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  1. They will not enforce a recall based on what people say on the internet. You MUST file a complaint via the website. If there is a recall, it has nothing to do with MB wanting to do it or not. A recall means it is mandated by Transport Canada for safety reasons.I wonder if they are looking into all the side airbags deploying when hitting a bump in the road as well??!??!?!?I filed a complaint about my door latches seizing.
  2. Tires have been sold. Selling my winter tires from last year. Front tires: 145/55/15 Blizzak WS60. Tires have 8/32" tread remaining. Rear tires: 185/55/15 Nokia Hakkapelitta 5. Tires have 8/32" tread remaining. Note: These tires are not the proper size for the vehicle (normally 175/55/15), so they are a little wider and a little taller than stock. They are also STUDDED! These may not be legal where you drive. So don't come to me afterwards and tell me I did not warn you.......LOL!!!!!! Asking $100 for the set. Would prefer local pickup/delivery only, as shipping tires is kinda pricey without a corporate account. I am located in Ottawa. PM is the best way to get hold of me.
  3. Tires have been sold.
  4. I have been driving without any kind of muffler for about 2 years now. And the car passed it's emissions test without it too!
  5. Glad to be of service!
  6. Well, not from anyone here...... but they are replaced often enough on non-remapped cars that when I called my dealer and asked for a price, he said they always have SEVERAL in stock.
  7. You need to buy the complete wiper first, from then on, only the refills.I have tried pretty much everything on the market.I now use OEM Honda blades on; the smart, the GF's Civic, the Suburban, and even had them on my Mazda3.
  8. Those are the complete wipers. The refills are just the rubber portion of the wiper.The complete wiper is #16 in the picture, the refill is #17 in this pic.https://www.hondapartsdirect.com/index.php?...DSHIELD%20WIPERThe rubber portion just slides out, you transfer over the two stainless reinforcement strips to the new refill, and slide it back in. Looks like they have the refills for under $4.00, and that is the part of the wiper that actually wears out. So for $3.81, you essentially get a new wiper each time. I keep spare refills in the car, and change them at the slightest amount of streaking.
  9. Time for my yearly wiper rant... LOL!The best traditional wipers I have ever used are Honda OEM blades.Get two drivers side wipers from a 2005 Honda Civic. Fit perfect and you can buy refills for $7. The frames will last many many many years.
  10. Hmm, I retract my statement. I guess I never downshift without my foot on the gas, tried it this morning, and with my foot on the brake, the computer does not rev match it. And yes, I always lift when up shifting, makes for a faster shift.Seems I am just one of the lucky ones with a clutch friction disk that was sticking to the splines. According to the shop foreman at my dealership groups MB dealer, this is pretty common, and will kill a clutch in no time. He said there is a bulletin about it, and when replacing the clutch, a special grease must be used to prevent it from sticking again.
  11. The computer will "blip the gas" to rev match if you are on the accelerator pedal or not in my experience.
  12. For something that is so cheap and easy to replace, yet so critical for the car to start, I would recommend replacing them every couple of years as preventative maintenance. That is why they call it preventative maintenance.
  13. Did another oil change yesterday with Motul 5W40, will be sending a sample off to Blackstone to see how well this stuff works. While I was under the car, noticed a couple of things that will require my attention.Noticed the intercooler now has the famous leak, so will have to replace that. Also found the left axle seal is now leaking and will require replacement, and the car has also developed an oil leak near the turbo somewhere, so will have to clean it up and pinpoint the exact cause.So all that on top of the worn outer tie rod end, worn right upper strut bushing, and a clutch that is about to fail (the last clutch adjustment put the actuator right at the end of it's adjustment) means I am going to have to spend a couple grand fixing this car yet again.Man, this is getting really annoying, and I am only at 109k km.
  14. Yup, I love driving my car in the snow. Although, it would be nice to have heat in the winter. Luckily heated seats will be going in soon. Although, wind chill makes no difference on how the car starts, only the ambient temperature matters.
  15. Do what you want, just remember, what you see is the ASKING prices, not necessarily what people are getting for them.
  16. You will never get retail for a trade in. The dealer will only offer for a trade in, what they can either get for the vehicle at auction, or turn around and sell it at a decent profit. A smart at a Fiat dealer is most likely to go to auction, so they will only offer you a wholesale price.
  17. Ya, unlikely for 'murricans to get this car, where the biggest vehicle for the least amount of money is the main criteria.Apparently, sales of the 500 in Canada are greater than the entire Mini brand combined! At least in Canada we get it.
  18. This is not me (YET! ) But thought it was an awesome pic of a smart!
  19. What kind of tires do you have installed? What is their tread depth?
  20. What part has failed? Just the heating element or the cable that runs through the car? They are available seperately.
  21. Too stiff is not good. Although, technically that is not "bump steer" Bump steer is when toe angles change in the front of the car as the suspension travels up and down. It is the result of the tie-rods not travelling in the same arc as the suspension, often a result of lowering a car too much without changing the height of the outer tie rod ends.They are marketing the Abarth to those of us that do track days as well. Unfortunately, the rear will probably be a little stiff for the street, and way too soft for the track. On my racecar, the car came from the factory with rear springs that were only 143 lb/in, the stiffest "race" spring set you can get for the car nearly doubled that to 280 lb/in, and was too stiff for street use. I am using springs for racing that are 1000 lb/in, nearly 800% stiffer than stock. To be fast on the track, the rear must feel unstable and loose.
  22. Yes, apparently, ours will be getting Konis fancy new FSD struts in the front. Dual valve dampers with seperate low speed and high speed valves.http://www.koni.com/58.htmlEveryone I know who puts these on their vehicle loves them. And talking to a Koni Engineer, these really are as good as the hype.
  23. And was just told this by someone on another board: Must find out more!
  24. Actually, we get the better version of the engine here than the Europeans surprisingly! Our Abarth engine will be the MultiAir engine, where the SS in Europe is based on the non-MultiAir version. May make tuning changes that much better!
  25. http://www.automobilemag.com/auto_sh...ook/index.html Well, it has been officially released.... 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth Engine: Turbocharged 1.4-liter I-4 Power: 160 hp @ 5500 rpm Torque: 170 lb-ft @ 2200-4000 rpm Drive: Front-wheel Transmission: 5-speed manual Curb weight: 2533 lbs Sounds VEEEEERY interesting..... They also anouned a plug in hybrid Gucci version.