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  1. S_Mack.Isn't this topic in the wrong forum? I thought these sub headings were supposed to be for "events" and local notices ?This topic is of intrest to all of us. Why not move it up to General Discussions where it belongs ? I copied it up to one of the CsC, nuts and bolts forums but it has disappeared. Rules ???A2Jack
  2. That sums up the Smart story. Without the early Canadian sales the car would have failed. A2jack
  3. Just a test......OK, I believe I "ave" it. Thanks. A2Jack.
  4. Mattdaddy.Wife followed a 2004 home the other day. It belonged to a local shop owner in the Detroit area (Ont. tags ) .She introduced herself as a co-member of CsC. He threw her the keys and said "have at it". She loved the way the car drove and handled. You guys are lucky to have one to drive everyday. With luck our Smart will make it here in Jan. She plans to visit the shopkeeper with our new 451, throw him the keys, and say "have at it" .Merry Christmas.A2Jack
  5. Schmart, you say: "I posted as I normally do." I'll bite. HOW DO you normally post pix?I went to "insert image, but found no Browse Mode to grab pix off my machine ? Does one have to type out the long address or URL for each pix ?A2Jack.
  6. Schmart.Thanks for the fine dealer pix. I see you posted in the other format, looks good.Where on this site does it show the new process for for reducing and posting pix? I would like to try a few shots in this new format.BTW: will the Norfork dealer have a service area in that bulding?A2Jack
  7. Schmart: Thanks for taking on this USA forum. We appreciate it. Here are my thoughts: Overall the site has improved, and the new software has reduced a lot of clutter.The USA Sub-Forums have little play, as we don't have the cars yet. But by spring they will be booming with social activity. We still might have a problem reaching our border States/Provinces for an event in (say) Windsor Ont. or Dearborn, Mi.Many more Americans are now posting subjects in the open CsC forums that formally would not have been read by all the rest of CsC members, as they were posted only in the US section. I love not having to double post. The only negitive I have here is: I hate the listing of the sub sections right at the top of the USA page. When the page comes up, all the USA posts are hidden below the line, and I automatically click on a section and never find what I'm looking for.Best Regards. A2Jack.
  8. 142: More paid anti Smart PR crap.Petersen family owned and ran Motor Trend (Think Car Of The Year Awards) and about 4 other auto mags under Petersen Publications. I think they sold off the mags a year or so ago. But it appears they they are still towing the Big three line.Doesn't the line about the Honda/ Toyota costing near the same territory as Smart, ring a bell.There is a Paid $$$ "full court" anti-Smart campaign now ongoing with Global Insights ( big three's PR voice).Please don't continue to help them by posting their stuff on CsC. A2Jack.
  9. It looks like the PAG/Smart dealership in Bloomfield Michigan is about ready to go. They have been designated as main parts distributor for all the other dealers in the US. This may be a spot for Canadians living near the border to pop over and get a part for their NA 451. They should be ready to go by mid Jan. Here's some pix.
  10. Kwaldron.I wasn't trying to get around the rules here, the off site process is used by most forums to save bandwidth. and in MHO, old pix are expendable should the donor site fail.I have some questions here: 1. Is there a tutor forum here on Pix ? 2. How does one increase the text size for reading CsC ? 3. How do I delete my post. ( This came up the other day when I posted a reply in the wrong thread and could not make it go away) Best Regards.A2jack.
  11. These pix were taken today at the new Smart HQ dealership In Bloomfield. A2Jack
  12. Smart 142. Global Insight is a huge PR ffirm that has served the big three for over 30 years. They have been planting their anti-Smart remarks in the press all across the USA for the last 2 months. The big 3's auto show is comiing in Jan and Smart will be there. Worse, it may turn out to be a STAR! The big 3 (2.5) can not build small cars and make money. Star little cars are bad news for them. Global Insight's PR machine works well... they are the pros $$$. http://www.globalinsight.com/ A2jack
  13. Smart 142. Global Insight is a huge PR ffirm that has served the big three for over 30 years. They have been planting their anti-Smart remarks in the press all across the USA for the last 2 months. The big 3's auto show is comiing in Jan and Smart will be there. Worse, it may turn out to be a STAR! The big 3 (2.5) can not build small cars and make money. Star little cars are bad news for them. Global Insight's PR machine works well... they are the pros $$$. http://www.globalinsight.com/ (Mis-posted this here, in wrong thread and can't seem to delete. Sorry if it makes no sense. It applys to post above) A2Jack
  14. HD.It appears that our local dealer (Bloomfield) is not even close to comming on line on Jan 2.Wife went by there thurs, and they still have not even put the exterior cover on the biulding. There are not any outside Smart signs or logos. There are no new 2008 Smart cars anywhere around the place. However, as others have noted, there is ongoing construction inside the showroom space, but it has been going at a very slow pace.If they handle the call/sell/delivery process as slow as they have moved on this building we won't see our cars until Spring at best. I agree we need to set up some kind of tracking system. I assume our cars will be shipped in to Baltimore, then trucked over to Bloomfield. For a Jan del date they would have to be here by now. Perhaps they are being held on some vacant lot here in the SE Michigan area ? We need a spotter on the Baltimore docks like the CsC folks have here at Halifax.As for place in line is concerned, I think you are about number one in the state. But first we need to find those missing cars...A2jack.
