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  1. I had to cancel mine due to life circumstances... you're one closer
  2. By the way, this wasn't meant as an insult or anything to instigate. Just a tongue in cheek quip meant to keep things light hearted. I apologize if this was taken the wrong way, and I assure you that I wasn't trying to insult or attack Sorry for hijacking your thread on what is ultimately an important issue [/olive branch]
  3. I just bought a Hummer H2 with a petrol V8.
  4. hehe... nice selections
  5. well, that's awkward... mod, could you merge?
  6. Mine was a 1984 Jeep Cherokee Chief. I got it in 1998, and it was completely stock except for a CD player I added, and a padded roof rack for my surfboard. 2.5L 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual... the 2 door version (yes! A cherokee coupé!) It was the most fun car I have ever owned. Here's a picture of one I found online... the only way it could be more identical would be to remove the front license plate. Seriously, that is my first car's twin
  7. Aren't they great looking? I've seen seeing a black one locally with Dominican Republic plates and think it's one of the sharpest cars for sale anywhere at the moment
  8. Just got off the phone with the PR Revenue Service (ie- tax collector).Import tax, approximately $4,000 for a 451 based on the SF cars VIN.Grey market zap smarts, each one is evaluated individually at the port.She then asked me why I'm importing a car and not contributing to the local economy. I told her that I wanted something more efficient and different to what is presently offered on the island, and that would also be easy to park. The lady then called me a yuppy and that that car is so small, if it goes in a pothole, it will likely be stuck there for good. Then she hung up on me.I am not looking forward to dealing with them when it comes time to pick the car up from the boat.
  9. Happy thanksgiving from all of me, to all of you
  10. Oh, all of it is legal. My grandparents held multiple residences and had assets worldwide. They were EU (Spain and France) nationals, so most of the assets are either in Spain or EU overseas territories.
  11. *throws a tomato at Iain*I'll be there in 3 weeks
  12. I don't see a problem with that one Neither that one, however, say my folks will be supporting me , what would I need then? As for the bank statement, I'm guessing from a US bank, or would a non-US statement (British Virgin Islands, Spain) be acceptable? My inheritance came from various sources due to the various nationalities involved with my grandparents, and I'm still in the process of trying to consolidate it under the US banking system in either Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands with as little tax penalty as possible. Je ne parle pas français actually, NSCAD is on my list If I end up in Nova Scotia, we'll have to go out for a beer.
  13. that's how PR works.. plegh.The 2003 4Runner in my driveway has an excuse tax of $6800 as of today... but that one was purchased locally :)The 2004 Acura MDX in my driveway has an excise tax of $7101 as of today, but that one doesn't belong to me- I'm only the babysitter for it till my cousin returns from Guatemala.Thankfully, my 97 Jetta only had a $750 excise tax when it hit the port... much more reasonable.It seems that the most frequently imported vehicles here are Mitsubishi Montero Sports (their tax is in the $2-3k range, depending on year, trim and equipment level) and the Saturn Sky (which has a $4700 excise tax)
  14. I already filed a complaint... what really pissed me off was, this is the Department of Revenue- they should be thankful whenever someone is calling and basically offering to give them more money. Grrrr
  15. read from post 29 onward. A trip report from someone who was able to get on the flight
  16. That's quite interesting... I like it.Time to get one for me
  17. I was stationed at Roosevelt Roads out by Ceiba. Our favorite restaurant was La Fonda del Callejon in old San Juan. That's where I learned that a Coqui was not just a tree frog. Hope it's still there.ahh... I go surfing out there on occasion. I'll go find out about the restaurant. My place to eat and... err... imbibe is called the Brass Cactus
  18. They will be eventually available from a local dealer... the problem is lack of information and marketing materials on the island.Plus, the way things work here, we won't have a dealer until 2 mos-2 years after the mainland US. With Mini, there were no dealers here until about 2 years after their intruduction in the mainland US, with Scion about 3 months.We don't even have Saturn dealers here yet (although there are quite a few privately imported Skys, and a handful of other models here)As far as ideally suited, fo rme specifically. My studio is in Old San Juan, and this car is perfect for the roads there. They're tiny even by European standards. Thanks! Where were you stationed at? I live about 1/4 mile from Ft. Buchanan.
  19. take pictures! I miss it...and in case you're interested, they have a hidden menu I rowed and played hockey (and my body could handle it), I would have a 4X4 and animal fries daily for lunch.
  20. Regina... in your part of the US, I agree with you. As well as in San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Boston, DC, and most college towns.The rest of the US... specifically those in the cities that fell victim to the GM railway conspiracy back in the 1920's, and Texas , will continue to use their giant SUV's.
  21. Orlando, FL last night. Can't take credit... my friend Paul the Manitoban took it
  22. Been there twice... not much to add other than HAVE FUN!And if you can venture off the strip for about 15 minutes, have an In-n-Out burger for me..I MISS 'EM!!!