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  1. Wife came out from a call and couldn't get the shifter out of park. :angry: Called Smart Bloomfield, service truck was sent out and service manager talked the guy through a temp field fix. Then the car was driven to the service shop. (3,000 miles on this car, NA451, build date 01-08.It looks like the shifter box is turning into a real flaw of NA car.. More info here after I chat with the Bloomfield service manager tomorrow. A2Jack.

  2. Hi... Regina: At the beginning of my read of your post I thought, Wow! those vandal rats carried your car up onto the sidewalk in front of your office. But then I remembered you come in on the train so it couldn't be. :D Anyway, we too are having great fun with our car. :) A2Jack

  3. Calgary. Good post best I've seen on leasing.We look into this issue each time we buy a car. but we run all our cars for business and our mileage is out of sight.I think you are right in the case of the Smart. If you hold down the mileage you will make out ,dollar-wise, way ahead. A car is a car, even something as cute as our Smarts. We really don't need to own the cow to drink the milk. :P A2Jack.

  4. Now 3,000 miles on the odo after 4 weeks service. Heard slight ticking sound from engine while in traffic @500 mi. "Some do, Some don't" according to our service manager at Bloomfield, Mi. Problem has now gone away. As a work car, the Smart makes the day fun with all the attention it gets, and this is enough, for now, to offset the drawbacks. :) However, rough ride and handling in high winds are real problems when using this car as a constant driver. (Trucks are not a problem.)Access to the boot from the front seat has been a problem, but works better now that we run with the passenger seat back folded down. As with all work cars this one needs many more 12 volt output plugs.So far so good. We get 42-43 MPG and the car has been trouble free. But it looks like we will still have to buy another replacement for our Subaru come next year. A2Jack.

  5. Radio had been a problem with the AM reception becoming poor. The dealer tried swapping out the radio and the antena, with no fix. They ordered a new cable for the antena conection and that fixed it! Very courtious with rides to and fro the dealership. Car was washed both times when they had it.Very happy with MB @ boundary Rd. in Vancouver, B.C. Canada.Peter

    Peter: I have also noticed the AM radio is very poor. I cannot hear a Chicago station (WBBM) that I hear on the other two cars. I hear spattering from adjacent channels and lots of noise. What were the symptoms on your AM radio? Thanks. A2Jack.

  6. The LED display in our new Smart was unreadable in bright sunlight. I almost ran out of gas, as I could not even see the blinking reserve warning.THE FIX: A white strip of paper slipped under the readout will reflect enough light from the windscreen to perfectly illuminate the display. I used a napkin from Mickey D's as a temp fix. :P More later.A2jack

  7. Regina.We know the feeling. Long ago, but not so far away, We came to the mid-west with our prized Micro-Bus. California tags and all. We were pulled over often and even searched. The reason they gave then, as now, tags. Or the other trick a "flickering" tail light, Yet my hair wasn't that much longer than the Beetles. Some things never change in the world of oink. :P A2Jack.

  8. We drove away in our long awaited Smart car yesterday. While waiting for the paper to finish up, I had a long chat with the General Manager and the Service Manager. Here are some points of interest on the US parts situation.All US parts will be shipped from their dealer warehouse in Tulsa OK. Our original info was that all parts would come out of Bloomfield. Not so.The hold up at the docks was for a loose cable retainer in the NA shifter, and they inspected every car before they signed off and sent them to the dealers. A few early cars were called back here in Michigan. Bloomfield will do a panel swap for around $280) USD labor, and can get panels quickly. I will put the question of Canadian cars service here in the US to Smart. I assume US cars are out of luck with MB Canada. I tried to price an extra 9 spoke wheel to be picked up in Windsor. My VIN would not work on their parts system. Bloomfield quoted $340. just the wheel, and no Idea when they might get such a thing. :P All's well though, I bought a 6 spoke spare tire and wheel through Tire Rack and saved a ton. :) A2Jack

  9. As with Rich I am 5' 9" tall and the tire fits behind my preferred seat location with an inch or two to spare. It does not intrude into the passenger's space at all nor into the cargo area. We managed to pack the spare AND all the camping gear required for 2 people for a week, including medium size cooler, normal sleeping bags, pillows etc., into the back of a 450, which has even less space than the 451.A cover for the tire is preferred to protect anything that may rest against it and control the "rubber" odor.

    Thanks Rich and Kwaldron. Yes, that is the answer if the compact quest fails (and it looks like it will). I too am 5'9 and wife is 5'6 so this should work out fine, and give us another usable wheel. Now the question is alloy or steel? :) A2Jack.

  10. Rich. I assume you are talking a full size wheel and tire here. (steel or alloy rim?) How far up the seat back does the tire come? Do you need to move the seat forward? Will the passenger seat be affected? We expect our Smart next week sometime, and plan to drive it around a bit to break it in. Then the car goes to work, full time. We will need to carry a spare almost from day one. :P Thanks. A2Jack.

  11. Tom P + Speedie: No luck so far. The Hanko0k dealer turned out to be Discount Tire. They called Hankook. crossed the numbers to a common US "Donut" tire size... But no Rim! :P I have searched the web no luck. I am starting to wonder if such a thing really exists. :rolleyes: Still have a conversation going with Mike T but I am losing hope. I will call three point as a last resort, but I would guess the shipping would be out of sight. I also doubt if they would disclose their source. :P:P Thanks. A2Jack.

  12. Great replies :) Seems like the consensus is: Winter blahs, too cold to be messing with cars. not at all a lack of interest.It was fun to see everyone come out of their Igloos (it's 9f here and the wind is 35-40 mph from the north). Your posts have turned what could have been a negative thought into a great big boost for the club.Hello Duck! We sure missed hearing from you , although we realize all the the coasters around here are covered with snow.Bottom line: As Speedie says, " LET'S GET POSTING". :P A2Jack

  13. I have, over the last year. really enjoyed this site, yet now It feels something is being lost here.Is it because we (the club) are trying to be everything to everybody? Is it because we from the US have come here and ruined the flavor of what was once a fun Canadian/Euro Smart site? I don't see the banter or information flow, nor many of the old posters that were here just a year ago. Why is that?Could it be the site is becoming too ridged and by the rules? Could it be many people can't figure out what goes where. Could it be we have so few Pix because many people can't understand how to post them.Could it be that most of the members are not computer nuts, but Smart car nuts, and unless the "site runners" learn to "KISS", new procedures will come hard to many? Where on this site do we even have a conversation such as this? Perhaps we must go to the "Stuff I'm looking for" forum... Let's TALK about CsC's future and what we can do to bring our old members back.A2Jack.