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  1. That uis a German Plate from Lindau. As for there being a Navigator in Germany. I know that NATO, Great Britain, France and the US have a rather large military presence in parts of Germany. Many of the US and NATO Troops have North American market cars that they either brought with them from back home, they purchased from dealers specializing in North American Market Cars (so they can bring them back after their tours of duty), or they purchased it privately from another soldier. Furthermore, the Navigator is one of the few US vehicles that are regularly imported in the EU by wealthier residents (Navigator, Corvettes, Infiniti FX series, etc)... so while it isn't common, it isn't unheard of to see a Navigator in Germany.
  2. I believe you have to post a bond at the border promising the car will be exported... or the duties to import the car. I'm not 100% sure on what the specifics are. Except the nearest dealer is closer to Arizona Yup. They're essentially LHD Petrol Euro Smarts with a US/CDN/Mex license plate bracket. I've seen Ford Ka's, Mondeos, and several different Chevy badged Opels with Mexican Plates here before... and they're identical to the Euro counterparts, save for the license plate brackets. Temporary vehicle import... it would have to either be converted by J & K within that year, exported after a year, or crushed after a year. I just think Texas allowed for a loophole. I remember seeing a JDM Toyota Previa minivan for sale on Ebaymotors. The van was in Texas, and had Texas plates. People called him and asked him how he did it, he said he exported it for 1 day every 365 days and kept it legal that way. That's too much trouble for most... I suppose if you live close enough to the border, it can have a semblance of practicality, but in a car, it's quicker for me to be in Ontario than it is to be anywhere in Mexico.
  3. 24 hours nonstop driving to Tamaulipas, just on the other side of the border from Brownsville, TX. 32 hours when Scotia Prince decides to restart the ferries from Tampa - Yucatan. That's too impractical for me. When Miami is cleaned up from Hurricane Wilma, I need to get to South Beach and Key Biscayne, where you will find the most Grey Market Cars... and just ask the people in Smarts how the hell they got theirs.
  4. I'm guessing by his name he bought a Mexi Smart and drove it over. Probably registered in Texas with a US Customs HS-7 form (vehicle importation form). Drives is back to Mexico once a year to keep it legal in the US. Now I wish I was closer to the border
  5. yes he was. That's why my family ended up in the states under political asylum. They snuck into France illegally and went straight to the US, British, Australian, and Canadian embassies in Paris. The US was the first one to offer them political asylum, so off they went. Within 5 years, most of my family had left Spain for greener pastures. I still don't, which is pretty sad, since I feel perfectly safe in Florida, and we have so much more crime here than in Spain.
  6. and chance you could scan the article?
  7. 2 quick questions... is the CDN$20 the same price for those of us in the US? and how do I send my payment and to whom?
  8. I generally speak the English language around my house, and Spanish with the majority of my family. I soon will have to learn to speak American, as my girlfriends dad is a Southern Baptist minister from Tennessee and I have to go to meet her family next month. Perhaps I'll go to Beale Street in Memphis.
  9. Mmmm, Canet-Plage, I love that area. Nice beaches! We were _almost_ there a few weeks back, in Montpellier... Most of my relatives in Perpignan are immigrants to Catalunya Nord from when Franco was still in power in Spain. I like the Beaches there as well, but my loyalties go for my Barcelona Tourist Trap Hellhole Lloret del Mar
  10. those are the languages one needs to know to succeed nowadays I'm American, and English was actually the fourth language I learned. I had to work hard to lose my Antonio Banderas accent. I was speaking Catalan first when I was with my parents, then Spanish when I started going to school, then French when I would visit my relatives in Perpignan, FR for the summer, THEN English when my family moved back to the mainland US. I barely spoke any English until I was 11 And then when I moved to Orlando and discovered every other person here is a Brazilian immigrant, now I have to learn Portugese
  11. And they say Americans only speak one language... and not well I speak multiple tongues... and none of them very well I'll give a quickie translation: me: How are ya bud. I live in Florida, but my parents are from Barcelona, and I have dual-nationality. I rented a ForTwo in Barcelona last year through Europcar, and it was love at first site. spainsmart: Hi. Thanks for speaking spanish. It's surprising in these latitudes. MKT, aren't you going to buy a smart? hehe. meL They aren't sold in the US. I'm considering importing one from Mexico, but with the delays and redtape in modifying a mexican smat for US roads, the fortwo will have been released. I'd rather wait... or immigrate to Canada. hehe ARTZ: headache spainsmart: Hi. You're quick mkt!! If you buy it, you won't regret it. I suppose what happened to me was an exception. What I can tell you is that ladies dig these car. My girlcan't wait to see the hour when ours is fixed. Cheers.
  12. I'll bite as well. Who did you kill to get your smart? And which jurisdiction is it registered in? Oh yeah.. WELCOME!!
