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  1. I would replace the thermostat.
  2. The most practical solution - Scrape off the rust and then use POR - paint over rust. Finish with an oil spray.
  3. Had a smart that had not started in a year- engine would not turn over. Dropped the engine and cleaned up the wire to the starter - turned over but battery too weak - battery replaced. Now turns over but doesn't sound right. Altenator seized solid - replaced. Turns over but won't start. Codes checked - nothing. I'm wondering about compression. So I remove the injectors , clean them and put them back in their holes. The engine is hand cranked - #1 injector pushes out with force , #2 pushes out , but not as strong, #3 nothing - no movement. In fact when it was pulled out the tip is covered in oil. I'm thinking the rings are gone on the #3 piston. Any thoughts?
  4. Recently my horn wasn't working. Experience says that you should pull the downshift paddle the same time as the horn and it often corrects. No such luck for me. Kept trying that for a couple of weeks and got more frustrated. I know that the horn and paddle shifters share the same wire. I was contemplating taking the steering wheel off and then lo and behold it started working again. Everything is back to normal now and has been for the past 2 weeks. It's a puzzler!!!
  5. I've only used the star once to bleed the brakes, I wouldn't want to do it again, Its a minimum 2 man job. One to man the computer, the other to keep the fluid reservoir full and to open and close the bleeders. The ABS pump puts through a lot of fluid. A third person would be helpful, I've had good results using a power bleeder and thats a 1 man job.
  6. Over the past couple of months I have had 2 smarts arrive at the shop with ''weird'' electrical problems - eg. turn signal lights that won't turn off, lights that won't turn off, etc. Both had had their windshields replaced by professionals. Both had water damaged SAMS Both were leaking in the lower middle of the windshield. Repairing or replacing the sams is a costly procedure. I guess the lesson to be learned is to ensure that you get a written guarantee from the company that is replacing your windshield.
  7. SW Alberta. On Fri 25th at approx 1515 h going out of Medicine Hat on #3 was passed by a Ruby Red cabrio with a license that started with a B. Anyone here? an hr later on #5 leaving Lethbridge a smart was going the other way, a red coupe with white rear panels - pretty distinct. Saw the most smarts - 2 - in SW alberta in the midst of all those big pickups!!
  8. Welcome to the club! I was born in Brandon but left many, many years ago!
  9. It was a week ago today and I was on my way to Aurora to visit my daughter who was here from Vancouver. Beautiful countryside - rolling hills with beautifully kept estates and there was a car for sale at the end of one of the driveways. I recogized it instantly aa a Lexus LS400 - a car that I had driven in over 20 years ago and was very impressed. I was ahead of schedule and had enough time to check it out. A paper on the windshield said it ''ran like new'' and was smooth,fast, and powerful. This vehicle is fully loaded. It appeared to be in excellent condition with only minor minor rust on the leading edge. The sides and rear were straight, true, and unblemished. Interior was in remarkably good shape. However it was a 1999 with 335,000 kms. The owner was asking $3200 and it had been safetied. This really got me thinking. It was over 3 years ago that Liz and I had driven a 1994 Camry from Vancouver to London and that vehicle performed flawlessly and everything worked. In fact it is still running today. Another Toyota product has been in the family for the past 15 years, has over 400,000 kms and is still going strong. So I knew that a Toyota could last a long time. I had lunch with my daughter and her boyfriend and got to visit his parents. Looks like the start of a long relationship. Anyways I couldn't stop thinking of that Lexus. So on the way home I stopped and called the owner. He told me the car had been meticulously maintained and a test drive confirmed that. It drove like new as advertised. So I gambled and bought the car. The next day Leadwing was kind enough to drive me to Aurora so I could pick up the car. We have had the car a car a week now and have put on over 1.000kms and it is AWESOME!! The ride is very smooth and I can find no faults. It is hard to believe that a 20year old can be this good! Apparently Toyota spent a billion dollars to develop this model to compete against Mercedes and BMW. Looking back it would appear that they were successful!! Liz also fell in love with the Lexus and its V8 power!!! .
  10. Well its been over 2 years and Liz and I still love our Lexus!! I didn't have a complete mechanical history of the car so one of the first things I did was change the timing belt, water pump and serpentine belt. After a year with no issues I upgraded the brakes and put on new tires. And a month ago I had to do the first repair. I noticed a wet spot under the front right of the car. It was power steering fluid. I was thinking it was the pump or the rack and pinion. Turned out it was the hose. The cost of repair parts was only $60 The past week in SW Ontario was very hot and the AC in my smart was not working so I have been using the Lexus. What a pleasure!!! The ride, comfort, power and responsiveness are incredible!!! The only drawback is that the V8 consumes about 3 times more fuel than the smart! The Lexus replaced my 1982 Mercedes 300SD. I could see that the Toyota engineers got many ideas from the Mercedes and then improved on them. I sold the Mercedes for $2000 so I figure the Lexus cost me $1200 - in my view a bargain!!! Looks like we will be keeping the Lexus and the 1985 Toyota Landcruiser in our stable
  11. Also remove the rear belly pan. Then on the drivers side there is a black holder that supports the brake and the anti lock lines. A 10mm plastic nut holds it on. Loosen and then the brake lines are given more slack in the lowering process. I also remove the air inlet cover on the drivers side. When raising the engine make sure the E brake insert goes into the plastic tube.
  12. Was the cabrio you were driving a pulse with paddle shifters?
  13. Are you absolutely sure its not the reluctor rings?? Even a small crack in the ring can trigger the code. Check the codes with a ''star''
  14. Could have been a temporary electrical glitch, Evilution says: The smart gearbox relies on a lot of electronics to keep it working properly, it only takes one part to misbehave to call up an error code. Causes can be one or more of the following: Fuse Blown Secondary Fuse/Relay Box Corrosion (600cc) Faulty SE Drive Stuck Gears Weak Battery Poor Earth Lead Faulty Brake Lights Incorrect Brake Light Bulb LED Brake Light Bulbs Faulty Gearbox RPM Sensor Faulty Rear Light Loom (Roadster) Faulty Gear Motor Faulty Gear Position Sensor Faulty Clutch Actuator Chaffed Wires Damage Wires Stuck Clutch Seized Gearbox Faulty Relay Split Reluctor Rings Worn Clutch Fork Solder Joint Failure Faulty gearbox RPM sensor Gearbox Reteach Canadian E-Box Failure ECU Component Failure
  15. Years ago when I was driving a smart in BC the fuel gauge acted up. When I got to Saskatchewan it corrected itself. I assumed it was fuel related. If I remember correctly TPM in Victoria recommended a fuel additive. Problem with BC diesel??
  16. There are 8 x 8mm screws that hold up the rear belly pan. It's hinged and then you swing it down. Helps if its on a hoist or ramps.
  17. If you don't have a hoist its awkward. Centre of car and tight to work on. You also have to take apart the rear brake shoes with all the assorted springs that I don't like. If you have the time its all doable.
  18. Just bought one at the dealer - $40. Time to go the Tolsen plate route like you. Let us know what you find.
  19. try this...
  20. The smart is what it is. You have to adapt to it not the other way around. And yes it can be frustrating but when you do a successful repair it can give you great pleasure!
  21. I have a rather heavy foot and usually lose my first fuel blob between 100 - 140 kms. Well today it was at 190 kms - far better than normal. Of course here in SW Ontario its 33c. The diesels love the heat!!!
  22. Does it turn over? If it does slowly check to see if the alternator is seized.