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  1. Thanks Steve for helping out with this matter. Best wishes to you and your wife!! My memory is foggy but I remember that it was many years ago that Max was the webmaster and then vanished. Leadwing at the time was president and tried to contact him for years and years. I had bought parts off him so had his email and phone #. He never responded when we used that contact info. I believe he initiated the advertising on the site that was supposed to generate a little revenue??? Is someone receiving that money???
  2. I use a penetrating oil that an old mechanic recommended - 50% acetone 50% ATF. I then place a 13mm long socket over the fuel inlet of the injector and then work it side to side. When it moves a little add more penetrating oil. Keep working it side to side. This method has never failed me.
  3. SIGNUP 1) Bill 2) Glenn & Liz 3) Larry & Gail 4) Dieter (grandstyle 75) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  4. Hi Glenn, how was the holiday?  and a question on the clutch'

    Dose it have a grease packet and alignment tool in with it?

  5. Ralph & Monica unable to make it.
  6. SIGNUP 1 to 8) confirmed 9) Nigel 10) Willys 11) Janet Sale & maybe Dawn 12) Larry & Gail 13) Todd ("Sans" Sally) 14) Bill & Lucy (451 newbies) 15) Dieter (Grandstyle owner) 16) Dave T & Charlene
  7. SALE, Ronald Norman July 30, 1941 - January 23, 2024 Sale, Ron passed away after a short battle with cancer. He passed away at St Thomas General Hospital, January 23, in his 83rd year. Ron is survived by his spouse Dot Sale, his children Roni (Gary), Randy (Barb) and sisters Lynne and Janet (Don), niece Deena (Pete) and nephews Drew (Cary) and Scott. Ron grew up in Toronto, and met Dot in high school. They chummed around with a tight group of friends, and began their life together during that time. Motorcycles were always in the equation as Dot soon found out. Ron's passion for racing (in his bright yellow "banana suit"), and officiating events lasted well into his 40's. He was a Canadian Motorcycle champion, and displayed these and many other awards proudly. He also enjoyed boating, and could be seen towing boats with his 1975 Goldwing to one of his favourite locations. In his later years, SMART cars and the SMART car club became a source of enjoyment with many tours and lunches shared with the club. He always had a sense of humour which he shared regularly with those around him, and never failed to order a free smile off the menu. I would like to thank Ron's neighbours who have helped him out the last couple of years with yard work, snow removal, stopping by with dogs for nice little visits and also bringing over food. Special thanks to Debbie, an absolute rock star of a neighbour (30 years). Helping Ron out when he needed it, taking him to and from medical appointments at all hours of the day. We can't thank her enough. A memorial Service will be held at Needham Funeral Service on Monday, January 29, 2024 at 11 a.m. Visitation will be held an hour prior. Fond memories can be left at
  8. Funeral Monday - Needham on Dundas. 10 am - visitation 11 am - service 12 am - sandwiches
  9. Ron passed away yesterday evening
  10. Glenn 

    Thanks for letting us know about Ron.  For some reason I couldn’t reply in your post.  



  11. It is with great sadness to learn that Ron was recently admitted to the St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital with a terminal illness. Better known here as Leadwing, the current President, Ron is a long time smart car enthusiast who likes the smart car so much that he owns two - a cabrio for summer and a coupe for the winter. His enthusiasm has been unwavering! Thoughts and prayers to a kind and gentle man.
  12. WOW!!! Another year flies by and a smart car is still my daily diver after 19 years! My current smart was owned and modified by Rod from nearby Dorchester. Unfortunately health issues forced him to sell and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy this liitle gem. With only 53,000 kms I'm hoping to get at least another decade out of her! My shop is still open and I try to help the smart car people out there. However my availability is limited due to family and health concerns. And I have a growing passion for my model T. Enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends!!! Cheers!
  13. Sad to hear that! Jack was a real gentleman! I believe he gave his smart car to one of his grand kids years ago.
  14. Good for you!!! I've had the sensor stick in the shaft and unable to remove!
  15. Today in London the temp was 8 celcius with no rain so I took the T out for a good run!! We had a good season. On the May 24 weekend we drove to Sarnia, crossed the border and went to Lexington where we met up with 43 other model T's. The normal drive to Sarnia is an hour - double that with the T. We enjoyed the CanAm meet but did have some mechanical issues. The wheel hub bolts had worked loose and I was missing one. That was easily replaced by a T owner who had lots of spares. Lizzy was also running rough but was able to get us home with no issues My roll timer had become worn and caused the roughness. A new timer (us70)_ solved that problem. In June my friend asked if I could bring the T to his grandsons wedding for the pictures. It was my pleasure as he had helped with the mechanical work 3 years ago! On Fathers day I went to the local retirement home and took 18 seniors out for drives!! The Bothwell auto show is a 3 day event that is held in July. I drove there and stayed with my friend who had just bought a model T. We were in the parade, checked out the swap meet, and showed off our cars. We were interviewed by a guy doing a documentary. Met so many people - a very positive experience! Every Thursday evening during the good weather a car show is held on the Plunkett estate in London. I was chosen to be the ''featured car'' one evening even though I was the oldest, slowest, and probably the dirtiest haha!! In September the model T club met at a campsite just outside London and the first day we toured Mennonite country and an air/car show in Tillsonburg. The next day we drove to St.Marys, had a picnic in the park and went to the Canadian baseball hall of fame. We were also in the local Lambeth harvestfest parade and car show! Recently I was asked by a friend to help celebrate his wife's birthday by driving her to the party - it was awesome. And then it was the highlight of the season - I was asked to bring the model T to the veterans car show at Parkwood Hospital. There was a handful of WW2 vets that were over a 100 years old and were still able to get around and enjoy looking at the cars. One of them shared a story with me. He told me that his father owned a 1927 T and was having a hard time starting it He tried the crank but it backfired and broke his wrist. Just incredible that he remember that after all these years. It was amazing, and an honour, to see these cheerful gentleman who had seen and given so much in their lifetimes!!!!!