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  1. ^^^Reason being, I was driving today and saw a Fortwo with BC plates being towed by a Saturn Vue, also with BC plates... IN FLORIDA.That's my question
  2. ugh.. trucks. How do you think I feel? I live in Florida, where we have branded dealerships that only sell trucks.Heintzelman's Ford Truck Center. Want a car? Go somewhere else.Gibson Truck World. The best in new and used GM, Chevy, Dodge, and Ford trucks!Then again, there is a Ford F150 parked in my driveway But thankfully, it's not mine
  3. MB USA is more than likely trying to keep the brands apart as to not "cheapen" Mercedes
  4. Yeah... that was today, right in front of my office. I saw the whole thing. The Scion involved was an xA which is essentially a Yaris. Both occupants were killed . Broadsided at 65moh at a green left turn arrow when a Tundra ran a red light. The lil Scion looked like the letter 'V' afterwards.
  5. alrighty... I'm going to the grocery store on Saturday, I'll let you know what I find. Anything else you need from the states? Overpriced and overregulated prescriptions perhaps? How about some of our smelly green cash?
  6. hrmmm.. that explains why my insurance quote on an xB was higher than I expexted.
  7. $48k for that?!?!?!?No.NO.NO NO NO.No can do.No, in fact never.Hell No.Fahuck no!Good god no.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!On a scare of one to NO... no.If it was that or no, no.If it was that, or shoot myself in the foot, shoot myself in the foot. The medical bills should be less than $48k. No.Non (French)Nein (German)Nag ydy (Welsh)Nyet (Russian)Bu (Chinese)Iye (Japanese)Hindo (Tagalog)Neen (Dutch)Nej (Danish)how many other ways can I say no?
  8. about a trade?I find these, and you get me Ketchup Flavoured Chips *prepares to go to the grocery store*
  9. I asked my brother his preference, since he has Sirius in his BMW M5 and XM in his Honda Odyssey. For talk, he prefers Sirius - however, for music, he prefers XM. He also thinks that the comedy stations on Sirius are the cat's meow... the bees knees!
  10. Mine is hardwired into the 88.3 frequency There can be a local station (in fact, there is here... Z88.3, christian rock) and the unit overpowers it.
  11. There are several ways of hooking it up into your existing system. I have mine hooked up through an FM Modulator that replaces the 88.3 band
  12. To me, it looks like what a long wheelbase fortwo, or what a fortwo limo would look like.. lol
  13. Nope. Porsche AG owns 27.4% of VWAG, and they share a few components within their SUV ranges, as well as a closely intertwined history... but they're still separate companies.
  14. I have XM and love it
  15. page 20 of the January 07 Motor Trend says.."Senior Board Members confirm Audi is working on a diesel version of its new R8 Porsche-fighter in the aftermath of its historic 2006 Le Mans win with the diesel-powered R10 racer."
  16. That car makes me feel happy :)Anyone have a few hundred grand US to lend me?
  17. 26 states allow first cousin marriages....all allow secondi am a great French mama taught me*hurls*A friend of mine wanted to get married in the blue ridge mountains... so off to West Virginia we went. That was the first mistake. Anywho, I went with him to pick up his marriage license from the courthouse... yeah, they asked him if he was a sibling of his fiance... TWICE.That was spooky.
  18. What if she's only my cousin because of marriage... I do live in the south after all
  19. A Loo is a nickname for my cousin Lauren. Excuse now whilst I go use the Lauren..
  20. The dive boat I usually dive from has 2 heads... it's swanky
  21. my freaking god... this sounds like when I had my rotors resurfaced on my 4Runner back in PR.I can totally empathize with ya Cait... give the jerks at Crappy Tire hell for ruining your friday!
  22. I hurl at both... at least a Bloody Mary can clear up a stuffy nose.Me, I'm a Vodka-tonic kinda guy
  23. So there were no sinks in the rest rooms? :PThe only place I hear "lavatory" these days is on motorcoaches. "Water Closet W/C" sounds weird.Lavatory... can't forget about aeroplanes W/C... that's what most hotels refer to a toilet as when putting in maintenance calls
  24. Personally, I call it the pooper