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  1. ''Uncle Glenn'' is heading out on another vacation. This time Liz and I are heading to China on an 11 day tour that will take in Shanghai and Beijing! We will flying on a Boeing, but not the 737 We are also hoping to avoid any political situations. See you all in a few weeks!
  2. Not easy for us Canadians. The 451 Cdi was not available here and the dealerships probably don't have it in their listings.
  3. Morning! Ya, those ''smart'' engineers made it very difficult to change the water pump. Even with the engine lowered it is difficult! I use a combination of swivel head extensions to get at those bolts. When the water pump is removed be sure to clean the face and I use some anaerobic sealant plus the gasket supplied.
  4. Good for you! Ya, call me a fool - I shake before I use!
  5. I've heard that before and those will come out! After you make sure that it's cleared the threads you might have to lever it out. I use needle nose vise grips attached to the plug, some wood strips over the fuel lines and a long screw driver to lever up the vise grips.
  6. That's the way! Use more penetrating oil and try again. I use a 50/50 combo of acetone and ATF as my penetrating oil.
  7. I replaced 3 today with no issues today. Remember to take out that T10 bolt on the right side so that you can get the fuel supply lines and the tray out of the way. Then use lots of penetrating oil and drive the car to heat up the block. When installing the new glow plugs torque to 15Nm.
  8. I hate to say it, but if it isn't the EGR it could be a failed turbo.
  9. Cutting the belt will cause no issues especially when you have a non working AC.
  10. My guess - actuator. The motor or gearing in these can fail.
  11. The fuel system self bleeds. After a filter change when you turn on the ignition you will hear all the ''gurgles!!'' Do that a few times and all is good!
  12. SIGN UP 1. Bill 2. Ron & Dot 3. Liz & Glenn 4. Todd 5. Bob & Candi 6. Larry & Gail 7. William 8. James E & Giselle - coming at 6:30 9. Dave T & Charlene 10.
  13. failing clutch actuator?
  14. For sure it does! This little smart was flawless on the trip. Started off at 0830 this morning from Quebec city when the temp was -25!! All was good till we reached Belleville and then it was white knuckle all the way home! What a relief to make it home with no incidents!!! Saw too many in the ditch! 13 hours on the road is too long! We will sleep well tonight!
  15. no ferries for me haha!! But getting off Cape Breton island was interesting!! Snow/rain falling when we left turning the road into ice and slush. Took an hour and a half to go 60 kms. Had 4 all wheel drives pass us but later passed one that had slid into the ditch! The next challenge was the winds enroute to Halifax - had gusts up to 90km/h It didn't get better yesterday! All day we battled those gusting winds!!!! Especially in northern New Brunswick where the snow was piled high on both sides of the road causing white out conditions.The other side experienced a shut down when a tractor trailer and 4 vehicles had a pile up! We were on the road from 9 tp 8pm and made our destination of Quebec city. Had terrible mileage as we were battling -20 temps and those 80-90km winds! Today it is -25 to start but clear. Looks like the big obstacle getting home will be the heavy snow predicted for Toronto! Cheers all!!!