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  1. In my first smart I fitted custom made carpets with a thick underlay and that helped cut the road noise.
  2. 2 weeks have passed and the Lexus continues to impress!! I've gone on a few road trips and can't find any faults. Yesterday I popped in some cd"s and was blown away by the quality sound!!! Because the ride is so quiet you can really appreciate the music. Here's a video of an owner who loves his LS400....
  3. Welcome! Do you still have Tooheys and Tooth beer? So you plan to hyper mod that good looking smart?
  4. Welcome to the club! Is that Sydney Nova Scotia or Australia?
  5. This car is just coming off lease. It is an all white exterior with only very minor scratches on it. Tires had only 1 year use. Has heated seats and cruise control. The car has performed flawlessly over the past 3 years - no issues! The only reason I am selling is because I already own 6 smart diesels, an old Mercedes, a Landcruiser, a Model T and more recently a 1999 Lexus. Send a pm if interested or call 519-652-2528
  6. Welcome to the club!! I hate to burst your bubble but the mpg of the cdi for most people is in the range of about 4 litres/100kms or about 60 mpg(us). ''Does smartzuum really get 100 MPG??'' - I believe that was only achieved by driving at a steady 78kph across the flat Canadian prairies. That being said it is a ''An engineering marvel'' and is a joy to drive! In fact it can be addicting!!!! Good luck with your adventure!
  7. lower u joint for 2013 smart ED

    are there other than dealer options?

  8. 1) Bill 2) John 3) Ron & Dot 4) Larry & Gail 5) Liz & Glenn - unfortunately Liz and I will not be able to attend 6) Wild! 7) William 8) Todd 9) Willys and hopefully the better half, but it's a long drive but looks like a great time. 10) John and Elaine 11)ETHICAL BEEF. “Smartzuki” Busa Powered 1300 cc. 12) 13) 14) 15)
  9. Welcome to the club!
  10. Yesterday I removed a starter on a 06 diesel smart. What a job!! Lowered the engine. This was a cabrio that has a bulkhead in the middle for reinforcement. Two large T45 bolts hold it to the frame and are difficult to remove due to corrosion. Sure enough one of them stripped and then had to be ground off. Next the alternator was removed to be checked and to give more room. Then the water inlet came off so the hoses could be lifted out of the way. A long wobble extension was used to remove the 13mm nut from the starter electrical connection. Now the fun stuff - the 2 long T12 bolts from the other side had to be removed - one is under the I/C holder. With the bolts and electrical off - don't forget to disconnect the battery prior to all this. The alternator is now loose and needs to be pushed up and in to be removed from the small space. Just how much is evidenced by the fact that both my wrists are strained and can barely move I'm on advil right now but will take a break from the shop for a few days. I was at this job for approximalely 7 hrs. I won't want to repeat anytime soon
  11. It was a week ago today and I was on my way to Aurora to visit my daughter who was here from Vancouver. Beautiful countryside - rolling hills with beautifully kept estates and there was a car for sale at the end of one of the driveways. I recogized it instantly aa a Lexus LS400 - a car that I had driven in over 20 years ago and was very impressed. I was ahead of schedule and had enough time to check it out. A paper on the windshield said it ''ran like new'' and was smooth,fast, and powerful. This vehicle is fully loaded. It appeared to be in excellent condition with only minor minor rust on the leading edge. The sides and rear were straight, true, and unblemished. Interior was in remarkably good shape. However it was a 1999 with 335,000 kms. The owner was asking $3200 and it had been safetied. This really got me thinking. It was over 3 years ago that Liz and I had driven a 1994 Camry from Vancouver to London and that vehicle performed flawlessly and everything worked. In fact it is still running today. Another Toyota product has been in the family for the past 15 years, has over 400,000 kms and is still going strong. So I knew that a Toyota could last a long time. I had lunch with my daughter and her boyfriend and got to visit his parents. Looks like the start of a long relationship. Anyways I couldn't stop thinking of that Lexus. So on the way home I stopped and called the owner. He told me the car had been meticulously maintained and a test drive confirmed that. It drove like new as advertised. So I gambled and bought the car. The next day Leadwing was kind enough to drive me to Aurora so I could pick up the car. We have had the car a car a week now and have put on over 1.000kms and it is AWESOME!! The ride is very smooth and I can find no faults. It is hard to believe that a 20year old can be this good! Apparently Toyota spent a billion dollars to develop this model to compete against Mercedes and BMW. Looking back it would appear that they were successful!! Liz also fell in love with the Lexus and its V8 power!!! .
  12. Today I was lucky enough to fulfill a life time dream. I got to fly in a restored DC3 that was originally built in 1939. It has seen 170 engine changes! This was a birthday present from my wife Liz.. The flight was offered from the Canadian Warplane museum near Hamilton. We had a 30 min flight that was AWESOME!!! This was very special for me because my father was a Canadian Army paratrooper and jumped out of this type of aircraft from 1946 - 1960
  13. I would change the brake switch. Its under the car, drivers side. (belly pans need to be rem'd) Available from the dealer - about $65
  14. Hey Glenn, on your black 09 smart can i buy the ac  condenser and holder and the 2 line going to it?

    I what to see if this mod will work on my 05.

  15. That was great advice from Rob. I would not disable the traction control. With a short wheel base car you will be in a 360 in a heartbeat. Spoke to someone yesterday who confirmed this. His reluctor rings were cracked and he drove through the winter. He was going sideways many times and had difficulties even with small hills. Good winter tires are a must!!!