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  1. My manitoban expat friend has informed me that the A380 is tanning tomorrow in Orlando
  2. It's an amazing feat of engineering......but it still looks like Baby Huey
  3. I'll be downloading it tomorrow
  4. I noticed that on thursday there was a green theme on NBC, noted also by the Prius in scrubs. Perhaps the smart was also part of that theme and not just clever product placement?
  5. So, anyone catch the african challenge?and the Stig's african cousin.. lol
  6. Toyota said that about Scion when they first came out. That didn't stop dealerships from asking $25k for an xB then.
  7. So it's metrified for you, that's 574.86 kmh
  8. You'll have my dads luck Cait. He just got back from 2 weeks in Ireland. He had reserved a VW polo or equivalent. He was given a VW Touareg TDI since it was all they had left.. wow.
  9. #5 is totally true.. except one of the hands should have a single finger up as well
  10. Yeah... I went to three no-name schools :-/Valencia College for my Associates (i decline to state that one on my resume, so i'll strike it from here on out)University of Central Florida for my BachelorsAtlantic College for my Mastersand I'm quite happy with the education I've gotten thus far, and I'm quite hopeful in what I'll continue to receive. There's only two US institutions I'm considering for Masters #2... and that's pushing it, since it would presently take a complete change in US colonial, foreign, and domestic policies for me to consider staying on US soil much longer. The only US institutions I'm considering are NYU and Stanford... but I'm considering as safety schools (especially with the costs involved with going to school in either place!), as in if I can't go to Canada under any immigrant class, like if I get this letter in the mail."Mr. MKT,No Canada for you!Love,Canada Immigration"
  11. I did two quickie VIN checks and nothing turned up
  12. HMMMMMM.. all this talk about insurance makes me curious about what my Amex Platinum covers, since that's what I typically use.
  13. I'm not much of a jock, I like sports in general. To play, I'll try any sport out, but as a spectator, I prefer Soccer and Hockey. I actually don't care much for baseball except for the Red Sox- they're a religion to us massholes To play, I like playing baseball, soccer, hockey, volleyball, etc
  14. I have the stop sign t-shirt with "BUSH" instead of "Stop"
  15. I'm not quite sure how we pick our president. I lost hope in 2000
  16. I wouldn't consider such a drastic change in my life without doing some research.The only other country that I am thinking of is New Zealand, which I'm basically approved for upon completion of my masters (they have a shortage of digital animators). Big problem with NZ though - distance... DISTANCE... omfg, distance. Not a distance I'd like to move. I'd at least like to share a continent with my siblings, etc;)I am curious about the CDN income taxes... I pay about 37% on my taxable income here in PR, up from 6% in Florida. PR has benefits for foreign income (ie- they don't tax it). I'm specifically most curious about Canadian taxes on foreign income, or ie- how badly will I be scre!ed
  17. Canadian Football is coming to an end mid Nov. It's a subtle bit different from the US game, better in some ways. Lot of us are NFL fans too. In our house, we've been watching NFL since pre-season, we'll be watching on US thanksgiving and right thru to pro-bowl. Pet Peeve: in Canada we don't get to see those high-priced, high powered US commercials for Superbowl!Hmmm... I'm a Patriots fan, so I could dig that. As for the commercials, I brought my US satellite dish to PR so I could keep my channels... that dish could travel with me to Canada
  18. omg
  19. That's right! It's hockey season. Is it football and basketball season too? :DYou forget these things living in the Caribbean... lol. I know baseball season and the UEFA/England/Spain/Argentina football.. err soccer schedules.
  20. That sounds illegal to me
  21. completely random question about the Figaro, but were there any issues with mounting the license plate?
  22. Wait. There's Yankees fans there?Oh well... it'll be fun :)Say I were in a large Canadian city right now and I were to go out to a bar to see the World Series tonight. Would I be cheering for the Red Sox by myself?
