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  1. "Unhappy wife .... Life of Strife"
  2. Is there an upgrade to the URL, this one is not working for me?Thanks Wheels
  3. "It's a manual transmission, with a motor that changes gears, and a second motor that opens/closes the clutch. END! Why must people over-complicate everything? "-Iain______________________________________________________________________________________Thank you 'Duck'In one sentence you spoke volumes. Read, Reread and read again the above. Until you understand it, don't post with 'answers?', post only,if you must, with questions .Start With:A. A CONVENTIONAL single plate clutchB. A MANUALLY SHIFTED transmissiom If you don't thoroughly understand the above, do not proceed until you do.A1. Substitute a 'hydraulic' linkage for the 'mechanical' to engage and release the clutch. ie: master and slave clylinders as used in braking systems. (still foot operated pedal inside the car)A2. Substitute an electric motor for the hydraulic or mechanical systems. (No clutch pedal) If you don't thoroughly understand the above, do not proceed until you doSMART Car uses A2Then:B1. A manually shifted by driver, transmission.B2. substitute an electric motor for the driver's action to change gears.Smart Car uses B2 If you don't thoroughly understand the above, do not proceed until you doC1. Add the ability to the computer to decide (dependant on data input: speed,load,rpm, etc,etc) when to shift (up or down). This computer ability is turned on or off via the little button on the left side of shift knob.Smart Car uses A2 and B2 and C!. If you don't thoroughly understand the above, do not proceed until you doIf you have a question, PM me. If necessary I will provide my phone numberThorough understanding of the above enables one to feel in control, not controled, My Smart and I are 'ONE'. Only through this understanding do I owe the compliment from the "Tech" at Smart House that he had not witnessed a Smart car driven with verve (Up&Down shift) that smoothly and fast. BTW: Several cars had setup variants of the above:Renault (Optional) Dauphine, R10, Caravalle (Minus the computer the R10 was like the Smart car, The clutch,in this case, was vacuum operated, shifting was electric). The first time I drove one I nearly wet my pants with laughter. I put it in drive and floored it,held it there, it zoomed (Zoomed ?) in first and just like a little man was in the back, he released the clutch and released the accelerator, shifted to the next higher gear, engaged the clutch and resumed to my floored postion of the accelerator. What a kick ! !Comments ?Donald LaFavor
  4. If you have Soft touch, DO NOT< DO NOT push the button when pulling the knob up !It will come apart.Donald (As in Duck)
  5. There are two things I would add;1. in "Location" left below avitar, I would like to see 'City' and 'State'2. Own Smart car now; 'Yes' 'No'This would encourage camaraderie, contact, and referral to this website.
  6. While putting gasoline in the Smart today, a man approched and must have seen me refueling.He said, "Do you have a gas heater in your electric car" ?
  7. I'll start;A lady yelled at me in a parking lot, "I own a Prius and I'm still jealous".
  8. Mike;I remember the Honda S800 (Successor to the S600) well. After you accelerated to about 8-9k RPM and the engine sounded like it was going to fly apart, then you floored it to about 12k. Honda held (I think still do) the record (14500k) for highest RPM without desmodromic valving. The Mercedes W196, 300SLR and the present day Ducati are exanples of desmodromic valving.The Toyota S800's formal title was Sport 800.It had a boxer configuration (opposed ala BMW) 2 cly.air cooled front engine-rear drive. Aluminumbody, removable metal sunroof . Weight: 1100lbs, Very close to 50-50 weight distribution and handled like a charm. It would go into a 4 wheel drift before Over or Under steer. One day I'll have to scan and upload a picture if there is enough interest. Remember, this is a Smart car forum.Everyone should, at least once in their life, do the Smart thing.BTW: Please pardon my poor manners. I want to thank you-all for the warm welcome to the club.
  9. I purchased a Silver/JackBlack Passion Cpe from an auction on Ebay August 11th this year. I am enjoying it immensely. It's the first 'E ticket' ride I've had in quite s while.I was in the executive branch of Toyota and expected to only own Toyotas for the rest of my life. The most fun car (In my opinion) while I was with Toyota was NOT the 2000gt, it was the S800. One reason they didn't import it was it was only a two seater. They only imported 60 2000gt(s), that was the minimum to qualify for 'Production Class' racingTook a One-way trip ( Like a kid going to the North Pole for Christmas toy pick up) to Columbia, Missouri to take delivery.Had to drive West from Missouri to Southern Calif. , lay over for a few days, then on up to Central Oregon to register the car ( Have a home in Oregon), then back down to Los Angeles. Over 5000 miles in less than two weeks. (Suffer Suffer). Love that car on the highway ! All of the cars that I have driven of the size of Smart Car , and there have been many, have been of the "Leggera" or Stark type. This certainly does not describe the Smart car.Do not buy a Smart Car if you are an introvert and wish to remain that way. Don't buy a Smart Car if you don't wish to talk to strangers.BTW: imagine a Smart Car with Citroen DS21 suspension.More later....... Gotta go for a drive..... It's the Smart thing to do !