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  1. I have 5 different panels in Phat Red for a CABRIO. As we all know the original colored panels are increasingly hard to come by so for some out there this may be a good time to either replace a broken panel or store for a later need. I originally purchased these panels from a previous club member (James, aka: smartboy) who kept them in excellent condition. They never made their way onto my car and have been sitting in storage for almost 3 years now.The available panels are:- front center section- left hand door- right hand door- rear tailgate- rear center sectionI am asking $150 per panel plus shipping. Each panel has it's original bubble wrap sleeve and will be packaged with care. Shipping costs based on recipient address. I am located outside Seattle, WA.PM if interested. thanks!
  2. good deal. glad thats what you needed.
  3. unplug from the ecu? i'm guessing thats what you meant. they each have a slide connector. had to do this when i removed my ecu last year to send to the uk for a remap. check here if thats what you meant.
  4. Thanks! The original is made by Mars Performance. Here's the link to the original post on how to install in a pod. http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?showtopic=14982&hl=
  5. Nice work. Looks pretty good. I did one of these last year also. Then had some matching dials for all the pods and speedo made up by metal monkey. Here's a pic of mine.
  6. Looks like you can order just the parts you need from smart parts direct. Scroll down and find what you need. smart pars direct
  7. You can just replace the bulbs 3rd brake bulb change instructions whoops! just saw you had replaced the bulbs. sorry about that.
  8. Hmmm... I don't know what it would cost Bil. I can tell you that when Mike at smartarse design was shipping alot of stuff to me last year it always came DHL. There were some pretty large and/or heavy boxes. I think when I got the janspeed exhaust it was actually wrapped in carpet and tape. Anyways, everything always arrived in like 5 days with no problems and the pricing was reasonable.
  9. i had that problem with the abs and esp lights. it was the brake light switch that needed replacing. not sure if that is your problem but that's what mine was. confirmed thru fast eddy and evilution before i ordered the part and replaced it myself.good luck!
  10. Well if I was in Canada I would definitely file a complaint as I have deployed both the passenger and driver side airbag. Passenger side last year and the driver's side a few months ago. Both from sections of the road with a rather large lip where they had cut away the old concrete in order to replace it. Just could not slow down fast enough.Interesting that your airbag light is not on. When I deployed the passenger side the light stayed on yet it has never come on after the driver's side deployed. I guess I am just thankful it was the ones in the seats and not the dash or the wheel. Of course, if I was like most of the G&K cars I would not even have seat airbags to worry about
  11. Problem solved. It was that pesky brake light switch. This is the second one I have replaced now in the last 2 years. At least it's an easy fix.
  12. Yeah, some of the G&K cars do have side airbags. At least mine does. And I have been so lucky to deploy both of them now thanks to some nasty potholes. Passenger seat last year and the driver's seat this year.
  13. Well, I could hope that it is just the brake light switch. I replaced it once over a year ago but at that time it was the usual no brake lights and gear selection issue. I hope it's not the steering angle sensor since I just put the paddle shift steering wheel in last year as well!Eddy, if I had a passport or other form of id that would let me into Canada I would have this thing in your shop in no time. Darn rule changes! I suspect I will have to take it to Green Car to put it on their Star Diagnostic. Whatever it comes up to be I imagine you will be hearing from me soon to order some parts And of course, I'm gonna have to get that passport soon as I still have an airbag I need you to replace.Todd
  14. Well, it's been a while since I posted on here. Been busy dealing with all kinds of other stuff non-smart car.So tonight when I was driving home from work I had a strange thing happen. I was driving along and needed to downshift. When I did the ABS and ESP warning lights came on. I did not even touch the brake pedal. I found the whole thing strange, pulled off the road immediately and turned the car off, then back on. When I did the warning lights were gone so I continued to drive the last 2 miles home. About a mile down the road I had to downshif again and the second I did the same warning lights came back on. I was so close to my house I just drove straight there.Once I got in the garage I put the OBD reader on the car but there were no fault codes. Turned the car back on and the warning lights were gone however I noticed that all three brake lights were illuminated with the car off and the key out of the ignition. Very strange.Jumped on all the UK forums but could find nothing that related to these warning lights and the brake lights staying on. I checked the brake fluid level as just two weeks ago I had the brake fluid replaced. It was in the normal range. Checked all the fuses and they were all good. Anyone heard of anything like this? I have sent an email off to evilution but it's only 5am there so dont expect to hear anything for a while. I kind of need to get this straightened out ASAP as this is now my only car and I can't drive it around with the brake lights on all the time and disconnect the battery everytime I park :)thanksTodd
  15. I don't have any experience with the MDC unit but have had this one from smartkits.net in my car for almost 2 years now with no problems. You might consider it if you end up having to replace things. smartkits.net automatic window module