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  1. Thanks Mike, yes it is pretty nice living in a warm climit.
  2. Finally got my car, here is a picture at Mission Bay in San Diego. And a group shot from some of early reservers.
  3. It's telling you to shift up to the next gear.
  4. Hey Mike T, just wanted to let you know that smart newsletter #12 came out and had a picture of ship in port unloading cars. The name on the side was "ARC" I don't know if this will help you out or not but I thought I would pass it along.
  5. Mike T, here is another VIN# WMEEJ31XX8K085866 from the smart USA forum.
  6. Talked to the San Diego smart center today and found out that the ports of entry for the US are Baltimore-MD, Jasksonville-FL and Long Beach-CA. So Mike T is there anyway for you to check / report on these other locations as well? All information concerning tracking the smarts for the US is greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks Mike T, now if we could only get them to the dealers. I have heard that there is a delay in releasing them because of emission testing. I will keep my ear to the ground for any new info. My dealer in San Diego expects them to be release between Jan 10-15.
  8. Mike T, Keep up the good work, I am all for keeping the VINS here and I know all the people in the lower 48 really do appreciate all of your hard work. My dealer is a mile and a half from my house and is expected to open early January so I will swing by and get the VINS from the vehicles he has on the lot and post them here for all.
  9. Smartster, well said I just wish they would put the time in on researching a vehicle before just bashing it. Spend the time to truely understand why components were choosen to be installed and then based on the facts make an informed judgement of them. I just can't stand that most of the reviews in the US point out safety and performance (transmission) as a problem. I think americans have become lazy and thats why less then 10% can drive a manual and since the transmission performs somewhat like a manual it cause people to think its bad and as all the previous owns have said you have to learn to drive with it and that learning is the problem. I wish they would review it for what it really is a small low emissions vehicle thats great for the environment.
  10. I work with a guy in my office who is a part time car reviewer, he can qoute you the specifications, but when you ask him something technical about the car he knows nothing. These guys always want you to beleave that they have some special skill, but in most cases it just an opinion. So I always take these reviews with a grain of salt, if the reviewer would have done his homework he would of relized the they choose this tranmission for its space saving qualities there is no room for a full manual or true automatic. So as most people will do buy what you want and don't let some part time reviewer who has not technical expertise tell you what to buy.
  11. I read that there is a steering problem from an asian website, here is the link
  12. Here is the link to the Union Tribune Article about the SmartCar preview at Mercedes Benz of San Diego. Union Tribune Article I attended the preview they had 4 2007 European Smart ForTwo for people to test drive. The line was pretty long and took about 1 hour 30 minutes to get through. The cars were fantastic and as everyone has said the transmissions will take some getting use to overall a great experience was had by all.