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  1. FYI - Uncle Glenn and Liz are about to sail across the Atlantic. We will be visiting Bermuda, Azores, Lisbon, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Amsterdam. Gone at least 5 weeks...will keep you updated!!!!
  2. Just keep an eye on it. The weather is getting warmer so its easier to maintain the battery. You'll know when it fails.
  3. I agree. I have some good used cv joint boots but don't know where the OP lives.
  4. Welcome to the club!! and good luck!!!
  5. Welcome!
  6. Here's an old thread where they talk about the Super Fill.....
  7. It is best to turn the wheel to the straight forward position before removing the wheel. There are 2 wire plugs that need to be disconnected.
  8. When I shift its perfect haha
  9. To each their own. I love the paddle shifters!!!! When cornering the upshift paddle can be activated by the left hand - its easy to learn.
  10. I agree! That's what I would look for.
  11. I would suggest that you go and test drive some cdi's that are for sale and familiarize yourself to the smart. Remember that the smart has a standard transmission that takes getting used to. If you drive in ''auto'' it can be a jerky ride. Better to learn how to shift to have better control, and this is easy because you don't have to push in a clutch - the smart does that for you. After a number of test drives, and if you find one you like, ask to take it to a mechanic of your choosing. If the seller refuses this request you will know to keep looking. Good luck with your search!
  12. This mod was done by a mechanic who said he was going to weld a drain plug. Instead a hole was drilled and a tranny drain bolt was installed. As you can see it wouldn't fully drain the pan. And the nut and bolt wasn't tightened and it was leaking on the driveway. The last picture shows a castleated nut, when welded on the inside of the pan, would allow proper drainage. That's what I've done in the past. 1st pic shows outside of pan 2nd drain plug rem'd 3rd inside pan - note that oil level to thickness of nut would not drain 4th a castleated nut that would allow complete drainage
  13. and you don't have cruise control. The unit they removed was functioning - it just needed to be programmed. I used to charge $100 to install (over 30 installs). or would you be interested in selling?
  14. and how much did Mercedes charge for that? Did they remove the cruise control unit?
  15. There is a regional section for Ottawa, Toronto, and the rest of Ontario......