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  1. Yet another reason I'm ashamed to be American... ugh.
  2. I love Florida.. lol.I lived in California for 18 months... my car remained with Florida plates, Florida Insurance, and I kept my Florida license, for 18 months. The law be damned... it made my car easier to find in a parking lot :DI did get also get a California license because I had to drive work vehicles though... but I never surrendered my Florida license.
  3. I've downloaded ten of them to my ipod, and I'm in the process of converting the other two from FLV to MP4 to get them onto the ipod
  4. oo... that looks cool. I've seen Fiestas and Ka's in Orlando with Mexican Plates and I get jealous that they get these great B cars there.
  5. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!
  6. Ironically, I am willing to wait further should the dealerships become scumbags and add "market adjustments" to the price of the car.
  7. Good thing your smart has steel seatbacks No smart yet $99 deposit done, and I've driven a euro spec smart in St. Maarten several times.I suppose I'll do it in my leased F150 pos
  8. I'm terribly sorry to hear this.This is why as a guideline, I despise car dealerships.
  9. ooooo.. for when a jackass tailgates me"BACK OFF OR I WILL BRAKE SUDDENLY. I HAVE INSURANCE MOFO!"
  10. Not much to add other than HI FROM WINDERMERE! I am almost certain that we'll get a dealer here, as I recall hearing that if you have a major sports team, you'll probably get a dealer. Last I checked, we an NBA team (that finally made the playoffs!!!)Worst case, there should be one in Tampa, which is where some of the random exotics in Orlando come from (Lotus, Saleen, etc)
  11. I'm truly surprised that you can't just drive it to Ontario on the original owners plates and take care of it like that......although I suppose the revenge I took on the guy from Texas who sold me a lemon is the reason behind that. I drove a Nissan 240SX from Austin, TX to Orlando, FL after the guy had made alots of false representations about it online, and didn't want to come home empty handed. He claimed the car was never smoked in... it smelled like a humidor that caught on fire.Anyway, on the drive from Austin back to Orlando, I ran through every single toll and set off every traffic camera I could see while using his plates His lie bit him in the ass
  12. But after spending the past 18 months looking at DOT, EPA, and possibly CARB in the eye, I don't wanna import something anymore. They're evil evil organizations that need to be done away with.
  13. I don't think you'll have big problem... Phoenix is a fairly large city with large filling stations, and most large filling stations I've seen have at least 1 diesel pump. As for I-15, just follow the truckers
  14. Time to revive this thread... I saw a TVR Tuscan today wearing lovely british plates. That is a MEAN sounding car, even from 2 lanes away. I thought it wanted to suck in me into its intake and spit me out.Dead freakin' sexy though.. shame they went bust
  15. I've leased a pickup for a year because I'm doing a lot of work around the house, and renting one when I needed it became expensive. It seems to me like all of the manufacturers are giving up on their small pickups. The GM offerings are rubbish, the Ford Ranger/Mazda Bwhatever was obsolete 10 years ago, the Nissan is questionable, and the Toyota Tundra is too damned expensive to lease. I ended up going with the cheapest F150 available because there really wasn't much of an alternative
  16. I'm not sure how it works in Canada, but here, with the owners permission, you can drive it home on their plates, and just simply mail them back once it's registered/titled properly. Or apply for a transit plate.I'm sure there's more red tape involved than just that, but my suggestion
  17. If there's a market adjustment when it's time to get mine, I won't buy it and take my $99 back Plain and simple... my friends who bought Lancer Evos when they came out in the US market held off because dealers were charging $10k markups... same on the new Mustang and new Mini.I'll wait if it comes to it.. I've waited long enough, another few months won't hurt me.
  18. Saludos! It's been a while :)I've been busy... with a layoff, and then a new job which involved a ton of a travelling, to getting reassigned out west, and back to Florida within a month... plegh.Sorry it's been so long.Time to catch up.. I reserved my smart, and I'm looking at a replacement for my 1 year VW Rabbit lease (I'm thinking Saturn Astra) and a replacement for my Sentra (I'm thinking Mitsubishi Lancer GTS). I'm working for Starwood hotels now, and I've started grad school (boo!). I managed to sneak into Canada (Quebec City specifically) for a long weekend earlier this year... such a beautiful city. I'll be in Victoria, BC in May, and once again in September (thank you Alaska Airlines for making a fare mistake )Lastly... there is presently a BC Plated Fortwo in the valet section of my hotel's parking garage. Would I burn in hell too badly if I were to... move it
  19. Orange Lake is one of Orlando's original time share resorts... it's a rather good resort though
  20. already done, and done... I spent a good hour chatting him up today. He works for the Electronic Arts design hub in Vancouver and has been relocated to the Orlando design hub. He's staying at my hotel for 90 days on EA's dime till he gets an apartment. We are actually gonna hang out tomorrow evening and go out for drinks
  21. Guest Relations Manager for an Orlando Starwood Hotels Franchise
  22. definitely! I don't know how long I'll have available both times. Alaska Airlines made a booboo, and it was $220CAD for business class... that's out the door, taxes and everything. I couldn't pass it up, especially since one of my hobbies is mileage running (ie- flying the most random itinerary possible for the most miles... in may, I am flying MIA-SBA 7 times round trip strictly for miles)The first visit I'll have the evening I arrive and the morning/afternoon of my departure. I believe I put 2 days in the middle on the second visit :)Ironically, I flew to Quebec City on another mistake fare ($135USD).. I love em. I'm gonna go to Guatemala first week of may because the airfare was $85USD
  23. So Iain... when you come back to FL, I must show you Disney's fleet of KEI Trucks & Vans they use :)Most were converted (or specially ordered) as LHD, but are identical to the JDM counterparts