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  1. Dieseldave. No, not MB. This a Smart center and acts as the HQ dealership for smart USA.

    Roger Penske runs the Smart show here in the US and his headquarters are about a block down the street from the dealer.

    He is said to walk the show room on dark and stormy nights. :) a2Jack.

    Last pix here all others will go in with tech discussion forums as the subject comes up.

    Posted Image

  2. Our dealer, Smart Bloomfield, Michigan, held It's first tech session for customers interested in the nuts and bolts of their cars.

    (Smart Bloomfield serves as the training center for All US Smart techs.)

    The GM and the service manager had it all laid out for us with 3 cars on the lifts, Belly pans off, engines dropped down. the whole works. What a treat for us smart motor heads.

    Here's a teaser pix. More to come this week. This is a shot of the front lift point, Note the hockey puck, like, "official", lift pads.

    We in fact do use a hockey puck as a Smart lift pad when using our Festiva jack. BTW My free photo edit ran out or I would have posted more. A2Jack.

    Posted Image

  3. Rawlus. No. No Image problems with other sites. I'm on other site two to three times every day. Also , I had no problem with this site either, until a few days ago.I will go back and check image display on my browser... But I have been on other BBs today and they all work fine. A2Jack.

    BINGO ! Good work Rawlus. This post is on Firefox. Don't know how, but CsC was entered as an image exception. Easy fix, once you know the way. :) But damn. now I forgot what I was going to post when I came on here yesterday. :P Thanks all. A2Jack

  4. look under Firefox | Options | Content and see if you may have image display disabled or have this site entered as an exception... it sounds like you're not seeing ANY images on the site and that is most likely a browser setting issue, not a site issue. do you see the same problem on other sites?

    Rawlus. No. No Image problems with other sites. I'm on other site two to three times every day. Also , I had no problem with this site either, until a few days ago.I will go back and check image display on my browser... But I have been on other BBs today and they all work fine. A2Jack.

  5. which skin are you using? Gogreen, Classic Blue, Classic Gray, etc.can you give us a screencap of what you see on firefox?if you right-click in the area where you know the button should be, can you select "view image" from the pulldown and make it show up?

    When I hit the site it's green. when I log in It's blue. But in Firefox, when I log in it goes to gray. Also Smiles don't show upup. Clicking where the button should be gives nothing. Also just relized in Firefox my avatar does not show up. A2Jack.

  6. I'm a car, and electronics guy, but a bit lite on some comp skills, so bear with me. I'm still unable to see any reply boxes via Firefox. I have cleared everything on my machine and even swept it clean with Skybot. All my other BBs continue to work fine with this browser, as this site did up to about 4-5 days ago.I don't think I want to go the emulation route, as the whole point of Firefox was to get away from MS. I have attempted to re-register here but of course it shows my user name taken. and of course as all works well here with MS, all must be well with my registration.As far as I know, I am using the latest Firefox, but I will re-check. Having to switch back and forth between MS and Foxfire will probably cut down my posting here, but maybe I need to get a life :):P Thanks all.A2Jack.

  7. Can't Reply. Can't "Quote". Can't "Start New Thread". while using Foxfire. I had to switch back to MS to make this post.I have been using Foxfire for months right here on this board. but now all the reply, quote, and new thread boxes are gone. It seems we have a glitch.A2Jack.

  8. Steven Yea! You're right drop this thread, so we don't dilute the How to. Perhaps we can go into this at another time and place on the board. Have you set a firm policy as yet on links? I understand where you are coming from but the door swings both ways. If we curtail outgoing referralsincoming referrals will be cutoff as well. I do refer a lot to this list and include direct links.Delete after reading. :P Regards A2Jack.

  9. 1. Slip fingers slightly between bottom edge of the cover and the carpet. Pull up and back ,and snap the cover loose, but do not pull up over an inch or so. Be gentle. Prop up front of cover about an inch.

    2. On the ground, looking in under the cover from the drivers side, you can see a yellow lever just inside the cover. WITH THE KEY ON , Lift this yellow lever while wiggling and pulling the shifter down, out of park. (Wife used a pen to lift the lever).

    3, Do not try to use Park again until the whole shifter box has been replaced.

    Posted Image

    Short Hoz tape marks point to slip in fingers. Same spot on other side. Hands at 10 and 2 o-clock

    Long Vert tape points to the place under cover to access yellow lever.

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  10. Subjectively, and excusing my failing memory, I do not believe the 450 is any noisier than the 1977 Honda Civic was. It too was looked at with scorn by any detroit iron owners. The only difference now is my hearing is not as good as it was then.....so maybe it IS LOUDER.John :D:D

    Nor is mine. Too many hours in those old airplanes. In fact the Smart sounds downright quiet to me. :D

  11. Xray: Thanks for the post. It looks like this problem will get bigger as more miles are put on the cars. We have owned our car 5 weeks and our is driving is mixed, but not a lot of stops. thus it went to 3,000 miles before it locked up. What a PIA this is. The service people said there was no fix for the problem, just be gentle with the shifter. :lol: BTW. everyone out there in remote areas should at least have a pair of pliers and a screwdriver on board.A2Jack.

  12. Here's the "Field Fix" to get you home. 1. Remove shift knob by turning the plastic collar under the shift knob assy, CCW a half turn or so. (use padded pliers) and go easy as it is soft plastic. Lift off the knob assy. (you may need to turn the knob CCW to lift off, I don't remember if I turned it or not).2. Depress the white button on top of the shifter shaft and wiggle the shifter while pulling the shifter back down. Do not apply excessive pressure or you will break the very weak plastic parts below. 3. If step two fails to release shifter, slide a flat screw driver, or as the road-service guy did, use the handle of the pliers to slide under the rear of the console box and lift a yellow tab that will release the shifter while someone wiggles and GENTLY pulls the shifter back.. ??? Now I added the question marks as I did not ,myself, perform nor see step 3. being done. This part was related by my wife and confirmed by the people at Smart service. The service truck guy was talked through the procedure via a phone link to Smart service tech.Good luck and keep us posted. A2Jack

  13. Actually it has nothing to do with the shifter box, it's just the plastic linkage for the button on the shifter knob itself.. it just binds.. same thing happened to me withing the first 2,500 kms. The temp fix was just to sand down the edges of the plastic linkage and it's been fine since. (I'm now at over 12,000 kms). I'm still waiting for the replacement knob but I really don't need it.[/quote

    There appear to be more new problems inside the shifter box, as well as the button on top.

    A half turn, CCW, on the shifter collar will allow the knob to be pulled off exposing the "dog" button. Pressing the button all the way in should release the dog and allow the shifter to pull free from the notch. However, in this case it was a matter of of the shifter OVERIDEING the notch and hanging up beyond.

    I'll make another post later and pass along more details on the "field fix" that allowed my wife to drive the car to the shop.

    Thanks for the reply.