealership seems to be able to approach this differently; from my perspective there should be a standard policy on dealing with the A/C design flaw (i.e. fix it permanently with the proper solution and don't charge the customer). I have always had great service from Lonestar Mercedes in Winnipeg and they came through for me on this issue too. I don't know if this will help you but they told me there was a "sweet spot" when it came to getting Mercedes Canada (?) to approve the permanent fix at no cost (having said that I was told that if Mercedes Canada did not approve it then the Lonestar Manager would recommend the fix and then Mercedes Canada would have no choice but to go along. I am not sure if that is the way it works, others in the forum may know better, but to me it indicates that each dealership has some ability to help you out even if "Corporate" initially does not approve.)What I was told concerning the "sweet spot": Mileage is relatively low on the vehicle (mine was around 50,000 K at the time) You had bought the extended warranty (I had the extended warranty). The A/C had a history of failing (my A/C failed every year since I owned it).I don't know what your circumstances are but if you are in the "sweet spot" ballpark then I would use this as the argument for getting the permanent fix (all of it) done at no charge. From some of the posts it seems that others have managed to get the fix done without meeting the above criteria so, again, there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason. I would suggest also that you keep at them and document what has happened so that when (if) the A/C fails again you can quote times/dates/conversations as that seem to provide some support for your case. Don't know if that helps but good luck.
  5. Finally got hot enough in Winnipeg (briefly) to need the A/C. Still blows nice and cold, so far so good. Good to hear that some of you have been able to make the case for MB to provide the "permanent fix" gratis or close to it.Maybe I'll just start taking it for granted that the A/C will be there when I need it (just like my other vehicles)...novel concept I know.
  6. Seriously? Geez I guess the "permanent fix" may not be so permanent. I was hoping I didn't have to worry about mine any more after the "permanent fix", so far it is still blowing cold but I guess we'll see.
  7. So different pads don't help eh? Not the end of the world. My driveway has a slope to it but I'll put it in reverse and block the tires and carry on. Thanks for the replies.
  8. I did a search and found the past posts on this issue (if my question below has been answered then I must of missed it). I have a 2006 smart and have recently retired so I don't drive it every day which has increased the occurrences of my rear brakes seizing whenever it it has rained or is damp out. My past practices are similar to what it appears everyone else does to break them free.My question is this: Can this issue be addressed with a different type of brakes pad? I get it serviced at Mercedes and they did the the front brakes a couple years ago but the rear ones didn't need to be replaced so I believe they are the original drum pads. I have started to just block the tires if I know that I will not be driving for a day or two or if it's raining and wet out. Seems to do the trick but if there is some other solution it would be more convenient.Great little car though. Seven years and counting and she lets me go anywhere I want without worrying about fuel pricesThanks.
  9. Good point. It was sort of a knee jerk reaction. I must say though that I enjoy the fact that I don't have to think twice about heading out somewhere; I suspect that if I just had the Tundra that I would be more conscious of how much I drove.
  10. The fuel prices in Winnipeg just jumped 8 cents a litter to $1.239 for regular gas (not the highest in the country but real high for here). It has actually been awhile since anyone has stopped to ask me about the smart but in the past few days since the hike I have been stopped 5 times by someone who asked be about mileage on the smart. When I say that in the summer I can get 70 mpg and that my annual average is 64 mpg they perk right up. They are less impressed when I say that you can't buy the diesel version in Canada anymore (but I do tell them that the gasser gets pretty good mileage too). One guy asked what I would take for my smart (I told him that I am not at that point yet).Sign of the times again. I did read that Mercedes sales had been increasing including the smart largely due to demand from China but elsewhere as well.
  11. Sorry to hear that. I tooo wish they could find the guys that did it and make them pay for the repairs. This kind of thing is just so aggravating.
  12. I have a 2006 450 diesel and it was hot enough in Winnipeg that I needed to use the A/C. Every year for the last six years when it came this time the A/C blew hot air. Last summer I had the "permanent fix" done for the A/C with the promise that the problem was solved; being the skeptic I had my doubts. But....when I pushed the little button this week, voila, cold air and, colder than I think it has ever been.It looks like it is going to be a hot summer so this is good news.
  13. This will be the first summer coming up since the "permanent fix" to my A/C (at no charge to me) was done to my 06 in the summer of 2011. I am hopeful that when I start the A/C this spring it will actually work. Fingers crossed.
  14. I use my wheel covers year round for the last 7 years and have gone over all sorts of crap roads and streets (welcome to Winnipeg) and have never lost one. There is one cover that never seems to look like it quite fits right but even that one has stayed on okay.
  15. My 2006 has had three Turbos replaced, all under warranty. The last one has remained silent the past three years (I had always let the engine cool down so I don't really know what the base cause of the failures were). Each time the Trubo went (fairly suddenly) from almost silent to a loud high ptiched whine. I was told by Lonestar that they had to be replaced (and becasue they were under warranty I didn't question). If it happens again I will be looking for options other than flat out replacement because they are expensive. Other than the noise being annoying I don't know if there are any negatives in just driving it with the loud whine.