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  1. How's everyone doin'!We've been working on a crazy project here at work for the past month and it *should* finish up today! WOOHOO... I wouldn't mind popping in for a beer on my way home. I won't be there by 6, though. Perhaps 15-30 minutes later depending on weather and if I get out of here on time. And I have some news for you, Glenn...1. smart142-Glenn (WANTED)2. Cheese4-Melissa (I'll be brave...missed it last year due to snow storm)3. DR MAP - Cliff and Alberta4. Danny5. Smartnhappy-Bill6. wee dsl (Nelson&Marg)7. Smarting & Phyllis8. The Lurker & Cha Cha9. Banks
  2. The station where I fill up has two diesel pumps. If I go in for a fill up with 4L left, on one pump, I'd manage 16L out of it. The other pump? 20L. Could be an angle thing. I don't know. But when I get the good pump where I can squeeze in the extra Ls it's not uncommon to hit 200+km on the first blob. Farthest has been about 230km. Most calculations end up in the 3.5L/100km mark.
  3. I would agree with that. I can count the number of idiots I've encountered on one hand. Everything else has been praise or inquisition.
  4. Just say nothing. There's nothing you can say that would cure them of their ignorance with respect to the car. Just let them be. Don't feed Bubba One-inch and his brethren.I will answer questions that people have. I will tell people how happy I am with the purchase of the car when asked how I like it. I will not defend the car to some chaw spitting backwoods hick who's very manhood seems to be threatened by the mere existence of such a car. Throwing a barb their way after such a stupid statement would only egg them on further.Playful jabs at my car, I'll play with... the "Where's the other half" and whatnot. But I would draw the line at someone telling me I look stupid. I don't need to justify what I do with my money to anybody (okay, maybe my wife ) and I know that I am exceedingly happy with the purchase of my smart and that's all that I really give two squirts about.
  5. I see what you're saying. It's early and I'm slow. I'm *guessing* that you would just have to not count the next fill if it was different from the previous.
  6. The Superfill doesn't affect your fuel economy, just how much farther you can go on that tank since you manage to get more fuel into your car than normal. Superfill all you want, if you go balls out on a major highway at 140 with the A/C cranked, you're not going to get sub 4.0 numbers.
  7. I've got just over 40K kms on my smart in just under 1 year. I've had precisely zero problems. Not a single glitch or repair needed. My buddy who bought a Mazda a few months before I picked mine up has had his car in numerous times for repairs.While I know that my case may be the exception rather than the rule, this car has served me very very well. I've never been so happy with a purchase.This thing has been a workhorse for me and it has exceeded all expectations that I had for it going in. Mind you, to me, a car is about function and practicality. I don't need a car that can go from 0-100 in 2 seconds, so the smart's laborious climb from 0-100 is about as unimportant to me as it's inability to travel at twice (or more) the legally posted speed limits on our 400-series highways.I bought this vehicle needing something that would get me to work and back each day (170km) in the cheapest possible way. The fact that it did it in an environmentally friendly way (recyclability, low emissions) was icing on an already sweet cake.
  8. I surpassed the 40K km mark last week. I'd wager that I'm averaging about 120km/day so far. I'm also 29 days away from my one-year anniversary of picking up grey from the dealer.
  9. The wedding went wonderfully... a good time was had by all, and as I type this, I'm moments away from leaving our place to head to the airport and then we're off to the Mayan Riviera. I forget the name of the resort we're going to because it's a weird name... but we're excited. Have a good week, everyone!
  10. You just *had* to add that, didn't you! I've been stellar at the first one. You might say I've been doing that first reminder too well as I've gotten in hot water for not contributing to ideas enough. Hard to get excited or have an opinion on floral arrangements when the wedding I had in mind was her and I eloping in the Caribbean. After I lost that *ahem* discussion, I told her I would just follow your third piece of advice... and then I get in trouble for that. Women! (I KID!) Thanks for the well wishes.
  11. Is there going to be a meet-up tonight? If so, let me know... I'd like to hit it. My last smart meet as a single man. Though Grey is a filthy mess right now and I doubt I'll have time to gussy her up in time so I'll put her off to the side. She'll understand.
  12. Hey everyone... thanks for the replies. Sadly, it doesn't look like we'll be going the smart route. It would've been fun, but there were some snags in the planning of it all among some other problems. Thanks for the offers (and considerations) nonetheless. It is very much appreciated. I've also been late getting back to this as because of a flurry of late issues that we've needed to work out. The wedding is this Saturday. So it's been hectic.
  13. The New Zealand Herald is running a story about a NZ firm that has successfully made bio-diesel from "wild" algae (not grown in a lab). This is pretty awesome news. They expect to be able to produce 1 million litres of the fuel by April. Sure that's a drop in the bucket as far as our world consumption goes but it certainly seems to be a great resource that lends itself to generating much more than that and with environmental BENEFITS rather than drawbacks.
  14. That really is one ugly lookin' conversion.
  15. Yet there are times where I'm absolutely taken aback by types of people who admire the car.I've had truckers (the "typical" ones - 2.5 bills, beard, motorhead types) at the Timmy's stop on my way to work hold me up for a good 20 mins checking out my car and asking questions. He thought they were the coolest things on the road.Also here at work I made a support call out to one of the highways stations and the guy who ran the place, a large man nicknamed "Bear", had me pull the car into the garage to check it out. He absolutely loved it. The best part was this was in the winter and there were a couple of the ginormous snow graders in the shop. Quite amusing to see Grey parked beside one of those monstrosities. Wish I had my camera with me at the time.But it goes both ways. Glenn and I also had an interesting encounter with an older gent and his wife yesterday here in London. I believe his last words before leaving was telling us that we were "full of shi*". I'm not exactly sure what that guy's story was.His first words were (after a quick comment about our cars looking like a pair of shoes) something to the effect of his Mustang being 1000x more powerful than our smarts. Then as he was leaving he rattled off something about his 410HP to which Glenn replied that his car was only 10x more powerful than ours. That's when the "full of shi*" line came out as he got into his car and sped off.