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  1. That's the plan! Liz and I have made arrangements to rent a roadster for 2 weeks with an option to buy at the end. We will pick up the roadster outside of Amsterdam. But first we are tourists in London and currently in Edinburgh. We have 2 days here and then 4 nights in Dublin. And we will check out Amsterdam for a few days. Today we saw our first roadster and it was a sweet all silver cabrio exclusive - it looks great in real life. We are now really looking forward to getting a chance to drive this awesome looking car. Our plan is to drive to Belgium, northern France, Germany, and Austria. Hoping to stay in smaller cities and villages. So I will send updates when we have access to the internet. Unfortunately my camera died when we were in the Azores so pictures are on Lizs camera that has a very high resolution and will need to be adjusted. Cheers all!! have enjoyed the pubs in London and one last night
  2. Morning all! Two days ago we had a beautiful sunny day in Brugge, Belgium. The inner city is a maze of old buildings with cobble stoned narrow streets interspersed with canals. They call it the Venice of the north!!! We enjoyed the outdoor cafes and took a boat tour of the canals. Our hotel room was super clean, was ideally located, but was much smaller than the cabin we had on the cruise ship. It was amazing! And we parked the roadster underground for the 24hrs - only 9 euros! Now we are in the southern part of Holland soaking up sun and getting acquainted with Theo and will meet his business partner Ed tomorrow. I absolutely love the roadster and it passed the 2 week ''test drive'' with flying colours!! The fly in the ointment is shipping costs. The 2500 euro charge could be a deal breaker. If only I could fit it in the overhead bins haha!
  3. Crossed a lot off our want list yesterday! Found the place I lived in and it was still there!!!! Mind you it was already an old apt building when we lived there 50 some years ago! Now it is really looking worn. Even my old school was still being used. Checked out a few of my old haunts and then went to Reinberg. That is where there is a Commonwealth war cemetery. Liz's great uncle is buried there. He was a belly gunner in a Lancaster that was shot down in April 1944. Over 3,000 buried there - most are air crew. It was still early so we drove and found a hotel in Holland. It was a top down day yesterday so we are both a little pink today - sunscreen today! When we started our trip with the roadster we wanted to stay in Brugge but everything was booked. So today we heading there to see what we missed!
  4. Yes, we had a fine sunny day yesterday. Started off driving the twisty back roads to Prague and then ate at a sidewalk cafe. Walked beside the Danube and then motored to Weimar in Germany. Staying at a beautiful hotel.In the evening we were again able to enjoy eating outdoors - it was excellent! This town is designated a UNESCO world heritage site - worth the visit! Today we are heading to north Germany where I used to live. My father, who was Canadian army 1943 - 1983, was stationed there from 1960 - 1963. I'm sure to see a HUGE amount of change. To me it looks like the Germans have surpassed our quality of life.
  5. Thanks! Yesterday we finally had a sunny day for driving and took advantage by driving on some of those sweet twisty secondary roads! Theo is right, thats where the roadster thrives - very enjoyable!!! We are now on the road home. Stayed at a country inn about an hour away from Prague. Today we plan on touring that city and then press on to Dresden Germany.
  6. Susan Burgess · CBC News · Posted: May 19, 2018
  7. Today we visited the Auschwitz concentration/extermination camp - what a sad,sad part of our history! Unimaginable cruelty!
  8. This afternoon we reached the farthest point east we are going to go. Near Krakow. Had 6 hrs of driving through rain and now know why the European cars have the rear fog lights. Staying at a lovely B&B that is quite inexpensive - so we booked an extra night.
  9. and that's the reason I'm afraid to drive it haha!!! We had a good morning touring Vienna, walked around St.Stephens square, and then drove 1/2 hour to a museum that turned out to be closed. No worries because we found a little restaurant that was to our liking. Did some planning for the upcoming week and then another gasthof for local beer and food. The advantage of having a car in Europe is that you get to see and meet the locals. The disadvantage is it more difficult driving in the old big cities with the narrow and confusing roads and the very limited parking - even with a smart car!!!
  10. Reached Vienna in the late afternoon - the roadster cruised through the rain with no issues and no leaks. Staying at a gastof on the outskirts. More reasonable after France and Germany - 55 euros/night - very clean and they have a bar and restaurant. Something I haven't seen in a while is they allow smoking in the bar. Also a lot of people roll their own cigarettes in Europe. The plan is to explore Vienna tomorrow, another night here and then on to Poland.
  11. SIGN-UP 1) Bill 2) John 3) Ron & Dot 4) Larry & Gail 5) Liz & Glenn 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  12. Yes, the roadster drives more like a motorcycle - you would love it!!! Well we ended up taking the autobahn to Munich, which the roadster handled well - she was pulling 4000rpm at 140km/hr. Even then she was passed like she was sitting still by the Audis,Bmws, and Mercs!!! Probably some going 250 - 300!!!! Good thing we took the fast route because we got to Munich at 3:30 pm and everything was booked - some sort of festival going on. We ended up finding a hotel with restaurant 4hrs later. It was a valiant effort. So we booked 2 nights in Vienna!!
