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  1. our's isn't really for sale. or are you making offers? :P
  2. slight change in plans. i went out to pick up some meat, merged onto the 401, and my car is sort of broken again (doesn't go over 80 clicks, and i've got some sort of overheating problem (maybe a dragging brake)). sorry that i'm not going to make it out. by the way, if anyone is in my neighbourhood, i've got 4 lb's of cooked meat that needs to be eaten. :angry:
  3. i'm planning to show up around/ maybe a little after lunch. depending on how long it takes me to negotiate the back roads (if i get really lost, expect me around dinner time). i'm planning to bring a few pounds of bbq pork and something to keep me hydrated. :P
  4. i'm going to try to make this the first big event i'm going to this year... it's been that kind of year. :D
  5. check it out, this event is this weekend. unfortunately i think i myself will not be able to attend this grand event (bunch of family stuff came up unexpectedly). whoever does attend, please post up some pictures just so i know what i've missed. :D
  6. Website i've driven to this event for the last three or four years. it's lots of fun to see and get some real hands on feel on some really rare (and expensive) vehicles. i even got a ride in one a few years ago (a 'king midget'). i usually go up on the saturday morning and come back home around mid to late afternoon. i'll probably do the same this year. last year, on the saturday, there was a silly amount of rain and all the tiny little cars were put in the 'workshops'. i'm hoping for a silly amount of sun shine this year. anyone else planning to go? :D
  7. i was thinking of hanging around for some breakfast this sunday may 9th as it is the next sunday after the last, but i'm realizing that it is also mother's day. how about the following sunday??? :D
  8. i'd come out if this was a monthly meet. and i'd spend some $$$ too. lots of good things to choose from. :D
  9. i'm going to try to find the your bakery sunday morning too.... :D
  10. i'm not really sure any more if i have a re-map. i did have one early on in the car's life, but there is a good chance that it might have been removed during a fuel injector service. in reality, i don't drive fast enough to warrant a 're-map', so whether it is there or not is pretty inconsequential. :D
  11. back to me. for fuel, i'm strictly sunoco gold, i do my oil changes within one or two weeks of a wrench showing up, and i don't over rev my engine (i did 4.2 litres per 100 km last winter strictly city driving, and i'm usually under 4 in the summer), and i don't let my engine coolant temp. go much past the low 90's. i've had no turbo or intercooler issues (just a fuel injector replaced two years ago).i've got extended warranty on my smart. but i think (i'm not positive nor do i really care) it was m/b canada who payed for the engine. :D
  12. yupp, i had two valve seats fail (this is what i'm told by the service adviser). one of the valves in cylinder 2 failed completely and the valve recessed into the head 2mm resulting in '0' compression. one of the valves in cylinder 3 was starting to fail resulting in 50% compression. this is on a four year old engine with 65000km on it. i personally think it was some sort of manufacturing defect. m/b was trying to imply that it was a maintenance issue. regardless, i've got a new engine. :D
  13. i have a couple questions about valve seats. what would cause a valve seat to fail? is there a way to maintain the valve seats? :D
  14. i would probably check the switch itself. maybe there is poor 'contact' or something when the switch is on the 'full' position since it seems to be working in all the other positions.
  15. It's been decided in another thread in i think one of the promotion forums that the get together is going to be Friday evening at a pub around midtown m/b in Toronto. i'll get around to posting a time and location farther down the thread when i discover when and where it is.