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  1. Link right on front page. http://www.smartcarofamerica.com A2jack
  2. Regina.Smart America has many LA posters. Expect to see more pix every day.Just click the link go down to "Smart house" click. OR Smart Car news and Rumors, then click the Smart house.It's well worth the extra click.A2jack. PS. Went back again and tried to link right to the photos. No luck. urls are too long to type. How do I move a url to this site without typing it all out by hand ?
  3. Smartissimi. According to the sign on the door it just opened yesterday. I see they have a yellow/silver Euro mounted up on the building Looks great ! For some new pix go to: http://www.smartcarofamerica.com/forums A2Jack
  4. Wow! that was a real upbeat review. We need lots of these.Thanks for posting it.A2jack
  5. This is the best PR move Smart has made. The Venice beach scene has been the "In Hotspot" for decades. If Smart can tie into this, they will grab a large peice of the youth market across the US and Canada. Smart on Speedway? Speedway is the name of the huge walkway (skateway) that runs along the beach and an area where some of my well spent youth was enjoyed. Back in the day (well before my day ) It was a wooden race car track where Barney Oldfield set records.Hardly a week goes by that this scene is not depicted on TV or in the movies. It will be a PR winner for our little car.I can see it now: a yellow cabrio, stuffed with surfboards and cute guys and bunnys hanging out.Bravo Smart !
  6. Bloomfield Hills Michigan: A CW network film crew was filming at the PAG/Smart HQ last week. They were shooting a segment to air this Sunday night at 7:pm EST. Last Sunday CW ran a short preview of the upcoming show with all the stars driving around in their Smart cars.It will be on Cable, and Satellite in the US and Canada. The CW net also runs "over the air" on chan 20 in this area.A2jack.PS. Also see "Missing Yellow Cab Found" this forum.
  7. http://www.autoblog.com/page/4/ Also a good peice on Canadian roads and speeds on the autoblog site. a2jack.
  8. True, the CW net is youth oriented, but even FORTUNE mag thinks the smart is a trend, calling it:" the strangest, the most citified and potenially hippest car introduced in the US since World War II". (See post on Roger Penske, this board, gen discussions.)PS. Wife liked the 6'3 guy in the trunk too. He was the the one who give her all the info on broadcast times. A2jack.
  9. CW network at 7PM ET. This will be broadcast in the US and Canada.See USA forum for details.A2Jack.
  10. The dissappearring yellow/black Cab that started out on the tour in Glendale California, and not seen again for a long time (was rumored to have been wrecked) has appeared in Bloomfield at PAG HQ lot. This car (lic #007-051 Michigan Mfg plate) was posing for a photo shoot with a blue/silver Passion... HOT STUFF !The crew told my wife the film will be on chan 20, Detroit ,7:30 this Sunday. The film crew was from the CW net ??? so it may be nation wide on Sat and Cable too. A2jack.
  11. Per our post in the US forum: Wife talked to a film crew at PAG HQ while they were shooting for the CW network.Yellow black Cabrio, Blue Silver passion, Deck lid and bumper assy In Red to be changed out for the shoot.Crew said this will air tonight on CW net work 7 or 7:30 EST. CW network is on chan 20 (over the air) in Detroit, also on cable. For us it's chan 8.Check your listings, as it may be on satellite as well. A2jack
  12. Bad info here.I tuned in to the CW net and they had about a 60 sec teaser on the smart saying it will be on next sunday.The teaser showed the happy, smiling "Stars" of the show driving around in the Smarts.The channel content was awfull and it will be a real chore to sit through it again, but as a true smartie, I will.7:00 PM EST Sunday Oct 7th on the CW net.A2jack.
  13. Great !Just what the vandals needed...A carrying handle ! A2jack.
  14. Will the new NA Smart fit on the track of an automatic car wash ?Although we plan to baby our new Smart (as we did with our Miata) and not drive it winters, we still want to wash It's bottom often. Must we only hand wash Smart cars ? A real PIA when its cold out A2jack.
