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  1. Loosen the 2 nuts and then cut the bolts? put new bolts in with head to the inside?
  2. Isn't that for smarts up to 2004? I thought you need a TAN code to program the Canadian diesels?
  3. Unfortunately there were not many smart ED's sold in Canada so there is next to no information re: repairs. I owned an ED for 3 years and had NO issues whatsoever. The best bet for the OP would be to call repair facilities in his area and see which ones have worked on electric cars to get another opinion.
  4. That makes sense. Some new aftermarket shocks are missing those mounts.
  5. I believe the 1st one is an aftermarket cruise control - MDC. Trace the wires and I bet it will lead to the throttle pedal. The original owner probably added an oil pan with the drain plug. The 05 and 06's did not come with drain plugs.
  6. I don't have the correct adapter and gauge to accurately check the compression by removing the glow plugs (and those can be difficult to remove from a cold engine) My method can be done using common tools. The fuel lines can be removed using a 14mm open ended wrench. I then use a 13mm long socket and put it on the right side of the injector and move it side to side to loosen and then remove. I then clean the shafts with solvent and a lint free cloth. Clean the shafts of the injectors and place back. Jack up right side of the car and remove the rear wheel. Using extensions and T18 socket you can turn the engine by hand. You will need a second person to turn the engine or feel to see if the injectors push out when turning. Relatively simple and can be done in about a half hour. You will need new copper washers/fire seals from the dealer to reinstall. They are inexpensive. This works for me. If one of the cylinders lacks compression it won't start. Good luck!
  7. What year is your smart?
  8. After 3 days of turkey, ham, and pumpkin pie - I'm having a hard time moving this morning! Thankful, happy and fat haha! Cheers!
  10. Had 11 people for our feast at the Mandarin!! An excellent selection of food and it is very hard not to overeat!! Next month we are heading northwest - all the way to Bernies in the Sherwood Forest mall, its been recommended by Mr. Elliott. The regular 6ish start. Sign up: 1. Liz & Glenn 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 9. 10.
  11. The 451 alloys do NOT have the correct offset for your diesel. They will rub against the rear shocks!
  12. Sign up 1 - Ron 2 - Bill 3 - Liz & Glenn 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 -
  13. The doors are different, as are the side panels. Underneath is a bulkhead for strength. Drivetrain is the same.
  14. Go for it! decreases weight and also gives easier access to the starter! and you might get a few bucks for the scrap aluminum.
  15. Correct! Then if the turn signals are returned to the headlights fog lights could be installed.