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  1. It is also a good idea to match the front and rear tires. So you really should only look at tires that will come in the 175/55/15 front size. Looks like you will be limited to the Vredesteins?!?!? Which is OK, they are a pretty good tire. Selling them with my car, they were my intermediate tires.I tried the larger rear tire diameter on my own car. Really hurts acceleration from the increase in gearing. Also seems to be much harder on the clutch.
  2. I have used EBC Red Ceramic pads. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than stock. Less initial bite (which I hated about the stock pads) and more ulitmate grip. You can actually modulate the braking force. And the dust is GREATLY reduced.
  3. Be careful. That is quite the stretch for the skinny front rims. The more you stretch them, the more side to side flex the tire will have. Going to a 165 on the front rims may make it worse in the wind.
  4. This is why I run 3 sets of tires on all my cars.In the winter I run the skinniest, tallest best full on winter tires I can find.Spring and fall I run an "all-weather" tire like the Quatrac 3's talked about above, slightly wider than stock. On my other cars I run the OEM alloys in an OEM size. These also see double duty as long distance travel wheels. Usually not as low profile as the full summers, so they are a little more comfortable and less likely to bend a rim.Summer I run the widest full summer tire I can cram in the wheel wells.Each set sees about 4 months of the year.wintersmart 145/175 15" Toyo GSI-5 on stock Pulse alloysCivic 195/60/15 Blizzak WS-60 on OEM steel wheelsBMW 205/50/17 Michelin X-Ice2 on OEM steel wheelsIntermediatesmart 175/195 15" Quatrac 3 on Coreline wheelsCivic 215/45/17 Nokian WRG2 on OEM Si alloysBMW 215/245 18" Pirelli Sottozero on OEM alloysSummersmart 175/205 16" S-Drive on aftermarket wheelsCivic 215/40/18 S-Drive on aftermarket wheelsBMW 245/265 18" Michelin Super Sport on aftermarket wheelsAlso, 2mm for a summer tire is 100% worn. You will be on the tread wear indicators. Be careful in wet weather.In the winter, 4mm is considered 100% worn.
  5. In high salt areas, the most common reason is tapered pad wear due to seized pads in the pad carriers.
  6. Or buy mine for less than a 1/3.
  7. Had S-Drives on my 16's, highly recommended. Although, the 205's were enough tire, even at the track. The front tires are the limiting factor. The 215's look cool though.
  8. I agree with you. I much prefer a hot hatch. I would rather have bought an M135i (two door hatch) like they get in EU over the 135i we have here. Maximum hoonage factor, plus can carry almost anything, including wheels and tires to the track.
  9. [it would be illegal for them to do it, you would be disabling the DRL's.
  10. Ya, our cars have the aerodynamics of a house. At higher speeds (above 120) my smart gets the same FE as my Mazda3 or Civic Si. Keep it under 110 at least.Although, the noise you are describing is not right. Sounds like you have a leak in the high pressure side of the plumbing, may be the intercooler.
  11. Unfortunately, it will probably only come with the paddle shift tranny. Still glad I ordered my 135i. A quick tune and it will easily put out more than the MB. With the tuner I picked up, it will bring it up to 380hp and 400 lb.ft. Weeee!!! If it is just under 50k in the states, expect over 60k here IMHO.I do like the idea of more small, fast cars here though. Instead of them keeping them on the other side of the pond.
