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  1. This years website isn't up yet... only last years. Still gives you an example of the event.
  2. I'll definitely be at HHN this year... whether as a guest or actually working it. I might give active backup availability to renew my ID for another year. I work 1 day minimum, and in turn I get the $40 or whatever I get for 1 nights work and I also get my ID activated for another year so I don't pay to get in there, Sea World, and Busch Gardens
  3. didn't mean to scare you cait... I should've mentioned, in the bottom pic, that's me and Erik Sprague, the Lizard Man
  4. ahh.. ok. I might be working HHN this year if I have the free time. Prior to last year, I was a stiltwalker or scareactor every year for HHN, but I had a fulltime job last year that made it impossible to. Me, 2 years ago and 3 years ago prior to that, no pics I'll PM you my number closer to the date if you're interested... I have quite a few connections in both WDW and UO to make a vacation more... special.. lol
  5. I ended up not taking Rich. If you're in town Iain, say the word. You're overdue for Expedition Everest anyway
  6. awesome Rich. If you have free time, I have some comped theme park passes for Universal Orlando and a friend that can sign people in for free at the Disney parks. If anything, consider it a chance to get a photo of the smart with spaceship earth in the background.. lol
  7. howdy howdy! My new roommate in Florida is originally from PEI. lol
  8. Rich... prepare for a high of 91 Fahrenheit on Monday
  9. I look forward to meeting you and your smart in the flesh Rich. Like I posted before, you should take your car into Celebration, FL, just because they already have microcar parking.. lol
  10. I ***heart*** the M3 CSL.... my favorite car of all time (well... any M3 really). Anywho... look in the background of the photo, far right. I've lived in Europe before.. why, OH why would anyone there want a Chevy Avalanche?!?!?!
  11. Rich... you should find a way to attend Bike Week somewhere with the pocket bike and the smart.. lol
  12. I called G&K about this a while back, and the car can't be modified to meet CARB requirements. However, you can register it in Oregon/Washington/Nevada and drive it back. Out of curiousity, where in the city are you? I lived in North Beach for quite some time. Nothing. There aren't any headed for California, or any of the other states requiring CARB standards/Cali Emissions A sample of what might need to be altered... New windshield/glass all around, headlights, taillights, exhaust system, catalytic converter, 5mph bumpers, door buzzer, and a US/UK Speedomete (Big MPH. little KPH, or a switch to flip from one to another)... not too sure about the odometer. There are smarts in the US, and not many of them are here legally. Most of the smarts in the US, if they're caught by US CBP, EPA, DHSMV, or Carb, will either A- If they owner is unlucky, crushed or sold at auction for pennies on the dollar, or B- If the owner is lucky, they will allow them to export it and recoup most of their money. The brit however shipped his car to Florida, and was only bothered by the police twice. Florida is the US Capital of grey market cars, as the several smarts holding both FL and Foreign Registration show, the many Foreign Registered European Market cars, and the oddball JDM car that I see on local roads. If this was in California, and you had an obviously noncomplying foreign car holding foreign registration, you would be on the side of the road with the Chippies every day. see these cars? Only two of them are in the US legally
  13. W h o a h!! What an amazing website! I didn't know they'd done this? Does this pretty much confirm a US launch? -Iain They've had it up for some time to gauge interest
  14. Beware of Atlanta traffic... BEWARE! And if you could stop at the Coca Cola factory, try the Beverly ... it'll put hair in placed you didn't know you could have hair
  15. random question... is there a discount on having a smart detailed? I mean, most places I know charge extra for big SUVs, so it would only seem fitting to discount a smart. Just curious
  16. in all seriousness... there was a group of 3 riced out Scion xB's on the freeway tonight on my drive home... driving like total jackasses. I've never been so happy to see 3 cars pulled over.
  17. I was there for an internship in 2001, lived in Chiba. After 4 months there, I bravely tried driving. Parking lot was OK... streets of Tokyo not so much. I do believe my hair thinned a little bit in that experience.
  18. I just thought of another 2 cars on the smaller side for ya... if you're considering the GTI, why not a Honda Civic SI with Sat Nav or a Mazda 3 with Sat Nav? Heck, in all seriousness, most Scion dealers offer Sat Nav as a dealer added option, almost always the Pioneer Avic N1. So maybe a Scion tC, with the sat nav
  19. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the place of manufacture, since even VW's in europe have less than stellar reliability ratings.Somehow though, Skodas and Seats have surpassed VW in reliability
  20. VW = massive reliability issues, and the new GTI hasn't proven that it can get out of that yet. Otherwise, that'd be my choice... I've always loved the GTI
  21. I remember seeing some crazy cars in Tokyo back in 2001... then I'd see a black caddy right behind them. Weird
  22. I usually take a scenic route... lol. Last time, I took 95 north to DC, then I took 66-81-77-85-75-FL Turnpike-4 home. There was nary a cop on the road, and I got to party for the night in Atlanta
  23. I rented a Scion xB just over a year ago as a moving van, since U-Haul was sold out. The only thing I wish it had were fold down rear seats... we had to take a power drill to get them out so I could fit more in it. It swallowed most of my couch though... I had to tie down the last 2 feet or so that hung out, but it carried it without problem. It took all of my electronics and boxes in one trip without fail. And it only cost me $7.50 in fuel for all of the trips back and forth I did.... a Uhaul truck would have cost me more for one trip, and I would have had to pay for mileage. The rental place was pissed when they say how beat the interior was when I turned it in though
  24. Y'see, I don't get this view of 95 you northerners get. For me, there's no other direction to go on 95, but north. And I do really good time... 2.5 hours to get out of FL, 90 mins through Georgia, etc. Most of the police on the way are looking to stop people going southbound... I'm going Northbound.