  23. I’m definitely interested in the creative side… no law for me. There’s too many attorneys in the world, and my family has done more than its fair share to add to the plague The typical route I know is go to school, move to California, work while going for an advanced degree in So Cal, then continue working for another company. When you personally feel you have your s!!t together, then apply at WDI and pray. I don’t know of a single recent grad to get in with WDI (animation is a different tale). They take the very best. I want to develop professionally in Canada before returning to the states, to California – I don’t want to move to California immediately and become a jaded Californian.In the meantime, I don’t limit myself my skill set includes the major programs (Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Indesign, Quark, Maya, 3DS, etc), most traditional paper mediums (Watercolor, Chalk, Carbon, Pencil, etc), photography, silk-screening/screen-printing, and more. I also have practical work experience with NBC/Universal doing freelance work for WESH-NBC and Telemundo. My personal art style is influenced by cubism and pop-art, and lately I’ve gotten a bit of an infatuation with Soviet-Propaganda Style (to the point that I printed out a batch of about 40 biz cards in various soviet-propaganda inspired designs) I could, but I would need to know more about tax liabilities/consequences in become a Canadian based contractor for a US/EU company. Also, with the US dollar… errr.. stinking, it’s rather attractive for my EU based clients to contract a “US based” contractor. I don’t how billing in $CAD would affect that desirability Great… another big dig I was happy to move to Florida because of that. Honestly, as long as I can get a good dark beer (not Guinness, but maybe a Newcastle), I’ll be happy. Would I get lynched if say… I wore a Red Sox cap during a Toronto-Boston game?
  24. Hehe… there’s quite a few Red Sox fans scattered throughout Canada as I’ve noticed in every single one of my travels north. And my accent could blend in fairly easily in say… New Brunswick <wicked chuckle> As for the warmer climates, I like surfing and theme parks. Not much of a choice to get this bug out of my system. And I also wanted to improve on my Spanish (I think I have) I must note York. I was actually considering applying to NYU for quite some time during undergrad since they offer a dual MFA/MBA program, but being the devout masshole I am, I can’t go to New York Actually, I just didn’t care to go to New York. Older brother #1 did his MBA in Cornell, older brother #2 did his in UMiami, older sister did hers in Columbia, so there’s a pattern of the kids all doing MBA’s, even if they did other postgraduate education (OB1, AA, BA, JD, MBA; OB2, BS, MBA; OS, BA, MBA, PHD). Honestly, my ultimate goal is to end up working as a designer for Walt Disney Imagineering in California, since I’m a total theme park freak. I’m opting for a much different path than those I know who have worked for WDI. Furthermore, I’m just so fed up with the US that I want to take 10-15 years to grow elsewhere before an eventual return to the states. Plus, Canada just rocks. I don’t want citizenship, but I am willing to pay the taxes and contribute to Canadian society. The cities in Canada that would be most conducive to this goal would be T.O. and Vancouver, BC since Disney has a rather decent R&D and creative presence there. Conversely, I have an inheritance spread across several high interest accounts right now would probably start my own studio in a mid-size or larger city close to the US border in order to capitalize on geography like I do here in PR (Most local artists try to get local clients. Since I’m fully bilingual in both English and Spanish, and have passable working French most of my clients here in PR come from St. Maarten/Martinique/BVI and the mainland US, giving them a better deal since I charge standard PR freelance rates in $USD as opposed to the rates that they are willing to pay, and since the service is being exported, I don’t charge taxes for my services to clients outside of PR). I’m aware there’s no shortage of artists/designers in Canada, so that’s going to be an obstacle convincing immigration to allow an artist to immigrate. Perhaps I can attempt to move my business (ie- me) to Canada to gain more points.Hell, who knows. Maybe I’ll move to Canada, meet a nice Canadian girl, and decide to settle down and establish roots there  Apparently, I have relatives in Montreal (I literally just found this out!), so the holidays shouldn’t be too lonely. I’ve got nothing to hide  I appreciate discussion about this, as anything that can give me some insight is of benefit to me.