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  1. Sorry, unable to attend this year but do have a great time. Our red 2006 Smart still running like a charm. Regards to All Doug & Sharon Carlilse
  2. See you all 3 Aug 2017 at Plunkett's Doug & Sharon
  3. Please include Sharon and Doug Red Smart 2006 plate- Big Ben 094
  4. Sign up:1. Liz & Glenn.2. Ron & Dot3. Bill4. Ralph & Monica5. William6. Alberta & Cliff7. Dave & Lu8. Sharon & Doug9.10.
  5. It was generally agreed that next month's meeting will be at Damen's Restaurant on Water Street in St. Marys. It is located a few doors south of Queen Street on the east side of the street. Water Street is the first street running north/south, east of the Thames River bridge. (see the map) They have a substantial buffet or you can chose from the menu. The date will be Tuesday, November 6th. Meet is scheduled to begin around 18:30 hrs (6:30pm).Sign up list:1. Ron & Dot2. Cliff & Alberta3. Doug & Sharon 4.
  6. SIGN UP1 Ron & Dot2 Glenn & Liz3 Alberta & Cliff4 Bill5 Puddlejumper65 (Janet) & DieselDon6 Jack & Anne789101112131415
  7. SIGN-UP LIST1. Bill2. Ron & Dot3. William4. Alberta & Cliff5. Annabelle & Jack6. Doug & Sharon7.8.910.
  8. 1. Bill2. Ron & Dot3. DR MAP (Alberta & Cliff)4. Liz & Glenn5. Annabelle & Jack6. Melissa7. Ralph & Monica8. Len & Cathy9. Doug & Sharon in BigBen10.
  9. Sign-up List1. Bill (smartnhappy) with the Canada1 Smart car2. Liz & Glenn (Lilbit, smart142)3. John (jwight)4. Ken (KKSMART05)5. Dot & Ron (Spike, Leadwing)6. Ian Jay7. James & Dawn8. Danny9. Gordon (driving CHOCULA)10. Dave & Lu (TANK)11. Terry & Phyllis (smarting)12. Don & Janet (DieselDon & A1karaoke) {tentative}13. jp14. big mike?15. Natalie (smrtpntz)16. Larry & mary Smith17. Doug & Don from Carlilse in 2006 Smart called BigBen-09018.19.
  10. 1) William2) Ron & Dot3) Karen & Jake ( Tardis )4) Derek & Andrea5) Alberta & Cliff (DR MAP)6) Sandra Clark (Baby Elsie)7) James8) Elaine & John9)Doug & Sharon in BigBen10)
  11. Lovely drive though Pinery Provincial Park on Ontario's West Coast.
  12. ign up list:1. Liz & Glenn.2. Ron & Dot3. Tardis (Karen & Jake)4. DR MAP (Alberta & Cliff)5. William6. Doug & Sharon in Big Ben 0907.8.9.
  13. Parkview Creamery Bar & Grill, The120 Parkview DriveP.O. Box 3250St Marys, ONN4X 1A8(V) (519) 284-1110(F) (226) 661-0299How about a trip to the St. Mary's Parkview Creamery sometime this year.Been twice and enjoted it.Neat pub on the river in downtown St. Mary'sReasonable prices with a nice bar. Situated at Water Street and Parkview.Small single lane bridge to cross to get to Creamery.Out door patio as well for the summer outings.Lastest- Rad hose replaced under warranty in London.BigBen-090Doug & Sharon
  14. enjoyed- sorry typo error
  15. More Pics for yawl!Dougie
  16. A great evening for the London area Smart's with dinner a Harmony Buffet and an informative tour of Labatt's Brewery in London.Dougie
  17. QUOTE (Leadwing @ Mar 2 2011 - 09:30 PM) Labatt's Tour Sign-up1. Bill2. Glenn & Liz3. Ken K. (KKSMART05)4. Doug & Sharon5. Grand Buffet Sign-up1. Bill2. Glenn & Liz3. Sandra4. Ron & Dot5. Ken K. (KKSMART05)6. Doug & Sharon7.8.9.10.
  18. Sign up list:1. Liz and Glenn.2. Bill (smartnhappy)3. Alberta and Cliff4. Sandra (Ishkabibble) and maybe Bill5. Ron & Dot (Leadwing & Spike)6. Doug & Sharon in BigBen7.8.9.10.
  19. SIGN UP1. Ron & Dot2. William3. Glenn & Liz4. Derek & Andera5. Melissa6. Alberta & Cliff7. Doug & Sharon8.9.10.
  20. SMART CAR SIGN-UP1. Smartnhappy2. Huronlad3. James& Dawn4. Liz5. Glenn6. Terry & Phyllis7. Melissa8. Ron (Leadwing)9. Cliff & Alberta10. Britney (Wee Green Jellybean) ---- Maybe11. Dave & Lu12. John & Nell13. Titan (Shirl & Bill)14. jwight (John)15. Tiggre (Amy)16. g_rant (Grant)17. Bobb18. Rod & Luke (the # of cars req'd to surpass last year's attendance)19. Doug & Sharon Red 2006 Smart called Big Ben20. ⬇