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  1. To give you another exemple, I am a contractor too and my CDI does min 22 km/l and my Dakota 5/6 km/l. Within three years my smart paid itself. Go for it.
  2. So, do we have any definition about time, place and route???
  3. Is the axle rated 2000 lbs or 3500 lbs. The smart is 1,800 lbs heavy and if it is rated for 2000 mlbs I will be over about 100 lbs.I want to tow my 451 with my motorhome. the distance between the fenders must be min. 5 ft the length should be ok and I have to put a deck on it. Will it wor\k?
  4. Pls inform how much only for the trailer. What is its size. Can I carry my smart on it?Tks
  5. My name is not in the list, previous winners are not allowed???I will bring two cars, ganisa I, II and perhaps III.2010 - We can check if we can do the same track as BC targa (if all the roads are paved) and have our own category. Or during 2009 event we can plan a rally (even crossborder). Shouldn't be based on speed. Check points can be parking stubs, etc.
  6. Mike,I'll give you the honour of a revanche!What if for 2010 (or before)we organize a rally around the Island. Kelowna, fraser Valley? 200 to 500 km?? min 20 cars?? One long day or full week end? Charity? Based on fuel efficiency/time? Only paved roads.
  7. I'm in as well, and might be able to put two more drivers and one more car. I'm ready to beat everybody again!!!!!
  8. Great price for Mclaren, now the gas is cheap again I will take advantage and trade up my smart!!!!!
  9. Gas and diesel are diferent filters. MB dealers sell them and fast eddy too.
  10. Count me in.
  11. The girls and I had a great time. Thank you. I'm sure next year will be better!!Carlos
  12. When do I have to fax the rest of the payment??I'd like to order 4 shirts (One XXL, three medium)Any further instructions, we are getting very exited. A few more sleeps only!!!Thanks,Carlos
  13. I own both 450 and 451 and the club is the answer for most of my question. I don't believe the glamour is gone, we have lots of people reading everyday and it shows it still a big hit. Perhaps now with the americans getting the car, it might take some people to their web pages, but we are the first in N. America. We have to keep the good work.Thanks
  14. Very nice, do we have to order them or we will get them during the event?? I need two of them.Thanks
  15. I love the race too but my biking skills are good olnly for sea wall and Richmond (no hills)!!!!
  16. First CDI, second gas turbo, third new 451.
  17. Ok, so add one more ganisa, now ganisaIII and my cheque for $150.00 will be in the mail soon.I'd like to suggest to inform the media such as Canada Driver, Car business and other. It is a good opportunity for them to show that people can have fun with small cars.Carlos
  18. There is a country that everybody is forgeting and they have very good chances to go to the finals, Croatia. I don't believe that Portugal or Spain will do well, they always run out of luck. The orange machine deserves the victory but they don't have a great team. Germany, France and Italy are always dangerous but their new teams are not very experienced. I will go with Croatia.I went to Seattle to watch the game Canada x Brazil and the score should have been 3 x 3, Canada played very well and if they keep going with tha same players will not be very difficult for them to qualify for a world cup as long as they don't fall in the death group with USA and Mexico.
  19. A) Do not turn on the radio; Accelerating, Pay attention when the arrow goes up and the sound of the engine. Seems like the car asks you for a higher gear. It's time to go up.c)When breaking, slowing down, going throu a corner, the car feels clumsy, sounds like the engine will die, it's time to downshift.d) When going up hills you will feel the car slows down, it's time to downshift, the car will keep the same speed but it will sound stronger.e) Practice all the above and, whenever it's safe, do the opposite and you will feel the difference.For exemple: Accelerating, dont'change gears. The car will get mad at you. Try turning right in 4th gear. The car won't go anywhere. Gear up going up hill and try to keep the same speed (make sure nobody is behind you). You will find out some other goofy stuff.Once you have a good practice, you have to try antecipating when the car will need to change gears so you will not feel like slowing down when gearing up or almost stopping waiting for the computer to gear down for you when slowing down going up hill. I hope it helps you.
  20. As they have based their charges on length, we should try to buy for one car, tow a second one and when parked prove to them they are lighter and shorter then a 20 ft dragon. If they agree we will have to catch the ferries in pairs!!
  21. I have both, and 450 is way better. My kids are loving it. 451 has a few good things, no doubt. If compared with other small good cars it is the cheapest convertible available with all high tech gizzmos. I'm happy with mine but will not buy another one unless they offer diesel again.By that time the new VW, Fiat 500, Renault twiggo and perhaps Tata Nano might be available then we will have some more choices.
  22. My 2005 has 50,000 km and the only problem were the first two light bulbs, but since replaced they never burned again. You need heat, summer just open the windows!
  23. So far this is my best smart site. MB should give more support to us.
  24. does brabus have a different gear box????