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  1. First you have to find a steering wheel with the paddle shifters (expensive because there is an integrated air bag), then you have to activate the function with a tan code using a star computer. Evilution has a diy......
  2. Here's some pics of a smart with the AC compressor. To get at the solenoid connector I had to remove the water inlet. This was after the engine was lowered. The new female connector is yellow in the picture. (was difficult to work on) The last picture shows the water inlet installed and the solenoid connector barely visible behind, illuminated by a small flashlight.
  3. Yup, that's how many kilometres are on the sweet running 2006 smart that I worked on today! Had an overheating problem. The problem can be seen in the picture below. Alt belt changed and away she went!
  4. I was recently asked to look at a members smart that was overheating. I initially suspected the thermostat. However there had been a significant coolant loss and the right side of the engine was wet below the water pump. It was therefore decided to change both the water pump and the thermostat. This would be a first for me. Looking at the location I decided it would provide easier access by dropping the engine. A ''Hepu'' water pump was purchased. Examination showed that 7 bolts held it in place. Looked easy enough. However 1/2 of the T10 bolts were hard to get at and I had to use a combination of wobble extensions to access and remove and some skinned knuckles. Luckily none of the bolts were seized. After removal the engine surface was cleaned. The new pump came with a gasket. But the pulley would have to be reused. It was held on by 4 small hex head bolts 4mm. They were very tight and took some persusion to remove. Looking at the pump it was easier to install with the pulley off. That was done and then the pulley reinstalled. T10's torqued to 10Nm same for the 4mm's. Job done but antifreeze needed to be added and the system ''burped.'' The thermostat was also changed and the problem was solved - no more overheating and no more coolant loss. The water pump is $158+tax from the dealer. I have a good parts supplier - only uses oem products and better price. pictures are in reverse order
  5. It was 13 years ago that I took delivery of my ''Gina" - what an awesome journey!!! Gina was sold 3 years ago but I was reminded of her because yesterday I worked on a members smart who's panels were from her. Back in 2010 Gina had been vandalized and '' Over the winter I got the damaged panels repaired and painted Hello Yellow and installed on Bob Todds smart in exchange for a set of the original Bay grey panels.'' Bob sold his smart to Mike in Sombra who aptly named her ''tweetie''. I happen do a lot of the repairs to keep ''tweetie'' on the road. A bittersweet moment! Currently I'm driving a leased 2016 ED which is my daily driver and fits my needs perfectly. When I go out of town I have a 2005 stream green that was a trade in from the local dealer and sold to me over a year ago. In Feb this was the smart that Liz and drove to St.Johns Nfld. An awesome little diesel!!! I will most likely return the ED at the end of the lease next August. Hopefully by then I will repair and get Dan Gold old smart on the road. It's been over 3 years since I retired from the hospital and have kept busy learning and working on smart cars - mostly diesels and travelling. Mind you I do look after my wifes 2012 smart that she uses to teach driving. It's been a pleasure meeting so many smart owners over the years and socializing!! In fact we still get together the first Tuesday of the month and have dinners together. Our dinner on the 5th of Dec was attended by 14 smarties!! Enjoy the upcoming holidays!!!
  6. It could be the O ring but I have seen one of those weird oil coolers spring a leak. Keep us updated. FYI- that oil cooler is an expensive item from the dealer, but it would be a lot easier getting it off the other engine than making am engine swap.
  8. Whats the lowest rating that you've ever had? Yesterday I must have been really ''bad'' because my rating was a 7. Anyone have lower?
  9. Andrew, Welcome to the club! Happy smarting!
  10. It was decided to start the New Year at the Clock Tower Bistro in Strathroy. Located - 71 Frank St.,-81.624708,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf123aeaa24066dbb!8m2!3d42.957137!4d-81.624708 Start time of 6pm. Sign up: 1. Liz & Glenn. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.
  11. Sign in : 1 - Ron & Dot 2 - Liz & Glenn 3 - Larry & Gail 4 - Bill 5 - Bob 6 - Dave & Lu 7 - James 8 - 9 -
  12. Best to buy new IMHO. All the used ones will be over 11 years old.
  13. And when that happens I would like to meet the person who can change that connector without dropping the engine for access. As my pictures show it is not an easy place to get to.
  14. Heres some pics to show the wire. You can just reach it when the glow plug controller is disconnected. Flashlight is pointing at the connector - black, to the right of the rusted nut. I had a no start last week - playing with the connector was only a temporary solution. Ultimately had to drop the engine and replace the female connector - problem solved. Couldn't do the job otherwise.
  15. I'm betting the valves will be the problem.