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  1. Every car i have driven with a CVT is horrible. It just ruins any sense of fun. Put a 6 or 7 speed DSG box in there, and it would transform the car!!!! Manual tranny with near instantanious gear changes!!!!!The ONLY combination I would even consider would be a CDI with more power combined with a DSG. Anything else and I am looking elsewhere.
  2. Instead of starting several threads about mods to the car, I thought I would just keep a running thread.A pic from last summer:Here are some pics after the Michalak fender install (very grainy I know) and install of 45mm spacers in rear, 10mm spacers in front, but before the H&R Cup Kit was installed:And some pics after the suspension install:Next up is removing the EGR valve and FINALLY installing the new exhaust. Then I have some time booked with a real photographer, so I can have some non-cameraphone pics of Moby.
  3. Awesome! What model is it? Looks like an LX 150? I ride a GTS 300 Super, love it!
  4. Ignore the FE for the first 5k to 10k. The car is still breaking in.
  5. Bingo. Custom options and extras usually detract from the price if anything.If selling a used car, and nobody is even calling, there can only be one thing wrong. You are asking too much. $9k does seem a lot for a 2006.
  6. LOL! Have been offered a position at MB a couple times, no thanks, way too much electronics diag and work, and that never pays well. Although, it seems that is all I am doing these days anyways thanks to the current MDXs. Thank you made in China and Mexico wire harnesses, what a nightmare of repairs. In my previous 12 years I have never had to replace an engine or body wiring harness, in the past month, I have had to do four. The ML is kinda like our CDI's I suppose, replacing an $8k motor on a car worth about $5k.
  7. Have
  8. Well, new they are $100k, looks like you can get a 4 year old one for under $50k.
  9. I am with you. Makes me think when our sister MB dealer's service dept is so busy they are booking three weeks ahead right now, and here at Acura, we don't even have enough business to last us half the day, the same as at our sister Honda, Toyota and Subaru dealers. Was at MB picking up some parts (yet again) and they were telling me a customer horror story. Customer bought a used ML63 AMG. Driving it from Montreal back to Ottawa, oil light came on, engine seized. The bill to replace the engine was $71,000!!!!!!! Not such a good deal after all....
  10. Yes, even with my power moonroof, my rearward visibilty is reduced to only what is 20' behind me, and even then, I am only seeing headlights.
  11. When I say 17 PSI, that is 17 PSI gauge pressure, so that is what he should be seeing under full load/full boost with a mechanical gauge. The Scangauge is showing 31.5 PSI absolute. So 31.5 PSI absolute - 14.5 PSI atomospheric pressure (as measured by MAP sensor on car today) = 17 PSI gauge.The boost must be measured with a load on the engine, you won't get much just reving the engine in neutral.
  12. I had removed the water lines quite a while ago.
  13. Accelerating on the highway I see 17 PSI.
  14. Well, the past week saw two separate failures.First off was two of the front brake pads separated from the backing plates due to corrosion. I had EBC Red pads installed. This caused one of the front wheels to intermittently lock up as the pad material jammed between the rotor and caliper bracket. Luckily I had a spare set of front brakes (OEM rotors and another set of EBC Red) sitting at work ready to go. The pads still had about 40% life left when this happened.The second failure less than a week later was the EGR crossover pipe from the turbo to where the EGR valve used to be. I had not gotten around to removing the pipe and replacing it with a block off plate yet. I just had it capped at the valve end. It was a stress fracture due to vibration, so if you remove the EGR, you WILL have to remove the cross over pipe before it breaks.Well, let me tell you, the car makes a hell of a racket when this breaks off, I thought I had punched a hole in the block with a broken rod!!!! Limped the car back to work with the exhaust coming out of the hole and no boost.Both of the bolts on the remaining flange were of course rusted so bad they could not be removed with a torx drive, and it is in a very inaccessible place. Had to remove the entire turbo/exhaust manifold to gain access to it. Luckily, removing the turbo is actually quite easy (as long as you have access to a set of torches) Made a block off plate using the old flange. Threaded the inside hole and found a large bolt to thread in there and then grind off the excess. Sorry, no pics of the repair as I was extremely pressed for time.So, back on the road again, we will see for how long this time. Hopefully more than a week.
  15. If you are looking for a proper dash mount mirror. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/group.asp...ID=MIRRORSPACTR Not sure how much you are going to see with it like that though. Also, if your side mirrors are adjusted properly, there is no need for the extra convex mirrors on the side to eliminate the side blind spots as there will not be a blind spot.
  16. I am running the Yoko S-Drive on both my summer rims, and my GF's summer rims. Highly recommended. A very good tire for the price.The Direzza are horrible tires. I have NEVER seen a set that were NOT scalloped to hell on the inside edge.
  17. Except SAAB does not exist as a company anymore........
  18. When I did my glow plugs, I called BERU directly and they sent me a tube of the special glow plug grease.
  19. Nope. Installed them on my own car. Plugged them in and they worked right away. Maybe you have a bad switch? Do you have the ignition on?
  20. Get out the tinfoil hats! That reminds me, my brother in law found a pump that when you are pumping very slowly, the pump would not register! So, he was able to fill his F150 for $5. It does go both ways!
  21. We had a 450 at our body shop that had a broken vacuum line going to the brake master. No codes, just a REALLY hard brake pedal, it was quite difficult to actually stop the vehicle. If you have a leak, it may take a while for the master to build vacuum. Sounds like you may have a crack in that line maybe?
  22. Yes, mine wore through two layers of aluminium at the sides.Mike: My production date is 09/06
  23. Could be just the ABS doing its thing.
  24. Not sure, will have to check. It is one of the very last ones built though. It is an 06 that I bought in 07, and was the second last car to be sold at the dealer I got it from. The VIN ends in 6J313251 if that helps.