  13. no se vender en EE.UU... estoy considerando importar uno de Mexico, pero con lo que demora modificar el smart mexicano para uso estadounidense, ya habra el smart americano. Prefiero esperar... o imigrar a Canada. jeje
  14. ?Como estas amigo? Yo vivo en Florida, pero mis padres son de Barcelona, y mantengo doble-nacionalidad. Alquil? un ForTwo en Barcelona el a?o pasado via Europcar, y fue amor en primera vista.
  15. this is Snowflake... my little bundle of furry joy
  16. With all of the trendy green cars in the LA/Orange County area, you shouldn't get THAT much attention... but you will definitely get stares.
  17. As some of you may know, I've been looking at importing a Smart ForTwo to Florida, since A- I live there, B- I live in the Orlando tourist corridor, with some of the highest fuel prices in Florida, and C- the DMV here on more than on occasion has let a Smart slip by and get registered. So I have been doing my homework now... Insurance isn't a problem. I have quotes from Progressive and State Farm, and am in the process of searching through other Insurance companies that specialize in Exotic and Classic cars. Parts and Service won't be a problem either. I've spoken with two local independent Mercedes specialists as well as the shop foreman and they keep a minimal supply of Smart parts in stock for both visiting Canadian tourists and grey market Euro Smarts, and they're willing to do regular maintenance. Now for the pain in the ass part.... G & K automotive conversion, the people whom Zap contracted to federalize the Smart.... I was hoping to get a Canadian spec CDI and have them federalize it. I was under the impression that since Florida requires no vehicle inspections, the car would only require the DOT work done to be legal and not the EPA work... which is not the case. So G&K refuses to even look at a CDI. To further complicate matters, they will only work on 2005+ model year Gas powered Smarts... which means I am going to get even more headaches than I originally intended. Does anyone know if the Gas powered Smarts are available in European Territories and possessions in the Caribbean/North Atlantic? Sorry for the rant... just a bit peeved.
  18. Nope. Just a great BIG earthquake! after 4 hurricanes last year, 2 this year, and experiencing the aftermath of Katrina here.... I say, Bring It On!
  19. lol... perhaps I'll move to BC. Not much of a chance of getting a hurricane there... like I am here right now. Just spent the last hour getting Water, canned goods, candles, batteries for my flashlights, and dog food. I think I'm gonna go to Disneyworld now and look for Canadian smarts in the parking lot
  20. possibly plant cars, used to run staff around?
  21. You won't be the first! I have dual US/Cdn citizenship, and as a registered Democrat, I worked with Democrats Abroad to get out the vote from Americans living abroad. I did speak to several folks who decided to move to Canada after the results of the election in November! I should be able to get in... I speak both english and french fluently (albeit my french grammar is terrible, and my accent is rather funny), I have a bachelors degree, and work for a company that has offices located Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver. Now to get my ass up to the embassy in DC and apply for residency. My worst case scenario (in case of a draft, etc) is my shiny red Spanish passport. I'm a dual US/Spanish citizen, so I can hop on a plane to anywhere in the EU and live there... but I've lived in Spain and in France before, and it's one of those "I like visiting, but I wouldn't want to live there" scenarios. Canada is my first choice for an international relocation. Close enough so those that I love can visit me, no learning a new currency name/language, and I love hockey.
  22. resale on a smart in the US. If I list it in the right area, I could get back most of what i paid. If I don't, no one will know what the hell it is. Who knows... with the current state of everything in the US, maybe I'll just pack up and go up north and buy a smart to drive daily.. lol
  23. You bring a valid point... a very valid point. G&K is willing to modify a MY2006 Mexican smart (petrol euro smart with a US/CDN/Mex license plate bracket) for about $5k US... after adding up all of the costs, I'd be looking at about $26K US to have a fully federalized Mexi Smart in the US. Not that good of a deal in retrospect, when: A- I can get a used Prius for $23k US locally B- The VW Golf TDI exists C- and so does the Mini D- as well as the Scion xA however, out of all of those, I'm looking at 40mpg as my BEST mpg. I want a smart because they are far from common here, and I have always liked stares from unassuming Americans (we're a fun breed at times... that's why I try to disassociate myself from them as much as possible, and use my EU passport as often as possible for travel), not to mention the prospect of 70ish MPG when I have a 60 mile freeway commute is very VERY tempting. Right now I'm filling up about 3 times a week in my Nissan which gets 28 mpg... so I need something better.
  24. I just spoke to a different salesman at the Nuevo Leon... and he has no problem selling to a US Citizen. US $13,600 for a 2006 Passion smart fortwo coup?... and he has every color available on the lot. Now to phone G&K automotive back
  25. I just called 5 Mexico City dealers and 1 Nuevo Leon dealer... and just like in Canada, they have a non-export agreement. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR