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  1. Please do!!!! Wish I could be there!
  2. On long trips I place a spare tire behind the seat. Oh, and never used it lol
  3. Welcome to the club! If you're visiting in September there is a possibility that I could scrounge up a smart car for you to rent.
  4. I could help out and also show you how to look after your smart. Best to give me a call at 519-652-2528 as I'm a slow 2 finger typist
  5. Congrats on obtaining the Canada1. Sounds like a hectic w/end!
  6. Correct! After filling to the brim the fuel indicator would only go to 4 blobs instead of 5.
  7. When I was in BC years ago my smart ''had a sticky blob'' - that went away after a few fill ups in Alberta. Never came back. TPM in Victoria recommended a diesel additive.
  8. That is exactly what was done to the smart that Willys bought.
  9. I would not even attempt the swap - too many things that can go wrong! You would be better off to buy a good used cdi. There are people that could assist you in getting the car registered in the states. Not the easiest process, but it can be done.
  10. Yup! 1. Headlights bulbs last longer ( they are a pain to change) 2. Less chance of burning out the sam ( a sam from the dealer is about $1300) 3. Relocated turn lights to the euro position and flashing side markers - safer. 4. leds in the old turn signal last longer 5. and they do look cool fyi - the fog lights that the HandyHobbit posted has its own wiring circuit and you can use the dimmer switch to activate them (but you lose the dim function). I'm sure there is info about this on the site. Using appropriate fog lights would solve your visibility issue - but they are expensive - not many people opt for this anymore.
  11. I've been driving one close to 3 years now and IMHO it is the ideal city car. It is quick, nimble, easy to park, and has extremely low running costs. 95% of my driving is under 50kms(30miles) - like the majority of people. For long distance travels I have a smart diesel or my 1986 Toyota Landcruiser.
  12. The smart ED's are all electric. No other engine. It is what it is.
  13. Nope, Glenns wallet is still bulging with euros (enough to buy one roadster). Shipping for one was too expensive. From the roadster vacation thread... ''The quotes that Theo got were for a 20ft container - one was 2650euros, the other 3300euros. However a 40 ft container shipped to Toronto would be 2800 euros, and 3 roadsters would fit in. That would bring shipping costs to 900 euros for one - that would be doable. Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy 3 roadsters!! anyone interested??? ''
  14. Welcome Jason! There is an oil feed and return line to the turbo. The feed line is the smaller diameter of the two. With the engine running check to see if they are leaking. If the oil lines to the turbo are not leaking then I would suspect the seals in the turbo are gone. Turbos are expensive. There is a rebuilder in St.Thomas Ontario that rebuilds them - Cherry turbo....