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  1. Now, that was one fine debate.A very controversiall subject was raised and talked about and I'm sure many Smarties will have found this discusson of intrest.We can only wait to see how it all comes out in the end .Regards.a2jack
  2. I m Smrt.Please note, this dead in the water scenario has happened to three people so far. And many others agree it could be a threat to the future of Smart. How many others have experenced this we don't know, perhaps these posts will bring a few more to the fore. I know you love the little Smart car. We do too. But there is no point trying to punch holes in my descriptions. The scenarios you present are not what we have experenced. To Read the full discriptions of what happened during the test drives. go to the link to Smart america on the previous post. Unlike Canada, the USA is lawsuit crazy. They sue here at the drop of the hat. Why even The Red Cross is being sued over thier use of the red cross logo.A2jack
  3. Mike T.Sounds like you have another scoop! Darn after all that decsion making we are back where we started.I didn't even want the soft touch on board in case it runs into recalls or litigation. Kind of like having a non working air con in a car you are tring to sell That's what I ment when I used the term BO,,,, (We dare not use those words anymore and I almost typed it again). My wife and I used to gather and fly old airplanes. One we owned had a placard on the panel that read " Use full Carburetor heat on take off " Well, carb heat cuts engine power and take off is where you need the most. The FAA placard was there because with lower power you couldn't tilt the arirplane up as far, therefore the gas in the gas tank would not run to the back of the tank and cause the engine to quit. Dumb fix, as the field we were operating out of was very short and had very tall trees on both ends.So I guess we will end up with a Placard on our Smarts that says something like "do not decrease power once you start up an onramp or try to merge as low gear will resault" Need something shorter here, suggestions anyone??Thanks Mike T. I will get started on that Placard right away.
  4. I M Smart.Oops, In that sentence I used "auto trans" to keep it short, just among us Smarties. To the outside world I always refer to it as an electric clutch. Or some times a computer controlled clutch. To myself I think of a little "Robie The Robot" working hard, but unlike Asmov's Bots, this guy is not too bright ,and may do me harm.The events I discribe (on the link in the previous post} were at speed with the engine wound out about 3/4 tight. I cut back power just a little to allow the trans to shift up. Instead it went down a gear or two and left me dead in the water, out in front of oncoming traffic. This is now being called the "Dead In The Water Syndrome". I sure hope they fix this thing, as within two weeks, we expect to get the call for the laying of the green for that firm order.RegardsA2Jack
  5. But further, this trans in the auto mode is UNSAFE. Not just my opinion on this, see what others are saying about it's propensity to unexpectedly down shift without driver input. Marking "D" for drive will make it even worse as folks will think they are driving a full automatic. The cars we drove were the Euro models that Smart had on the tour. We were told that they (UAG) are aware of the problem and will fix it. We sure hope so. But it may be a problem deep within the logic of the Getrag trans and not just a software remap. Folks may ask if we expect this car to be "idiot proof". Yes indeed; you cannot knowingly sell a new car with a known safety flaw without getting sued. A string of law suits here in the US will kill Smart worldwide. For more on this subject go to http://www.smartcarofamerica.com go to the forums. (BTW there is also a letter from the EPA on the status of the 2008 USA Model listed in the forums). To sum it up, My wife and I have decided not to buy the auto trans ("softouch"), as we had originally planed, and go with with the manual only. If the auto trans "bombs out" we won't get stuck with it in our car at resale time. A2jack
  6. TCAP.Great photos. Thanks for posting them. The day of the drive I almost missed the Lowes parking lot, as the store was so set back, but Ijust caught that stack of Smarts out of corner of my eye and louped right back.