  12. Price reduction to $6000, would like to sell quickly. Moby is up for sale! Going to be moving into a condo on April 26th, and I only have one parking spot, so one of the cars has to go. It is very modified..... The basics: 2006 CDI fortwo, Pulse, silver on black Tridon I have been the only owner of this car (purchased LATE 2007, was actually the last CDI sold at the dealership I bought if from) currently at 126k km on it BRABUS front spoiler (has a crack in it that was repaired, but still visible) BRABUS front grille BRABUS side skirts BRABUS exhaust trim Michalak Wide Body Kit, painted black to match tridon (cost nearly $2000 to convert and have rear painted to match) tailgate painted black to match tridon EU front fenders with EU side marker bulbs installed BRABUS shift knob leather/brushed aluminium BRABUS pedal set brushed aluminium BRABUS carbon fiber trim set for gauges and door handles BRABUS leather/brushed aluminium parking brake lever power heated mirrors added (still has original trim inside for manual mirrors) OEM cruise control (activated by Eddy) clock/tach has white faced gauges 451 winter floor mats 451 BRABUS summer mats windows tinted 35% windshield and moonroof tinted with Llumar Clear Air 80 power moonroof (pretty rare option, AWESOME in the summer) A/C (still working) block heater (entire block heater system replaced last winter, heating element, wire harness) softtouch paddle shifters upgraded sound package (replaced OEM speakers with Polk separates, BIG improvement over stock, tweeters and dash speakers) BRABUS subwoofer under seat, connected to factory radio EU OEM fog lights installed (has LED bulbs installed, being used as DRL's) Polarg 1W LED city lights battery replaced last year Scangauge 2 installed beside clock/tach 451 dual cup holder EU wiper sprayers added to drivers wiper arm LED high mount brake light with black background (only middle 1/3 of LED's are working right now) Flying Tiger remap Removed EGR EGR delete pipe installed EGR electrical bypass installed no exhaust system (well almost none, has a short 90 deg elbow coming out of the turbo) I have an S-Mann exhaust to be fitted, beautiful exhaust!!! Was designed for a turbo gasser, just needs the turbo flange moved a bit to fit S-Mann fined aluminium high capacity oil pan with drain bolt, another beautiful piece!!!! oil filter adapter to accept spin on oil filters. glow plugs replaced last winter oil vent tube is ported to atmosphere instead of intake oil changed every 5000 km, at first was Mobil 1, now using Motul full synthetic probably one of the best maintained smarts around, oil every 5k, trans every couple of oil changes, coolant and brake fluid every year intercooler replaced last year intercooler fan replaced two months ago replaced engine ground cable with cable from an Acura TSX 2 K&N drop in air filters belts and fuel filter replaced at 100k EBC Red front brakes front ball joints and tie rods replaced last year front wheel bearings replaced last year H&R Cup kit suspension (front and rear shocks and springs, fronts are coilover, can adjust ride height) have 3" wheel spacers on back to make wheels flush with widebody kit have 3 sets of different thickness wheel spacers and appropriate nuts to go with different rims to make them perfectly flush will be sold with OEM Coreline 15" wheels, as seen here: http://shop.flyingtiger.ca/index.php?p=product&id=396 Has 175/55/15 and 195/50/15 Vredestein Quatrac-3 all weather tires. Tires are near new, only used them as my "Intermediate" spring/fall tires. Best compromise between handling and comfort IMHO. Also have Toyo GSi5 winter tires in OEM size on OEM Pulse alloys. Barely used for one winter. (have only driven car 4 times in 3 months) Will include: case and a half of Redline Diesel Fuel Catalyst (winter version, can be used year round) OEM front lip second BRABUS front grille (was going to modify it to make a winter grille) second set of vents at base of windshield (was going to modify driver's side by blocking it off for winter use) Passed Ontario etest two months ago. Will be saftied. The car is loud, smelly, and gets a LOT of attention! Especially Corvette drivers on the 401 getting in my way at only 150 km/hr. REALLY sorry to see him go. This will be only place I will be advertising the car, it is way too modified to be appreciated by anyone other than a real enthusiast. And NO, I am not looking to sell parts individually or swap for your stock stuff.
  13. Make sure all your belts are there, especially the one that drives the water pump!!!!!
  14. I have the S-Mann aluminium oil pan with drain bolt. Very, very nice piece. Increases the oil capacity and will keep the oil cooler in summer months. http://www.s-mann.nl/products/fortwo-type-...formance-parts/ Quick search of their page and seems like they may not make it anymore.
  15. DOH!!!! I have no idea, sorry.....
  16. Learn to take the front off. After a while it will take no time at all, and saves a lot of scraped arms/fingers/elbows. Takes me about 4 min to have the front off now.
  17. There is no point in calling the dealers until after you get your letter.........Here at Acura we don't get any official info about recalls until after the letters start going out. Acura will also autoship us the first batch of recall parts to get us going. We have had a couple recalls that we did not know about until the parts showed up.
