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  1. Success!!! This morning after the crank sensor was installed I got the I/C and fan installed, raised the engine and had a few tense moments - wouldn't start. No codes. After about 6 trys she fired and everything is good. Took it for a test drive bringing her up to temp - no issues! Finally! Kudos to stickman and loose lug nuts for good advice!
  2. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) Ron & Dot 3) John F 4) Wild! 5) Willys 6) Nigel 7) MarcusAurelius 8) Liz & Glenn. 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)
  3. Welcome to the club! She looks just like my first smart ''Gina''. Fond memories!
  4. Congratulations!!! That's an AWESOME looking roadster with such low mileage!!! It's sure to attract a lot of attention! Would love to see it at the Plunkett car show in London on Thurs Aug 8th .....’s-country-cruizin-thursday-august-082019/
  5. Drove it today and it stalled out after the coolant reached 80 degrees. Started after a short wait and right back to the shop. And finally this time it had a code - crankshaft position sensor. So after a struggle I got it out. First it was the T30 bolt and then the sensor itself - that proved reluctant. The new sensor would not go into the shaft smoothly and I had to use some 400 emery cloth to clean it out. Quit at 6pm and tomorrow morning will put the I/C, fan and hoses back on and keep my fingers crossed
  6. Welcome to the club! Did you see we are going to Plunketts on Thurs the 8th of August?
  7. From Evilution: Method Turn ignition to position 1, Hold the foot brake and release the handbrake, Hold the gear lever in position '+', Release footbrake, Press accelerator to the floor while still stationary, Start rolling or get someone to push, Once the car is moving the clutch will automatically engage and the engine will start, then release the gear lever and accelerate as normal.
  8. One of the ''techs'' at the local smart centre would use vise grips to remove the plastic housing causing the corners to round off - that caused issues. A lot of diy people don't have the proper tools.
  9. I have one at my shop if that helps. I'm in London
  10. The alternator should be putting out about 14 volts after starting. Did you remove the EGR to clean?
  11. I bet it's pooched! Unplug it and you will see 2 terminals, hook up a + and - feed
  12. I've got a ''smart'' problem I would like to share with you. I was asked to have a look at a members smart that had an intermittent starting problem. I ran the Mercedes codes and the only thing that came up was C1121 - L rear rpm sensor. I replaced that and she started up and ran just fine for me. The owners pick it up, drive to a grocery store, and then it won't restart. After about 15 minutes it starts and its right back to the shop. No codes and in my experience the intermittent start is caused by a failing relay for the fuel pump. So I bypass the relay and she starts up ok. I drive it about 5 minutes to a restaurant. After lunch she turns over but won't fire. I call for a tow. After 15 minutes I try again and she starts up. Cancel the tow and back to the shop. OK, so now I'm thinking that maybe the actual fuel pump is failing so I replace that with a working used one. Drove it the 13kms home with no issues and then hours later turns over but won't fire. Later it starts so back to the shop. No codes. At the shop it always starts. So I try again - a 5km drive to the restaurant. Lunch and then the no start again. This time I had a 14mm wrench and loosened the line to the common rail. When the ignition was turned on the fuel poured out so the fuel pump is not the issue. After the 15 minutes she fires up and its back to the shop. Hooked up the computer - ZERO CODES. Now I'm thinking maybe injectors so I do the compression test 1. -0.560 2. +0.340 3. +0.140 Good numbers when the parameters are + or - 2.5 Next I examine the injectors and they are dry - no signs of any leakage or blow by. Now I'm stumped! Last year I did work on a smart that stalled out when it warmed up and was driving. That turned out to be a failing crankshaft position sensor. This seems to be different? Maybe a failing ECU ? Any suggestions?
  13. Just a reminder seeing as how the warm weather, or in SW Ontario - HOT weather has arrived. There are a few things to check to ensure longevity. Start with the intercooler. Look under the car on the drivers side rear to see if you still have the intercooler scoop. In most cases they will be missing. The dealer scoops are expensive and awkward to install. I fashion one out of a used 5l oil jug and then drill and tie strap to the existing shroud. The next thing to check is to ensure that your intercooler fan is working. You should hear it come on sporadically. If it doesn't a new one from the dealer is about $150 - one of the few items that hasn't gone up in price over the last few years. The reason I bring this up is because without a scoop and an intercooler fan you will be pumping a lot more heat into the engine, in already hot conditions, and I don't think that is good for the engine. In my case I lost the scoop on my original smart, the fan stopped working and I ignored that. Consequently I had an engine failure at around 185,000 kms. A costly mistake. That was 9 years ago and I posted the story.... My Gina did have the engine replaced and was sold to a family in North Carolina some 5 years ago. I was happy to hear she is still chugging along. I'm also happy to say that the ''girlfriend'' in the story is now my wife!
  14. This is from a couple of years back but is a very fair review. Enjoy!