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  1. My older brother, my dad, 2 uncles, my sisters hubby, and her father in law all have one.That's enough of a reason to opt out of it I gotta be me.I ended up getting a Patek
  2. All are European brands owned by a German Parent Company built using Metric measurements that in the US will have a level of cachét unattainable with a domestic brands?
  3. I’m a US citizen…. Lol. Why would I wanna immigrate there? I have a BA in tourism from the University of Central Florida, and I’m in the MFA program right now at Puerto Rico School of Plastic Arts (read: Fine Arts), which is the premiere institution in Latin America, and conveniently has US accreditation . The only institution in Canada I would consider for a second MFA would be NSCAD… but it’s ok, I’d probably go for an MBA, and those are pretty easy to find Thanks! I’m well aware I was born in Boston, so I can deal with winter 
  4. They have my money and no news about PR deliveries. I'm not too pleased about this.
  5. here's a link to the test: my scores are: Education 20/25 (I only have a bachelors deg) Language Ability 22/24 (wow) Work Experience 19/21 (not bad) Age 10/10 (woohoo! I'm desirable:D ) Arranged Employment 0/10 (d'oh!) Adaptability 0/10 (wtf?!?!!) Total Score 71/100 my other options are to immigrate for a PH.D or other masters deg... or marry a nice wholesome (or completely dirty) canadian girl
  6. This thread is just a placeholder for now... if you know of a dealer, please put it in here :)This counts for both G&K/Zap Smarts and official MY2008 Smarts
  7. Holy random VW group day batman!Saw a Skoda Octavia and a SEAT Leon with Dominican Republic plates today.Supposedly the US gets SEAT in 2008. Canada was supposed to get them in 1994, but it was scrapped.
  8. I'd have the same problem importing a vehicle to PR... which is a US colony. I had a dealer import my car for me to avoid the hassle and have no problems getting service.
  9. Regina,I checked the DTOP counts here in PR, and there are 3 smarts registered on the island. I'm trying to find one of the owners, since I want to know the rigamarole involved, since taxes on imports in PR are based on US Blue Book values, and they're grey market smarts that don't have indexed blue book values.I'm so happy to see one so close in St. John I might have to take the 2 ferries (san juan - st. thomas, st. thomas - st. john) over to check it out.
  10. for that much money I can pay off all of my student loans, buy a Fortwo and keep it fuelled for a year.
  11. I am an avid beer-ficionado, live in a tropical island, collect license plates, love Disney (I have been to every Disney movie, have a 320gb external HDD chockful of Disney media, have visited every Disney park worldwide, stayed in every Disney hotel in the USA, collect random Disneyana from each major decade of the company, and been on every cruise they offer), hold 5 nationalities (USA, PR, Spain, France, Guatemala).
  12. Specifically at your Disney comment. I worked with for them nearly 5 years, and I can assert that they do recycle quite a bit... everything gets sorted after the fact.Furthermore, in Orlando, where I lived, depending on where you lived either the county or the cities pick up recyclables twice a week with garbage pickup. The recyclables go in separate bins and trucks
  13. Some background, Port of San Juan is one of the main shipping/receiving ports in Caribbean/Latin America, and as a result, almost every car imported to the region goes through here. Yesterday afternoon, I was down by the Port, and there were various non North American Suzukis, Hyudais, and Kias in storage lots waiting their final voyage to their new home port. The Hyundais/Kias didn't interest me much (although the Getz and Terracans were pretty neat)... rather, a lot full of Suzuki Swifts and APV's got my attention. There were a few Ignis's... (Igni?) and the usual SX4/SUV suspects. But what got me was the lot full of Swifts. Those are nice cars
  14. Had I not moved, I'd join you
  15. I guess I'm the sole dissenter here. I'm going to opt out of the Touch until the second generation at least. I don't like the Iphone, and I'm not too keen on its neutered brother... especially when I have at my disposal, a 3G Ipod, 4G Ipod U2, 5G 30GB, Ipod Classic 160GB, 2G Mini, 1G Nano, 2G Shuffle, and an Apple TV. However, I did do something today that shocked my friends that know my views. I bought this: For $99 I'll get it to toy around with
  16. correct. Essentially, it's a merged WB & UPN (which was owned by CBS)
  17. I'm not often jealous of another person.I am now.Wow... that is truly impressive.
  18. So the UPS man just knocked on the door.My new laptop arrived!!! Pics later. Funny thing though, I just booted it up for the first time and left it charging. I ordered a Dell and specified I wanted everything in English on it (in PR we get the choice of English or Spanish). Well, they installed Vista in English (and included an XP Pro English disc which WILL be installed soon), but gave it a Spanish keyboard, programmed as a Spanish keyboard.Should I just deal with it, since it took them over 2 months to get it to me, or should I complain and make them change it to an English keyboard? I'm quite upset about this since I specified ENGLISH and they took forever to get it to me.
  19.;sku=A1239180that looks pretty good, since it'll cost me peanuts. Personally, I want a new Wacom pad, but they don't sell them
  20. Back from the UPS store... and having charged $100ish to Dell's account, I feel pretty good:D
  21. The official language of the Commonwealth is Spanish, but English is widely used among the younger members of the middle class and is also the de-facto language for business transactions and commerce. We're also a US territory, and the US is predominantly English speaking.Personally, I was taught to use a computer in English. When I need to type in Spanish, I do '+a=á or ~+n=ñ... I don't like looking down and seeing Ñ where {[ was. It's disorientating.
  22. Actually, I just did that. They told me to pack the box up and ship it to an address in Panama (I guess it's their Latin America repair facility). I pushed him for a North American address, but no dice. I escalated to a supervisor, who gave me an address to send it to in the mainland US. They told me that they were going to send a second day air box my way, I said no dice. I want their UPS or Fedex account number so I can go and have it shipped myself. They gave me their UPS account number. I told them I also want either:A- a partial refund on the original purchase amountB- credit towards the purchase of accessoriesC- larger HDD when it's brought back to meThe rep gave me a $200 credit Now, I'm off to the UPS store to buy laptop packing supplies and overnight this sucker.... on Dells tab of course :DThe only threat I had to make was that I would contact Amex to dispute the charge since it hasn't been 90 days... and if you've ever dealt with Amex as a consumer or a merchant, they tend to side with their customer.And Purdeep's....err, Alan's english was spectacular! Sanjay's... err, William's wasn't so good.
  23. That's probably part of it, but there may be import duties, etc to factor in on top of the price.Most things made in the US that are sold here cost about 20%+ more after you factor in import duties and shipping costs. Oddly though, a few US chain and big-box retailers (Radio Shack, Costco, Hot Topic, PacSun, etc) on the island sell at the same price they do in the US, which makes for the ocassional good price. Sometimes we get phenomenal sales to drive in business... better sales than the US.When we need to buy anything expensive, we usually buy it in Miami or online if we can't get it at a decent price on the island. EG, I recently bought an iTalk for my iPod (voice recorder). The only retailer that carries it on the island is CompUSA and they charge USD$52. I bought it on Amazon, shipping included, for USD$28. At least the iPod was the same price here (actually, I got it for $10 less at Costco than I would have at the Apple Store)
  24. woohoo! My house is worth...errr.I'll get back to all of you when the appraiser swings by.