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  1. that looks very interesting, would be curious to see if somebody ends up using one and the resultsI have been stocking the Halon units for years, I like that there is no residueNot cheap to refill thoughCM
  2. It was the next day, and the sealant was still viscous, so just wiped it outnew stem assembly of courseI have never used Tire Lyna, but went to the web site: looks like some pretty good stuff, particularly if Michelin ok's itI have a 10 wheeler that I'd like to convert the rear duals to super singlesJust extremely paranoid about getting a flat on one of them, and being stuck then and therewith TPMS, ( I use the Pressure Pro model ), you hopefully would know something is amiss before ending up on the side of the road( in the middle of nowhere, middle of the night, end of your thermos, etc )good tip,thanks,CM
  3. that's pretty insightfulwith the comparatively narrower torque band of a diesel, a CVT makes a fair amount of sensenot a gas engine CVT, a HD one of coursewould be much appreciated over the current mystery auto transI however, prefer a lever to change gearsif and when I want to, for any reason I choose but most especially while driving on black icebut, I'm only a customerwhy should I be able to purchase what I want ?CM
  4. Hi, I looked thru all the topics and did not find anybody discussing using the smart provided plastic bottle of flat tire sealantHad surprise opportunity to use it last month, picked up a nail in a parking lotthe enclosed air pump worked as advertised, once I found it, but the air kept leaking outso I slightly moved the car so the defect was at the bottom of the tire, against the groundthen introduced the sealant into the pump, they say to use the entire contents, 300 ml, which I did( but the plastic bottle is translucent, so it's difficult to determine when that is )waited the proscribed 10 minutes, and drove slightly forwardair held & made it to my shop, was unable to fix it until next day, was still holding pressure fineupon removing the tire the sealant cleaned up easyfixed defect and good ever sincein consideration of possible future use, cleaned up the pump with soapy water & dried it, and tested it, all oknoticed on the sealant bottle a date code expiration, which was pastI need to replace the bottle of sealant soonhas anybody else gone thru this ?( of course, this may never have occurred if the engine was diesel, and the transmission manual, just sayin' )
  5. Very true, I got the 451 with manual steering and although a bit heavy feeling at firstit is very predictable and consistent, much like the older MB dieselsmy friends 451 with power steering by comparison, is too much, too easyespecially on the freewaythe auto trans however, don't even get me startedsufficient to say, that not having a manual transis almost up there with not being able to have the diesel engineCM
  6. Hi, at least they asked, I was going to buy two, but only bought one, because no diesels For 2nd vehicle, ended up buying the VW diesel Golf with 6 speed manual, love itIf the smart became available with diesel & manual transwould replace both faster than a NY secondthe smart is perfect size for my needsI just want, a diesel, with a manual transmissionlike the rest of the more enlightened world hasthank youCM
  7. yes, it doesn't take much of a headlight mis-adjustment, and or heavy load in the trunk to cause glare to other driversI routinely drive truck cross continent and notice there are some very predictable occurrences my mirrors are photo-chromatic, so I can dim them down at night to reduce glare, even so it can still be very annoying full size pickups and SUV's are definitely the worst offenders with regards to light courtesy, < or lack thereof > perhaps a result of distracted driving ? however the most unsafe drivers, particularly in urban-city areas, seem to be in BMW's or lately the new Audi's, < same folks ? > the amount of aggressive actions by these drivers is note-able as well as their lack of proficiency when trying to recover from some of their maneuvers on the plus side, as a smart car driver myself, I tend to notice smarts, even when they are just moving down the road rain/ snow wise, they do throw up a bit of spray, rear flaps would help with that especially the ones that are heavily textured on the side facing the tire on a side note, in many areas it is generally recognized that, unnecessarily running with fog or auxiliary driving lights is taken as a sign of support for gay pride just so you know safe motoring
  8. then there's this: The clampers, LBS Enforcement, fitted a clamp to his bright yellow van, and then demanded £700 for its release, adding £80 tickets to the windscreen every half an hour it remained in place.
  9. Hi Alex, I love Vancouver, especially the hedgesSo one time we were there for an extended periodNever stopped raining, or as we were told, it's just low cloudsWere driving around neighborhoods and got lost, saw this kid walking down the side walkPulled up and asked him if it ever stopped raining hereHe looked at us incredulously and I'm not joking, said" how would I know, I'm only 12 years old "That was 15+ years ago, we still get a chuckle from itCM
  10. WHAT COUNTRIES ARE MOST LENIENT WITH PARKING LAWS?Got stuck in a snow drift in Munich, and had to temporarily abandon the carThe traffic enforcement official dug down to it and gave me a ticketWhen I later questioned it, the explanation had to do with possible damage to snow plowsSometimes they are so efficient it hurtsWorst place ever to park, is in Santa Monica or Venice, CaliforniaEverybody gets a ticket, everybody, have a nice dayWhen you contest it, before the judge, it is invariably dismissed But the parking regulations are even more draconian in the vicinity of the court houses Easier to just pay it and scootCM
  11. I too drive a Freightliner as part of certain projectsAlways endeavor to park wee little Goober alongside, < both are white >Need to get a trailer hitch on Goober & park in front of the big rig, yuk yukAm always amazed at how many folks, especially truckers whose other rides are dualies, etcThat come over & inquire about the carI was given a box, < case >, of brochures while at the dealer one timeDutifully hand one to each person who inquiresSeveral times have taken a drive around the lot with extra interested folksAll the usual responses, wow, it's so big inside, etcI didn't get the power steering, on purpose, prefer the stiffer manual feelA few trucker buddies who drove Goober likened the response to a truck type feel, As is the suspension over, or rather through, the potholes in the lotAir suspension seat anybody ?, not so much for vertical movement, but fore & aftReferred to as the snubber chugger function, I believeIf I had the diesel engine instead of the gazzer, I could fill at the high speed pumps in just a click or twoKeep windows & mirrors clean & drive safeCM
  12. we use Mac's exclusively, would love to find a product like thishow are you making out with your search ?
  13. Hi, I leave my CTEK charger hard wired in place all the time, now on 2 different vehiclesnever had any issues with regard to driving with them wired inhowever, a solar panel, < RV shop style >, I left plugged in while driving, blew out a number of fusesthe CTEK's are wired direct to the battery, < fused of course >the solar panel I had plugged into the cigarette lighter socketgreat products both
  14. for a more professional appearance, while locking car, may I recommend using one of those telescoping poles that painters usenot only can you optimize the length, but the deluxe versions have neoprene padding in the grip areaunfortunately, I am unable to explain further, how I came to know thisgood luck
  15. Tried it and it worked, thank you againOn a side topic, has anybody figured out how to disable the audio chirps from the door lock/ unlock remoteBut still have the alarm able to sound ?CM