  18. I would also look for tapered wear on the front brake pads, or a seized slider pin.
  19. RIMS HAVE BEEN SOLD!!!!! Hey all!!! I have not been around much lately......or at all..... Going to be getting rid of the smrt soon, so I thought I would start with selling a few items before we move out of our house and into a condo. I have a set of KNOCKOFF Brabus Monoblock VI in 16" front and rear for a 450 model. Tires are Yokohama S-Drives (summer only) in 175/50/16 front, 205/45/16 rear. The front tires have about 60% tread remaining, the rears have about 40% remaining (did a couple track days last summer) IMHO, these are the BEST looking wheels available for the car. They are in immaculate condition. I usually wash them every week, and give them at least one coat of wax every summer. A nice feature is that they use the rounded seat wheel nuts, not flat taper wheel nuts like most aftermarket rims. So you can use your stock wheel nuts with them. Here is a pic of them on my car: I originally paid about $2000 for the rims and tires. Looking to get $800 for the set. Located in Ottawa. Send me an email if interested........ (also noticed the system still had my old email address which no longer works, have since updated with my current email address) Also, before you ask, the smrt will be replaced with a BMW 135 we are picking up in Germany in the spring. A bit of a change. I will also be entertaining offers on the whole car. Have driven it once in two months. Currently sitting in my garage nice and dry. Another pic:
  20. Toyo has just released a new winter tire option for those of us with a 450. The GSi5. Looks like it will be a very good winter tire. A little more open tread pattern than the Blizzak WS-60, and much softer compound than anything else, except the Blizzak. Just bought a set to try out this winter on Moby. Will be using the stock tire sizes of 145/65/15 and 175/55/15. http://www.toyotires.ca/tire/pattern/observe-gsi5 The parts guys at work here went to a training seminar on these tires, and there is a LOT of tech in them. Supposed to be better than the G02's (which are a very good winter tire), but won't last quite as long. They have a rediculous number of sipes on them. Looking forward to the first snow falls of the year and seeing how they compare to the Blizzak WS-60/studded Hakka 5 combo I was running last year. I have a feeling the Toyo on the fronts will be better than the Blizzak. I was not really impressed with the Blizzak's on the front, they would just plow in any amount of snow. I suspect it was because there was very little openness in the tread blocks, and the tire would just float on a layer of snow. Unfortunately, for those south of the border, these tires are only available in Canada. For anyone interested, I will be selling my old WS-60's (145/65/15) and studded Hakka 5's (185/55/15). They are about 20% worn. Will have exact tread depth measurements and a price in the for sale section soon.
  21. The octane required is mainly just tuning. The manufacturer can pretty much tune the engine for whatever octane they want, unless it is really high compression. They probably could have tuned it for 87 octane, but they obviously decided that tuning for 91 would have some benefits. The price per tank is really minimal. 20L at a 5 cent/L difference is only a buck difference.I have an aftermarket programmer on my truck, and I have a choice between an 87 octane tune or a 91 octane tune. With the 91 tune, I get about 40 extra hp and much better mileage. Actually saves me money on fuel, and that is with 150L, $200 fill ups. I will only put Shell91 in the tank. But that is also because it does not contain ethanol, which is bad to use if the vehicle sits for extended periods. I usually only fill up every other month or so.
  22. VW is able to get a 7 speed DSG in their L1 concept.... http://www.insideline.com/volkswagen/l1/20...kswagen-l1.html Would make a HUGE difference in acceleration times, and would shift fast enough that the turbo would not loose boost, again making the car that much faster with the max power it has. I bet if you had a similar 7 speed DSG in a 450, it would knock about 5 to 8 secs off 0-60. Like I said, if the new car does not come with a real tranny like a DSG, I would not even consider it. If I wanted a CVT, I would buy a snowmobile. HA HA!
  23. The 15" Corline with 175/195 are a huge improvement over stock. I have a set with the Quatrac3 "all weather" tires from Eddy that I use as my spring/fall tires. And they don't ride nearly as rough as the 16" Brabus wheels with 175/205's.