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  1. Hi from UK too!Nice Smart, how much did you pay to get a silver Tridion?Also, where in UK?
  2. Another person from the UK! Yey!Hi, you seem to love your Smarts!Hope you enjoy it here.Also, im still a new member, could I be regular members? I did request, but nothing happened...
  3. Nice, White and Silver go well together! Looks weird looking at a left hand drive tho =SAlso, my all weather mats are different.. are they the Smart ones?
  4. How do I add old attachments? http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?act=Atta...st&id=16135 http://clubsmartcar.com/index.php?act=Atta...st&id=16134 Smile
  5. Here's my current wallpaper.My Car on my drive.
  6. Him, I've called him Theo, because of a close friend.
  7. I have downloaded it (first video) and converted it to .avi.Do you know where I could upload it?It's 13mb.
  8. Wow amazing! I will take some pics at Preston Docks with the car if you want to see it now. It's only a 10 minute drive from my house.---Thanks all for you comments! Your all so loving :lol:Like I said before, if you want any other pictures taking, I will try and take them.Thanks againxxx
  9. Hey all.Pictures of the Chrome Pack! Sorry it's abit late and wet, it is Winter in the UK.If you want more, I will gladly get more
  10. Hey Melissa!Hope you have as much fun in your Smart as us! What colour is your 451?
  11. I have power steering on my 451, and it is extremely light steering. I have only driven a 450 without power steering, and it's about 10x harder at low speeds than with power steering.
  12. Aww thanks all!Really Thank you so much! My life is really difficult at the moment. All my thoughts... Anyway...The Chrome pack was fitted today. I will get pictures when its dry, it's been raining all day, so it's really wet.I've washed the car ready for it too! :DThanks again for supporting me and loving me =DAnd I love you all back!xxx
  13. I never wanted to fall out with SPD, I did want to buy from him, because that is the only site I know in the UK.My car is great. Like I said in previous posts, I've always wanted one, and now I have one. It is everything, but more! than I expected.I also like the fact that you are in a little exclusive club, where other Smart drivers look after you, and say hi.Also, I would also like to say thanks for the people supporting me! I love you all very much! <3I will take pics of the car with the Chrome Pack to show you.And once more, Thanks for supporting me.xxx