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  1. I have, over the last year. really enjoyed this site, yet now It feels something is being lost here.Is it because we (the club) are trying to be everything to everybody? Is it because we from the US have come here and ruined the flavor of what was once a fun Canadian/Euro Smart site? I don't see the banter or information flow, nor many of the old posters that were here just a year ago. Why is that?Could it be the site is becoming too ridged and by the rules? Could it be many people can't figure out what goes where. Could it be we have so few Pix because many people can't understand how to post them.Could it be that most of the members are not computer nuts, but Smart car nuts, and unless the "site runners" learn to "KISS", new procedures will come hard to many? Where on this site do we even have a conversation such as this? Perhaps we must go to the "Stuff I'm looking for" forum... Let's TALK about CsC's future and what we can do to bring our old members back.A2Jack.
  2. Great replies Seems like the consensus is: Winter blahs, too cold to be messing with cars. not at all a lack of interest.It was fun to see everyone come out of their Igloos (it's 9f here and the wind is 35-40 mph from the north). Your posts have turned what could have been a negative thought into a great big boost for the club.Hello Duck! We sure missed hearing from you , although we realize all the the coasters around here are covered with snow.Bottom line: As Speedie says, " LET'S GET POSTING". A2Jack
  3. TomP. Thanks. Those are the part numbers I'm looking for. I'll try Hancock. A2Jack.
  4. Since our new 2008 cars come without a spare, has any one purchased a donut ? If so, where did you buy It ? Three point motors does not list it anymore. A2Jack.
  5. Awesys: Yes it should fit as the NA 451 has an even larger cargo space. However it's a big tire and it will come clear up to the back of the head rest. I was hoping to find the little donut.I'm even thinking of getting a three lug to four lug adaptor plate and carry a 12" Festiva Donut. A2jack
  6. I'll just hold off a bit on the scangauge, as it does not fit the style of the car. No mater where it is placed, it's a square peg in a round hole.Some one is sure to come out with one that fits in the clock like the early gauge, or is at least rounded off a little. A2Jack
  7. MOD: My post "Heavy Duty Usage of 4##" was moved to another forum. Why was this done ?I thought this post would be of intrest to wide group of members here. Instead you sent it to the Nuts and Bolts Fourm.Where did I go wrong ? A2Jack.
  8. Thanks Gent and S_ Mack. We users are still learning how to navigate this site . A2Jack.
  9. We have decided to take our new Smart on the road and see how it holds up. We now run Subarus and have gone through 5. Wife alone runs over 30k a year. We usually buy one or two year old, off lease, Subarus. We are paid around .047 for all car expenses and mileage. The current Subie, an 02 OB, has close to 180k US miles. The plan is use it in heavy snow times and drive the Smart most of the year.Our driving is an urban mix of about 60% freeway, 30% highway, and only about 10% stop and go city.What do you guys think? Feedback is most appreaciated. A2jack.
  10. Have any members used their 450 Smarts in hi-mileage driving ?How are they holding up? A2Jack.Mod, thanks for restoring this to the GD fourm.
  11. Is the Detroit Auto show and the Smart car display. Check it out. http://nytimes.com/pages/automobiles/autoshow/ See "Shades of Green" for smart vid. A2Jack.
  12. Thanks all. Yes we will be reporting back to CsC as we go. The winter plan is to drive the Smart on the "all weather" stock tires, but park it when the roads are covered.BTW We Get about 26-27 MPG on the Subies, so 35-40 mpg on the Smart would be $$ in the bank. Also it will make working more fun . A2Jack.
  13. Lets try this link. http://nytimes.com/pages/automobiles/autoshow/ There are a couple of articles here on smart as well as the new Smart vid from the show. This is all new stuff. A2jack.
  14. Ron: thanks for the heads up. I gotta see this.Can anyone come up with a TV time on this ???A2Jack.
  15. Wheel man: Who is the DEALER giving you this great service? We need to start naming these guys, here on the list, or it will never get better. A2Jack
  16. State Farm quotes us $360 @6mo on loaded Passion. (bootleg VIN).
  17. Site is working good, but it will be even better as more tweeks are made.Things to think about, IMO. The front page hurts the site. It's full of old, negitive articles. I now skip it.Delete posts, Yes, even an hour time out is better than nothing, But never longer then 4Hrs.More "reply" and "start new thread" boxes at bottom of pages.This site is becoming more and more international, and I for one, feel much more comfotable posting in all the forums... Thanks S-Mack. A2Jack.
  18. Kwager. Thank you for your letter writing efforts, and I applaud your presence mind to ask the right questions. It must have blown you off your chair when, after all this wait and uncertainty, you had the Pres of Smart on your phone.Well done...You Cool. A2Jack.
  19. Sounds to me like Geico wants to only use their own, hand picked shops, with cheap aftermarket parts.A2Jack.
  20. Gortoc. Ouch! Even uphill!
  21. Dan. Good review.Most of this low MPG talk will disappear when we start hearing back from Smart owners who know how to drive.Hell! this guy only got 31 MPG on a Fit. A2jack.
  22. Here's a link to this problem. It was buried away in our Ontario forum. http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?showtopic=12872 A2Jack.
  23. Dan: Strange! First negitive I've heard on the tailgate. I thought the gate was neat. Just open the top and stuff in the groceries. A2Jack.
  24. Fate of CsC ?CsC will grow in membership as the NA 451s are delivered in the US. Many of the new members will be from border states, people who have long shared the climate and much of the culture of Canada. The "other club", SCOA, is based in LA and is growing more and more commercial each day. I foresee an exodus of members coming soon. Where will they go? Here, CsC, if this great club is ready to accommodate them. CsC can become the best and biggest source of Smart Information in the world. Think international, not in the narrow terms of a US invasion. We know and agree Bush, has really hurt our Image. But now the Canadians have Harper (Same mind set, different head). Lets not allow these creeps to affect how we interact with each other. Let's become Smart united. A2Jack.
  25. Anita: No, I have not seen it before. I was very happy to see that anti-rust dip take place, as they really dump a lot of salt on the Michigan roads each winter.Thanks for posting that.A2Jack