  13. We would love to attend but unfortunately reality sets in. We have now been away from home for over 4 weeks with another 1 1/2 weeks of travel. Its been a wonderful experience but we are missing family, friends, and our normal routines. Up till getting the roadster the travelling was different. Visiting the big cities - London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Amsterdam was AWESOME, but now we are trying to take the back roads more and see a different side of a country. As an example yesterday we drove the back roads of the Champagne district and then through a small piece of Belgium, Luxembourg, and into southern Germany. We are staying in a small village near Saarbruken, a hotel over a restaurant. This morning we awoke to the sounds of church bells - that brought memories of my youth when I spent 3 years here. Even the skies are grey the way I remember Today I think the plan is to drive to Munich to see the city and meet up with a friend of Liz. It is nice to have a car and the freedom to go as we please. We especially enjoyed the drive the last few days on the twisty back roads of France and the narrow cobble stone roads of the small villages and towns. The roads have been excellent and the 4 lane ones superb (mind you these take tolls). We found that it was difficult in the morning to find coffee and open restaurants. One morning we found a MacDonalds but it didn't open till 1130. And the French dine later in the evening. The roadster fits like a glove and handles like a dream - this is the way to see Europe!!!
  14. The roadsters go from plain jane to the ultimate Brabus collectors edition. The one we are driving has heated leather seats and AC. No cruise control or paddle shifters - but I know someone who could add those in no time
  15. Had a great day!!! Got to the Vimy memorial before noon with the sun shining. Got some good pics and then had a light rain shower. Visited the Canadian cemetery and then had the free guided tour of the trenches and tunnels - what those poor guys had to go through!!! Next we drove to Reims and then the champagne region. Had another excellent chef prepared meal at a restaurant - the French certaintly love to cook and prepare delicious meals!!! The roadster performed flawlessly!! At 115 km/h it revs about 3500 rpm (red line 6000) Fuel cap is the same as the 450 and is on the passenger side. Drove 300kms and put in 18l, so getting roughly 6.0l/100kms Turn signal and wiper stalks are the same. Liz drove the first leg today, thought the roadster was more comfortable than her 451 - seats better, suspension, and the mirrors better positioned. Shifting was smooth in automatic. Luggage is limited but.... Liz got her carry on bag in the back compartment - that included lap top, + shoes, and enough clothes for 2 weeks and a couple of bottles of wine. I got the front storage under the hood and was able to get my carry on bag in + books, toiletries, and a few bottles. We've got everything we need!!!
  16. A lot of similarities between the roadster and the 450 diesel. Steering wheels are the same. Engine in the back is covered by the same cover. Intercooler and fan look similar. Turn signal and wiper arm - same. Heating controls and the warning triangle are the same. Seats with air bags - same. Colours are also the same. The instramentation is different and the turbo gas engine sounds and responds differently. Acceleration is brisk and I wasn't being aggressive as I will have a gradual break in period and orientation to the car. Today its cool and cloudy - we plan to see the Vimy memorial and then drive east into France. Cheers! ps. last night we had a chef prepared meal - excellent service and food. When in Belgium you have to try the frites!!!
  17. Theo, thanks for posting those pictures!! And it was a pleasure meeting you too! What a day!!! Started off in the north of Holland and then to the south to meet Theo and pick up the sweet lil roadster. Set off near 5pm, drove into Belgium - Bruges and then had a leisurely dinner. In that area the hotels and B&B's were all full and we ended up in France - 3 countries in one day - thats Europe!!! The roadster is a FUN car to drive. It has a 6 speed transmission like the 450 so it was easy to transition. Of course it is more responsive than the diesel that I am used to. The handling is superb!! I'm impressed!!! Now we get to test drive the car for 2 weeks - will keep you updated.
  18. I guess I'm an old fashioned kind of guy - I like my smarts unchopped haha! Have not had a good internet connection in a while. We had 4 days in Ireland and are now waiting for our flight to Amsterdam. Enjoyed touring Dublin for a few days and took in the Jameson distillery and the Guinness brewery Yesterday we had a bus tour that went across Ireland to the cliffs of Moher - it was impressive! Hoping to pick up the roadster on Friday!!! Cheers all
  19. A roadster can be legally imported and registered as long as its 15 years old.
  20. my pleasure haha!!!! I HATE rust!!!
  21. FYI - Uncle Glenn and Liz are about to sail across the Atlantic. We will be visiting Bermuda, Azores, Lisbon, London, Edinburgh, Dublin, and Amsterdam. Gone at least 5 weeks...will keep you updated!!!!
  22. There is a wire, with connector, on the forward side of the battery well that you can only see when the battery is removed. Check that connection. If it is corroded it will set off that trouble light. Mercedes solution is to cut out the connector and solder the wires together. Have done this repair 3 times in the past.
  23. Well, we made it across the Atlantic!!!! First, we had a drive to Detroit, just before an ice storm, one night in Fort Lauderdale and then caught the Celebrity ship Silhouette. We had warm weather all the way to the Azores and Lisbon. The seas were rough up the coast of Portugal/Spain, but I'm happy to say I didn't get sea sick. Had great food and entertainment on the ship and met lots of interesting people. They sure do look after you!!! Took the train from Southampton to London and then tubed it to our ''loft room'' near Greenpark. Excellent location and we saw the changing of the horse guard at Buckingham palace. So far have seen Piccadily circus, Chinatown, National Gallery, British museum, Westminster Abbey,Hyde Park, a couple of pubs etc etc... going to a west end play tonight. Tomorrow its off to Edinburgh.....Tolsen can I buy you a beer???
  24. Missed this post as I was on a 2 week trans atlantic cruise and opted for no internet - an escape from the world haha! Tom - best of luck in the future. Please look me up if you ever come this way - beers on me!!!!
  25. Just keep an eye on it. The weather is getting warmer so its easier to maintain the battery. You'll know when it fails.