  15. Harley Duo.Wow I like your new choice of Cab and colors. After reading your post the wife and I sat down and discused wether we too should go for the Cab. But since she is an avid golfer we decided we needed the trunk space of the coupe.I looks like we may have to wait awhile as our res went in three days after yours.Now you have a new wait until the dealer calls. I expect that will happen before the end of the month.Best regards.A2jack.
  16. HarleyDuo.Yes.We have all placed our orders. No I'm kidding, Kidding. Wife drove by last week and the building is not done. Two corp types were inside but would not venture out to see why she was lurking around. (it was raining).Two Beige color Smarts parked in back of building. Wife is watching them, so they won't slip one by us.A2jack
  17. Smart 142.Haven't seen the movie yet, but for the record I love CsC. This is a great thread, and I for one, would hate to see it dumped, but I know it must be moved off the 451 forum.Can you move it to another spot? IMO there will be lots of interest from others.A2jack
  18. Garp.This was an outpouring of pent-up anger and you just happenrd to trip it. CsC is on a drive to build up US membership, and IMO, anti US shots will not help.We are from the Eastern Time Zone (HA, HA, another discussion on the USA forum).What area are you Smarting from?Best Regards.A2jack.
  19. I agree with Regina.Anti US shots appear often on this board. yet I have never seen an anti Canadian post.I understand the fact that most people hate Bush and the War, as do most of us "down here".But now you guys have have your very own right wing, war loving leader: Harper. Let's get along beter here, and Mods can do their part by not letting Anti US posts go through.My Mother came over from England and worked as a nurse in Toronto for years, than came over here. I married a Canadian from London Ont. We visit Canada a lot.We are not who you think we are.A2jack
  20. I've seen posts from two others only (check the forum under "Type 451" this site). I trust there are a few more of us out here in the land of the "Big 2.85" ,so how about a post or two?The cars are coming here to SE Mich next week and a few of us have recieved our reservation invites for the test drive on July 23rd. Any others? Are there only three of us ;o)...A2jack.
  21. Wife drove by Smart Bloomfield Thurs. Showroom is almost ready to go. We predict the magic phone call will happen before the 15th of Sept.Two BEIGE Smarts with BROWN leather were parked around back of the building. My wife said they were very nice, but for her car she wants FLASH! So I guess it's going to be the YELLOW with BLACK for her car...So far. A2jack
  22. I now support TIME ZONES, as it is more inclusive for Smarties in both Canada and the US.IMO, we are all Smart Nuts and should not erect barriers that could impede the free flow of information.A2jack
  23. The Stack of Smarts was at the Woodward Ave. Dream Cruise. I didn't go, but a friend saw it. What a great Idea from PAG.Maybe next year we can all drive our own Smarts. A2jack
  24. It's going to take at least a year for the USA cars to get out in any number. Why not just wait and see where the action is? It's a hassle to try and post/interact with a bunch of chopped up forums. Just having a US section and a CA section requires one to dual post or link to exchange ideas. For example: the Michigan sub group gets a lot of action but lots of the discussions are of intrest to others. And what of the border provinces/states, we all interact everyday of our lives.How many Califorina or BC posters are going to look in the Michigan or central forums to start a thread ? Further chop up the forums and the board will become less interesting. After all, we just want to talk Smart car.Just Talking.A2jackPS: If you must chop! I go with TXSmart and Hodad66. Keep it simple...KISS !
  25. Regina.That report is both interesting and scary. Are the other drivers so suprised by the size and shape of the smart that they don't react normally? Could car color be a factor? Perhaps with small cars... Brighter is better."Back in the day" Our every day car was a tiny Honda 600cc. dark blue in color. Other drivers seemed not to see the car and we had many close calls. We repainted the car red, and blue and ran a row of big white stars up the side and roof. (Stars came from an aviation supply house and were insigne for WWII airplanes). We were never invisible again. BTW, we are ordering the yellow with black tri Passion.A2jack.