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  1. Yes I put 205's on the front as well. Yes I put 205's on the front as well. Yes I put 205's on the front as well. Yes I put 205's on the front as well. Yes I put 205's on the front as well. ........... see: http://www.clubsmartcar.com/index.php?showtopic=11869
  2. Well, the 205/40/16's are on the car on all four corners.First off, they are on the rims, and mounted on the car.Second, they do not rub anywhere, even at full lock and over large speed bumps.Third....DO NOT DO THIS!!!!! Do not mount a 205/40/16 on a 16x5.5" rim. The tire is stretched within an inch of its life. It is the hardest tire/rim combo I have ever installed (and that includes NSX's) The tire is so pulled in that the outer 1" of the tire on both sides is not touching the ground while going straigt, and actually makes the tire a full inch narrower than the unmounted tire. If you pay someone to do this install, you will never be allowed back to that shop. Now that that is off my chest...... I have no idea how I am going to get the tires off the rims, I may actually have to cut them off. So, in the spring I will be looking for some 185/50/16's or something similar. The 185's will probably look the exact same width as the 205's because they will be sitting properly.The good news is the rims/tires look AWESOME...will have pictures to follow soon.PS: I mentioned before that a 195/45/16 MAY fit on the front because the diamter is only 0.4" larger that the OEM's. After installing the 205/40/16's I realize that there is absolutely no extra room. While going straight, I can barely fit a finger in between the tire and the font body work.
  3. Well, I think I may try 205/40/16's at all four corners. The narrower front rims will pull the sidewalls in and effectively make it a narrower tire, so I am not worried about maintaing less traction in the front compared to the rear. And the diameter is exactly the same as the stock fronts of 145/65/15's, and a hair smaller than the stock rears (0.2"). So the only rubbing issue will be from the width, not the diameter.And if they rub the front fenders, well, I will have a spare set to go on the rear...LOL. And I will have learned what will not fit....
  4. People do realise that the pricing on a car really has nothing to do with how much it costs to build the thing? It is mostly what the market is willing to pay that determines the price. Americans are not willing to pay as much for an overgrown golf cart that we all enjoy.
  5. Man, I was just in Paris, and I must have easily seen THOUSANDS of 451's during my stay. It has to be the most popluar car on the road there already. Different world.........
  6. Saw a ton of them while I was in France last month. They look good coming at you, but the side profile leaves me a little cold. I wouldl still drive one if given the chance. Although, if you are in Paris, and you want to blend in, you have to drive a Smart 451. They were easily the most popular car on the road.
  7. A quick little aside about Nitrogen for tires...I am an Acura dealer tech. We received a bulletin from Honda a couple of months ago stating that Honda's official position is that Nitrogen in passenger cars tires is useless, and no dealers should be advocating it's use or selling it. It is only usefull for aircraft and racecar tires.This has also been my own personal opinion as well. Using Nitrogen is pretty much the same as using really dry air, and all shops have driers on their air systems...so..... Plus, MOST so called Nitrogen filling stations just take normal air and pass it though a drier, and call this dry air as "Nitrogen" If you don't see a tank of compressed Nitrogen being used to fill the tires, they are probably just using dried air.
  8. I just don't want to have to slow down for corners anymore..
  9. Hey, Cool. I have actually driven one of these things....the M.O.T. had one, and I "arranged" to take one for a spin...
  10. Hey, Cool. I have actually driven one of these things....the M.O.T. had one, and I "arranged" to take one for a spin...
  11. I am looking for a North American source for wheel adapters to convert the smart 3x112 to the Merc. 5x112. Any ideas? I already have a new set of wheels for the car, and just need a way to put them on (talk about putting the cart before the horse ) I will be in France next month, so I may just pick up a set while I am there, but I have a nice set of 16's with new 195/40/16 Yoko S-Drives just ITCHING to go on the car before I go.... To show what I mean, here is what Evilution has to say: Look under "3 to 5 stud converters" http://www.evilution.co.uk/index.php?page=modpage
  12. Actually, the only way it would work is if the entire vehicle was submerged in an electrolyte. It doesn't work in automotive applications, it is only usefull on ships (below the water line in salt water), pipelines and oilwells.
  13. Damn you and your logical approach!! How can we bench race with actions like that... ha ha
  14. OK, simple thermo stuff.....The cooler you make the air charge into the motor, the denser the air is. This means you get more mass of air going in, which means more power (with the right amount of fuel). A percentage of the power you make is turned into heat (which goes into the cooling system), and since you are making more power, more heat is going into the cooling system, so...The car will run HOTTER with the intercooler duct in place.
  15. Mercedes is looking into getting me the instructions soon (fingers crossed). I have no problem playing around with it as I am an Acura dealer tech, and can use my own hoist in the evenings and Saturdays. I have only had the car for two weeks and 1000 km and have already had the front end off 5 or 6 times LOL. The front subframe comes out SOOOOOO easy, it's rediculous.Will report back as soon as I have it figured out.
  16. Actually, they are not supposed to be attached like that. Both of the accessory horns come with a bracket (only one was used in the photos) plus the third bracket. I believe the horns are supposed to be installed up beside the condensor (which is why the wiring pigtails are so long) This would put the horns right beside the front grille, and would make them considerably louder than using them in just the stock location.
  17. Speaking of horns..... I just picked up the Smart accessory horn kit (Fanfare Horn???!???) and it does not come with intstall intructions. Anybody here installed a set and have access to the instructions? The kit replaces the orginal horn with dual horns that look just like the one installed by Hannala. The dealer is being very little help for me. Even the Evilution.co.uk site is not quite right (he does not use all the proper brakets???!??!?) http://www.evilution.co.uk/index.php?page=...;men=Electrical
  18. Um, you do realise you bought a Smart right?
  19. There is not much new to this. All cars have a 20% reserve volume to account for expansion as the fuel warms up. Fill up this 20% and let the car sit in the sun and you run a good chance of exploding the fuel tank. My race car (92Civic) has a 45 liter tank, but for races over 45 minutes (my car uses 1 liter/minute on track) we just jack up the side of the car with the filler neck, and we can get a total of 65 liters into the car, just enough to last 1 hour without caution flags. We won't fill it up this way to just before the race starts becuase if you let the car sit in the sun like that you can hear the tank popping and stretching as it warms up....kinda scary.
  20. That cable is not meant for a heater per se. It is meant for a battery blanket when the block heater cord is plugged in. That is why this cable goes to right beside the battery.
  21. The Silverstars are a lower quality bulb. Switch to a higher quality bulb like PIAA's (these run about $120/pr) and you won't have that problem.
  22. Just picked up my new Fortwo on Friday and had a spare set of PIAA Extreme White H7's sitting around. Only took me about 15 minutes to pull off the front panel and install the new bulbs. Very worthwhile upgrade BTW.