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  1. It would be far easier to buy an aftermarket kit.
  2. If the tach is steady then the next uneducated thing to check is the motor mounts.
  3. Congrats! That cabrio would have been about $22,000 new!!
  4. Is the tach bouncing? My guess one poor injector.
  5. Welcome to the club! Maybe its the angle but that front dam looks really close to the road. Could be a clearance issue?
  6. Welcome! What kind of smart do you own?
  7. Times must change. The last time I asked, about 4 years ago,I was told by a diesel shop that they couldn't rebuild those injectors. ''special equipment needed''
  8. I could mail them to you if you can't find a source.
  9. Had 11 people for our feast at the Mandarin!! An excellent selection of food and it is very hard not to overeat!! Next month we are heading northwest - all the way to Bernies in the Sherwood Forest mall, its been recommended by Mr. Elliott. The regular 6ish start. Sign up: 1. Liz & Glenn 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8 9. 10.
  10. Two days ago I had the sad task of parting out a smart that I was very familiar with. It was one of the originals - a 2005 stream green cabrio that was purchased new by Rich Helms. I saw that smart many times over the first 4 years at events and rallies. Many,many happy memories!!! Some of the original members will remember! The smart was then sold to Dale (cruise,carter) who brought it to me for some of the repairs needed. Unfortunately 1 of the glow plugs was stripped in the head and the repair was deemed to be too expensive considering the age and mileage of the car. That's when I acquired the car. So last Saturday the panels and cabrio top went to a good home in Oakville and then I got down to stripping off all the useable parts. Sad in a way but the little smart served her owners well over 12 years and 200,000kms - and the parts will help keep other smarts on the road.
  11. Do you have the right tools? You will need E14 and E18 1/2'' sockets just for starters. Evilution has a guide.... IMHO if you have never done any car repairs this is probably not the one to start with as you also have to remove the rear drive shaft. If you want to drive to London I could get the job done for about 1/2 the amount quoted.
  12. Check the clutch actuator rod - it might have punched through the release bearing.
  13. Sweet! You will have to post some pictures!
  14. Welcome to the club! What year is your smart? model?
  15. There is another way. Remove the rear belly pan. Fuel tank is on the right hand side. Locate wiring harness leading to the fuel pump. In the wiring harness locate the 2 thickest wires. One will be brown. Cut both. Add wire to the brown and run it to a ground on the frame. Add wire to the other one and run it to the left of the car and then up to the SAM. Add a relay and then connect with a fuse to the left had side of the SAM - switched power. #36,39 If you have access to a hoist its relatively easy to do. A couple of hours max. Has worked for me 3 times.
  16. I recently installed an aftermarket thermostat in a friends cdi. Of course I had to test drive it to make sure there were no leaks or air locks(there were), Once that was sorted out I was impressed with how much heat the little beast was putting out on a -14 day. So I installed another one in my recently acquired smart - very happy. It was -10 and out on the highway I got 3 bubbles. And to think I suffered through many a winters due to a crappy thermostat - ouch!! The thermostat I used was a made in Germany one - a Wahler. Opens at 90 degrees.
  17. This car is just coming off lease. It is an all white exterior with only very minor scratches on it. Tires had only 1 year use. Has heated seats and cruise control. The car has performed flawlessly over the past 3 years - no issues! The only reason I am selling is because I already own 6 smart diesels, an old Mercedes, a Landcruiser, a Model T and more recently a 1999 Lexus. Send a pm if interested or call 519-652-2528
  18. There was no interest so I ret'd this ED to my local dealer. They liked the look of it so it is now up for sale there. Asking price $14,900
  19. Failing that, there is a special strut clamp from Mercedes....
  20. What is the condition of the smart? How many kms? Do you still enjoy driving it? Maybe get a second opinion? Was the turbo replaced for $2300?
  21. Loosen the 2 nuts and then cut the bolts? put new bolts in with head to the inside?
  22. Isn't that for smarts up to 2004? I thought you need a TAN code to program the Canadian diesels?
  23. Unfortunately there were not many smart ED's sold in Canada so there is next to no information re: repairs. I owned an ED for 3 years and had NO issues whatsoever. The best bet for the OP would be to call repair facilities in his area and see which ones have worked on electric cars to get another opinion.
  24. That makes sense. Some new aftermarket shocks are missing those mounts.
  25. I believe the 1st one is an aftermarket cruise control - MDC. Trace the wires and I bet it will lead to the throttle pedal. The original owner probably added an oil pan with the drain plug. The 05 and 06's did not come with drain plugs.