  15. At last ! Grab those babys as fast as you can before they change their minds again As for on going reports on the new 451's- anything, anywhere you guys want to post it. We in the states will be hanging on every word. Oh the joy A2jack
  16. Smart is getting more and more good press. This is in their business section tonight. http://nytimes.com/aponline/business/AP-Da...-Smart-Car.html
  17. As soon as we get our 451 (!st two weeks in Jan we expect) we plan to run over to London to visit our cousins and grab a set of snow tires. Smart USA told us they will not be able to supply them at time of car purchase.Anyone here bought them from CT, or do they even carry them? How about wheels?I expect we will only run our Smart this one winter, we as can't stand the thought of waiting all this time and just sticking it away for Spring. We have a Subie for that deep snow stuff, so we would like to do this one winter thing cheap as possible. Any suggestions ?It's 3f here this morning (Thanks Alberta) and it looks like winter is here. A2jack
  18. Ok, got it we're on the same page now.Thanks.A2jack
  19. Mike T.What is an SRS module and what does it do ? Thanks.A2jack.
  20. I Wonder happened to the plans to consoliidate some of the forums? Or eliminate a bunch.What ever happened to the ideas of time zones? How about naitonal divisions (not good in IMO, as it splits US and Canada) ?The US web sites are getting more and more postings while CsC seems frozen in place. There has been some moving around of the "Deck Chairs" on the 450/451 site but nothing major. Many times posts have to be repeated to be seen by all, as readers won't sift through all the forums.When the tens of 1000s of cars start to arrive in the US and Canada, we will all want to share the info...Let's make it easy!Just wondering.A2jack.
  21. HD:Not only can you not set foot in the door , you can't even drive into the driveway of Smart's key dealership and "USA HQ" In Bloomfield. There are huge piles of dirt blocking everything. The Smart Center looks no further finished than it did two weeks ago. Bodes ill for our "Jan tooth " deliverys.A2jack
  22. Hell, Michigan USA:The North American Car and Truck Of The Year Awards, has seen Smart 4-2 make it to the final 10 list. At least until John McElroy drove it. I quote: His words from Autoblog, yesterday, on his test drive of the Smart car (He is a judge of the event). On the Trans, he said : "The automatic gear box is enough to make you blow your brains out. There is a huge lag between every shift with the car momentarily bogging down until the the next gear engages. Ugh, a most unpleasent feeling."McElroy is on a number of radio stations across the country, and has a program on the Speed chanel. He is also a writer for major newspapers across the country.Whether he is biased or not, this trans is not fairing well with the auto writers in the US. IMO, Smart better fix it right, even if it causes a big delay in shipping out the cars.A2jack
  23. This months Consumer Reports under "NEW FOR 2008":"last year we tested a deisel powered Canadian version of the previous generation Smart. It exhibited clumsy handling, a harsh ride, and a lurching transmission, making it the worst vehicle we've tested in recent years"."The gas powerd US version is redesigned and we hope better".This peice was headed with a large pix of a Black on Siliver For Two. The lead was not negitive but misstated that it would come with the turbo and 84 HP.A2jack.
  24. All good toys are expensive. Boats, cars, airplanes. Very few of us are buying our Smart cars as a sole form of transportation. What it costs to buy and own is the price of pleasure. Don't count your money. Count the fun. A2Jack.
  25. Ordered our Passion today. We ordered Yellow/black tri. Loaded, except deluxe radio/dvd changer (way old tech).Standard radio comes with MP3 input jack, and single dvd.Add ons: Foglights , stem clock and tach, anti theft. Our reservation date was 3-22-07. A2Jack.