  7. smartpac is the one.A2jack
  8. Hodad66.Yeah, Miata is a fun car. Had ours 7years, trouble free.Ah, but the MG! A red TD. A true PIA that always wanted to be worked on. But Fold down the windshield and wind up thru Tuna Canyon on a warm LA night (with the headlights flickering). Oh how I remember that great little car. The tour cars we are driving are not the USA models we will buy. My wife and I have driven three and were not happy with the transmission. We have been assured by the Smart corp people that this will be fixed on the new ones. (model 451 USA) If it is not fixed, we will not accept delivery. IMO the car is unsafe as is, due to sudden, unselected downshifts.A2jack
  9. Paroyboy. Tough call! We just sold our 96 Miata and got a very good price. But I think your hit may be big as your car is so new.On the the other hand, the time frame to drive and enjoy your unique little smart car before they become "old hat"may only occur once in your life time.We have tasted the fun twice. Once with our little Subaru 360cc mini car, and again with our tiiny Honda 600cc coupe (red white and blue with a band of stars running up the sides) These are priceless auto moments and my wife and I still laugh today, many miles down the old road.We sold the Miata to buy the Smart car as we wanted to experence that fun again.Best regards.A2jack
  10. Harley Duo.The Slick Stack of Smarts is gone, as of yesterday. My wife went by in the morning... No more Smart stack.My rider commented that touring with Smart was like traveling with a carnival. They do the show, then fold up their tents and move on to the next town.I hope one the riders writes a biog on thier adventures. I'll bet It's been a wild trip. A2Jack.
  11. Hi Regina.Yes, Rus Hill was exactly as you perceived him to be on your phone con. I remember reading your post, and Had I thought of it, I would have mentioned it to him.New subject: I guess you saw the Dow plunge yesterday and today,and along with it the US dollar dropped to $1.47 against the Euro. What do you think will happen to the price of our Smart Car come Jan? I wonder what currency the factory based their pricing on?A2jack
  12. T CAP.Prior to the drive I wrote out all the questions with the intention of putting them to a corp Exec, if I could find one.I Met Mr. Hill and we both chuckled when I whipped out my list. I first asked his permission to put his answers on our forum and it was granted. I asked about the tire issue, as our interest was to do it all in one transaction (one price). Mr. Hill said they would not have spares at this dealership now, but perhaps later. This will be a Corp owned dealership and the only one in Michigan.I sure hope you are right, as ordering this from Smart will be a PIA. What I would really like is a compact spare, but I would settle for at least an extra wheel. What area are you from? We are in the Ann Arbor area.Best regards.A2Jack
  13. Mr Hill's answers to our questions.Will the cars be offered in order (date) of reservations ? Yes.Will cars have the engine stop/start feature? No, not for 2008. US car allotment ? Mr. Hill claims there will be enough to fill all orders. Also Michigan will get it's fair share as Mr Russell will be calling the shots.HP on US Smarts will be 71 not 84 as we have read elsewhere. No turbo.No spare tire. So far there seems to be no way to add one in at time of sale.There will be only one dealer in Michigan, that one is now being made ready on Telegraph rd in Bloomfield. It is next door to Lowes, where we drove the cars. More may come in Annarbor and /or Grand Rapids the following year.All service will be done in Bloomfield for now, but subsidiaries will be set up in other areas later.The CDI will not be coming to the US for 2008.Another Smart VP told my wife that there are more reservations in Mich than I expected. but I can't give out the number until Smart releases the public number.All I can say here is, get your reservation in. Mr. Hill says there will be cars enough fo everyone on the Michigan reservation list.A2jack.
  14. Just got home after two short drives in the Smart Cars, a silver Passion and a blue Cabreio. Both cars were very comfortable. Even with the top open on the Cab, the air cons blew lots of cold air.Brakes, engine response, quickness of handling and overall High Quality of build makes this car a little jewel.The transmission is another story, as there is a learning curve too steep for this driver (and wife as well) to grasp in just two laps around the block. We both have driven lots of sticks and electronic automatics and this thing is very different. This did not turn us off on the cars. We will learn.Talked to the Director Of Retail Operations for Smart Corp, a Mr. Russell Hill, and covered some areas of interest to us all. Ill go into them on the next post as this one is due to time out.A2jack.
