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  1. Thanks guys!!!PS -> The Soul is amazing! Lost of space for us and 3 baby seats too
  2. So long & farewell...To the happy days. The wonderful memories, and the not so pleasant ones. To the amazing people I've met, feel in and out of love with, and to a car that hasn't failed me through the thick and thin these past 3+ years. So long & farewell. Tomorrow marks the end of a legacy - An end of stares and dropped jaws for this 1PNApod.To Cleo, Jim, Glenn, Rich, Regina, Robert & Beverly, Ian, Cait, Dave and Pam, Matt and Ryan. You are all wonderful people who have impacted my ownership in one way or another and I thank you all for being a positive influence on me during this time. I hope you are enjoy yourselves no matter what car you're driving. Jim enjoy the mini club for Doug & I - we just traded in the mini for a Kia Soul!LONG LIVE THE DIVA INSIDE STELLA XO - Jillian
  3. Who's still kicking around on this site anyways? Stop by and say hello on here - I'd love to hear from everyone again.
  4. Thanks for the info - pet peeve about my interior is people still think it's orange :| BLEH!
  5. Stella is extremely dirty, and still running well... she gives me flack in the mornings but starts none-the-lessPS I really like this interior -- is this normal? Or the cars from the states?http://blog.checkeredflag.com/my_weblog/im...9/launch8_4.jpg
  6. HEY EVERYONE!!!Guess who's still alive and well :DHope everyone is having a safe and relaxing winter - Jillian
  7. 1. smartboy aka James and Skip2. Vroom aka Cleo and Dave3. Blackjack aka Nelson and Guest4. Joanne and Guest5. Judy and Guest6. Steve C and Guest7. Kwaldron8. Bill and Kathy9. Joey and Little Joe10.BitBot & Guest 11. jp12. smart142 (Glenn) and guest 13. Jillian & Craig (avec Stella) Hey, looks like Stella is going to have to dust herself off and show her face this year! Most of your might not know, however, Craig recently sold his blue and black smart. Sad to see it go, but we're completely in love with our new C230 Kompressor
  8. ... ugly winter tires - UGH
  9. Thank Craig - I cleaned the car - Craig took the photo
  10. If I missed the boat... sorry Cleo ... I tried ....
  11. I can't wait for these meet and greats to happen again Mmmm sunshine - James - don't say that s word!
  12. These dates should be interesting - seeing as many people spend this time away from home and with their family. I will have to even pass it by my parents and family to see if I will be able to attend. In the mean time. I'm glad that the cruise is still happening. Lets not forget that setting a date can be a very stressful task and Jim and Cleo have taken the time and are trying to meet their needs, and our needs too. I'm confident that we will have a great turn out. And size really doesn't matter... it's the people that show that you make the most out of it with. Does that makes sense....?If you two need any help - I'm here :DWe just won't leave the highlighting of the maps to the last night this year.....
  13. Retouched- Background removed - and colour levels enhanced. 3072x1728