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  1. The smartings, Terry & Phyllis, will be there!
  2. Plunkett's Sign up:01. Bill02. Alberta & Cliff03. Liz & Glenn04. John & Elaine05. Ron & Dot06. Joe & Heather07. John08. Terry & Phyllis09.10.
  3. Sign-up List1. Bill (smartnhappy) with the Canada1 Smart car2. Liz & Glenn (Lilbit, smart142)3. John (jwight)4. Ken (KKSMART05)5. Dot & Ron (Spike, Leadwing)6. Ian Jay7. James & Dawn8. Danny9. Gordon (driving CHOCULA)10. Dave & Lu (TANK)11. Terry & Phyllis (smarting)12. Don & Janet (DieselDon & A1karaoke) {tentative}13. jp14. big mike?15. Natalie (smrtpntz) List
  4. 1) William2) Ron & Dot3) Bobb, not smart in a toaster4) Derek & Andrea5) Alberta & Cliff (DR MAP)6) Sandra Clark (Baby Elsie)7) James8) Elaine & John9) Doug & Sharon in BigBen10) Glenn & Liz11) Terry & Natalie
  5. If the roads are passable we're planning to be there.Terry&Phyllis
  6. Bill; Natalie and I will meet you at 73 & 42 @6 also.Terry
  7. ROAD TRIP SIGN-UP1. Bill2. Glenn and Liz3. Britsmart (If I have the day off) 4. Nate5. Terry & Phyllis6. dragon - meet there ???7. Rod - meet on way ??? 8. Derek & Andrea ( I will confirm by tonight... if I get my computer back ... got to talk to the better half!)9. Ron 10. Natalie11. ⬇
  8. ROAD TRIP SIGN-UP1. Bill2. Glenn and Liz3.Britsmart (If I have the day off) 4.Nate5. Terry & Phyllis6. ⬇
  9. SIGN-UP LIST1. smartnhappy2. SMARTING3. Bitsmart4. John& Elaine5. ianjay6. Gordon7. Melissa8. Cacarella9. Leadwing & Spike10. Natalie11. ⬇
  10. For years my two daughters (now young adults) have been teaming up to create a birthday cake for dad. This years creation is over the top! Longtime smarties will recognize the cars as the pull back toys that were on the pens sold a few years back by Rich Helms. I used them as stocking stuffers then and am told they are back on loan only for decoration. Those of you who know me will realize there is no significance to the number of candles. The frosting can only take so much heat.
  11. James1. James2. Dawn3. Bill (Smartnhappy)4. Ron (Leadwing)5. William6. Britney (Britsmart)7. John& Elaine (Adelaide J )8. Jeannise & Ken9. 10. ishkabibble (S.)11. Terry & Phyllis (SMARTING)12. Natalie (smrtpntz)13.14.15. ⬇Sign up for BREAKFAST1. James2. Dawn3. William4. Bill5. Britney & Alex6.Sandra (Ish.)7. Terry & Phyllis8. John & Elaine9. Natalie & Julia10. ⬇
  12. Sign Up for PARADE:1. James2. Dawn3. Bill (Smartnhappy)4. Ron (Leadwing)5. William6. Britney (Britsmart)7. John& Elaine (Adelaide J )8. Jeannise & Ken9. Gordon (Gordon)10. ishkabibble (S.)11. Terry & Phyllis (SMARTING)12. Natalie (smrtpntz)13.14.15. ⬇Sign up for BREAKFAST1. James2. Dawn3. William4. Bill5. Britney & Alex6.Sandra (Ish.)7. Terry & Phyllis8. ⬇
  13. Looks like I've got a ways to go yet! Everytime you start feeling cocky someone gives you a slap up the side of the head. I went down to 3.69 on spritmonitor for just one posting and then bounced back up to 3.70 the next.Terry
  14. Sounds like a great trip Bill. We're available the 18th.Terry
  15. SIGN-UP1. Bill (smartnhappy)2. Glenn & Liz (smart142 & Lilbit)3. Ron & Dot (Leadwing & Spike)4. Terry & Phyllis (smarting)5. William (Huronlad)6. Joyce and John (SMRTENUF)7. Doug & a driver for me!8. Don (Doug's chauffeur)9. Melissa & Tony(Cheese4)10. Dave & Lu (The Lurker & Tankgirl)11. Dave & Charlene (Hobbsy)12.Noah and Gord13.Patty14. Natalie & Mark (smrtpntz)
  16. I'm all for the picturesque and SLOWER routes! Of course a bakery along the way doesn't hurt
  17. Looks like a great evening Bill, thank you.SIGN-UP1. Bill (smartnhappy)2. Glenn & Liz (smart142 & Lilbit)3. Ron & Dot (Leadwing & Spike)4. Terry & Phyllis (smarting)
  18. Sign-up List 1) Tardis ---------- Karen & Jake2) Shirl ------------ Shirl & Bill3) Leadwing ------- Ron4) Huronlad -------- William5) Dragon ---------- Estelle6) Britsmart -------- Britney7) Smarting ---------Terry & Phyllis
  19. Sign up:1. Glenn & Liz2. William 3. Ron & Dot4. Terry & Phyllis
  20. SMART CAR SIGN-UP1. Smartnhappy2. Huronlad3. James& Dawn4. Liz5. Glenn6. Terry & Phyllis
  21. Bill, we're OK with June, July or August, not September. Like Karen we think August would be good because of the huge Tardis BBQ in July.Terry
  22. I have driven it every winter Mike and never had a problem. This winter I decided I didn't need to run two cars and would do the right thing by my smart. Keeping it inside away from the elements and all that road salt they use in Ontario was supposed to be a good idea!Terry
  23. I just went through much the same scenario James. Smarting was parked for the winter. I would fire it up every now and again and let it warm it up, but I guess that wasn't enough. When I started it to bring it out of the garage I left it idling and after a few minutes everything just went quiet. Hmm. I tried to restart to no avail. The engine would crank like mad but would not fire. The car went by ambulance to Mercedes in London where the battery was replaced and they discovered a "rotating resistance" in the alternator. I don't know if the alternator resistance could be chalked up to lack of use over the winter causing some corrosion or not, that seems a possibility. Anyhow everythings good again I'm just a little poorer.Terry
  24. The April meet will be a week later than usual to give some breathing room after Easter weekend. Join us at Charles Dickens Pub, 505 Dundas Street, Woodstock at 6:00 PM. They don't have a web site to see their menu but it is English pub type food, fish&chips, steak&kidney pie , draft beer etc. and prices are reasonable.Sign up list:1: Terry & Phyllis