  15. Hi Alberta.We read and post on the Ontario forum, so double welcome. Are you coming down with the group? If all, or some of you guys could hang over monday the 23rd ,you could swing by (with horns blowing and lights flashing) the Mich reservation holders test drive in Bloomfield Mi. on telegraph rd. 2:00 to 9:00 pm. Sure would be fun and I understand there will be Smart Corp. people on hand. Their office is nearby. It's being held in the Lowes parking lot.A2jack
  16. I too am riding a smart plate around on another car. Michigan "SMARTIE" on a Ford Festiva. Cait. Yeah Looking across the river counts, but your riverside is nicer than ours ).Cmdr. Awesome place you are heading to, I know it well. Are you planing a kayak trip on the big lake. Or just paddle around and enjoy? We too are kayak folks, but I still haven't figured out how to carry two on a Smart car.Harley. Wife is on the road and gets into your town about twice a month so say hi if see her. Got to go. More later.a2jack.
  17. Welcome to our Smartie neighbors to the east (East of Annarbor ).Annarbor Art Fair is a huge event. Most of us around here park in the shuttle bus lot and take the bus in. Or, as A2 is a bike town, you can ride on the side walks here, many of us just ride/walk our bikes right into the heart of the fair.Check out the art fair web site annarborartfair.org for parking maps. the shuttles run all day and evening.Annarbor downtown is really nice. (walk or bike durring art fair) great food too. After you get in the fair grab a map and it wii show you where the smart cars are. You will enjoy all the free live music as well.A2jack
  18. Well, we have the plate,but not the car.For now, the smartie tag will ride around on our 93 Ford Festiva (aka Mazda 121) while we await our new Smart car.Tags are due next month on the Fest and we will just transfer the plate.Btw the Fest gets 39.5 mpg @70-75 mph, and will make 43mpg if I try real hard. The Festiva however, is a real death trap and must always be driven as if you are on a motorcycle.Can't wait to get our Smart and go driving. We will see you all soon.A2jack.
  19. Ford Festiva, aka Mazda 121. 89-93 sold and mfg in many countrys.We have had 5 of these, every year except 1990. Expect 39-43 mpg. $800 +-.See my post "Plates" in general disscussions today. Aso Iain posted a nice pix of the fest in that thread.A2jack
  20. Awesys.New Michigan Plate reads "Smartie". We figured it would be OK, as we are members of the list and wife is from Canada .Iain. I agree on the looks of the Fest. It is also a fun driving machine. we have owned all models except 1990. The 93 was the best.Also owned Honda 600CC, a Subaru 360cc rear engine 2 stroke air cool. and an MG TD. We just sold our Miata to buy the Smart car. As you see, we love little cars. OOPs forgot the Hillman.A2jack.
  21. Harleyduo.I agree Art Fair is my worst nightmare of a place to go for our test drive.It looks like there is an overlap on the tour dates vrs the fair dates. I would bet the tour would continue around their corp headquarters off telegraph rd in Bloomfield hills. Perhaps a call to their michigan office # would yeild us the info.A2jack.
  22. Hi worker.A real nice build, looks awesome. Why not fold the Pass seat down and use the hatch as a door?A2jack.
  23. The tour hits A2 Michigan Jul 18-26. It will be at at the Annarbor Art Fair. This event is one of largest judged art shows in the country. I understand a Smart car resides in the art museum in NYC, so I guess it's fitting.A2jack
  24. Anyone know where I can buy Duracool 12-a,here in Michigan? I got the Duracool web site, but the phone number is no good. Any clues?
  25. Thanks Bil.I drove out to Lexington Michigan and met Randy, great guy, and his golf cart riding cat is the coolest cat in town.He has no retail dealers around, so one must buy direct from him.I drove my 94 Dodge Caravan, that I bought last year with the air not working. All the 134 had long since left as none was found in the system. He vaced it, added a dryer, a stop leak, and toped it with duracool. my cost under$60.It's has run ice cold now for 3 days, better than I ever expected. I figured at least 3 to 4 hundred 4 $ at an air con shop replacing components and using 134. No long term expectations here. I'll keep you all posted.Yellow and black Passion "reserved" for 08.A2jack