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  1. I took delivery on March 30, 2008. Exactly one year from the reservation date.Everything went perfectly at the dealership.Oddly, the front license plate holder does not fit the dimples in the front bumper cover. I bought a a tow hook socket holder to avoid punching holes. I'll just stow the tow hook hole cover in the car (if there is room ;-)
  2. The car arrived today. I'll pick it up tomorrow. The reservation was made on 3/30/2007, so it took 1 year to the day.I'm keeping a log at
  3. It will not be long. The dealer called to say it will be here in March. He has the VIN.Maybe the 20 inches of snow will be gone by then so I can drive it.
  4. I'm sure it counts for something (perhaps many miles). You can certainly have a peek at my machine sometime in Q1 2008.I also have a 2000 Insight, which I really want to hang onto. I can use it for long trips and use the smart "gas-hog" when I want to be cool around town. From my limited experience (about 5 minutes in June) the smart seemed a lot more comfortable and refined. That probably says something about the rather basic nature of the Insight.You can check out the Insight at
  5. I am in Columbus. I have confirmed my yellow/silver passion coupe.I was at the Columbus event.
  6. See this link: for a new fortwo article. In this report, regular gas is OK. My email from smart says no. Wonder who is right? The article is less than a glowing review, but I have found that car reporters often don't get it when dealing with something different.
  7. Cruise _may_ be available as an aftermarket product. Check this out: I don't know if this works for 451s and I don't know if it works in U.S. units. I have have asked. Expensive, but cool. And, if the car is "fly-by-wire" it may be the only choice. Avatar credit:
  8. I got my order invitation yesterday. The reservation was 3/30. I ordered a fully loaded light yellow/silver Passion Coupe. I'm still very concerned about premium fuel and mediocre fuel consumption, but I'll give it a go. I suppose I can find a good hot rod shop to install custom pistons to get me back on 87 octane fuel -- if the engine will not adapt.
  9. Very interesting. The tables show the gen 2 Diesel to have lower revs in all the middle gears more turns in first and fifth (comparing fifth to sixth). So we put in a 20% larger engine (if the gen 2 Diesel is 1000 cc) and spin 12% it faster at cruise. Seems like a bit of a handicap to overcome. I realize that I may not have all the facts straight at this time.I still don't have gen 2 petrol numbers to compare, but if it parallels the Diesel, I can see where the problem is.
  10. I am considering purchasing a fortwo. I am in the U.S., so I can't get a cdi like those of you in the free and enlightened world. I have a Passat tdi, so I know how good a Diesel can be.Anyway, I am trying to decide whether I should get a generation two car in early 2008, or an "Americanized" 2005-2006 machine right now while they are still available.As part of my decision-making process, I would like to learn how many revolutions the 799 cc turbo engine turns per minute at 60 mph (or any speed, I can convert) in top gear. I don't suppose this information is available for the 1 liter generation two car, but I'll ask during the Road Show visit in July. I have heard horrible consumption numbers for the new I liter car. My theory is that if the old and new cars turn the same number of revs at a given speed, that will explain a lot.