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  1. You can't be an agent provocateur when the majority the group you're a member of agrees with you
  2. Certainly not. Please don't turn this into another trash-the-Yanks thread. Institutionalised ignorance is epidemic all over the industrialised world. Bil *looks at passport*Apparently I made fun of myself
  3. Damn Americans eh:D
  4. And you guys wonder why Americans pretend to be Canadians when leaving the continent.. lol
  5. I put a deposit on a Scion xD in anticipation of a long wait for a smart here in PR.
  6. I'm waiting cause I'm stuck on a caribbean island that gets things 2 mos - 2 years after the mainland US
  7. I ordered it in Barcelona red, 5 speed manual, with a rear spoiler, Pioneer Avic D3 (slightly cheaper than the factory AVN system), 17" OEM Scion TC wheels + rubber (I like em!), cargo cover/mat/net, scuff plate, lojack, TRD rear sway bar, and TRD strut tie bar. That should be fun on some of the mountain roads here. Total price, USD $24,685. Up USD $8,000 from the PR base priceUnfortunately, there's no satellite radio signal on the island, so I gotta listen to my ipod and an FM rock station from the Virgin Islands.
  8. update. I test drove a Scion xD this morning... put a deposit on one. It'll be here in 3-6 weeks.
  9. I'm not allowed to give. I did all through high school and first few years of college, but I'm no longer allowed to
  10. Can it be done. I'll have a smart within 2 years. Less if UAG and the PR DTOP & Departamento de Haciendas let the car on the island. I have a weird, slightly warped, sense of humor. My older brother got me this as a gift for whichever car I end up getting. Since my next car is only going to be temporary until I get a smart, I want to know. Can this be done? Hell, if it can be done, perhaps I'll turn it into a General Lee smart
  11. ^^^^That's when it starts, 8pm 2 hours of Top Gear.The DVR is programmed
  12. ^^Let's all unite. Right now, I'm wide awake. We were hit last night by the outer bands of Hurricane Dean. I have power, but the neighbor behind me doesn't, and his diesel power generator has a clatter worse than a diesel Ford pickup.. and it's keeping me awake.So I've decided to drink and watch the telly.How about you?
  13. ooo.. Mojito, not a bad idea. It's a Cuban drink, but so's a Cuba Libre, and that's one of the most common found drinks here.I think I'll head to the old city now to get one
  14. I'm the true southerner here I live further south than any of you continentals :DNow I'll get my real southern food... my rice & beans and fried bananas on top of biftec acebollado
  15. It's 1:21am here... tomorrow. Greetings from the future. Early for me on a normal saturday night/sunday early morning... but not on a night after the storm. I drove out to my local watering hole and it was empty, so I bought a case of cerveza to make the night go by faster. Then my neighbor decides to turn on his generator. Grrrr. I went ahead and held a hotel room at the Sheraton Old San Juan for tomorrow evening in case he does this again0
  16. another thought. Mazda3 Hatch or a new body style Scion xB (or a used first gen xB). There's a 74 Beetle in the classifieds that is tempting (if anything because it's cheap), so that's been added to the consideration list.
  17. I'd post a poll, but I don't want to go over anyones head with this
  18. As is Newfoundland I'm in Atlantic Time, same as my Newfie friends
  19. Another thought is to go by time zonesEastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, and everywhere else (since Alaska, Hawaii, and the territories are all in different time zones
  20. I should mention though, fuel in Puerto Rico is subject only to local taxes. We don't pay any of the federal taxes included in the price of mainland fuel.
  21. Y'know, I agree wholeheartedly.errrr.. I mean.Are you not happy Citizen? Papiere bitte, Kamerad.
  22. USD $0.64-0.67 for regular. I'm paying USD $0.74-0.77 for the premium fuel the MDX so happily guzzles.It's not the cost of the fuel that I'm unhappy about. That's cheaper than what fuel costs in most of the US mainland. It's the fact that I've never paid USD $50-60 to fill up a car that wasn't a rental.
  23. alrighty, so the CVT Versa has been scratched off the list.We don't get the B-Class here :(I'm also considering Suzuki SX4 AWD
  24. I lived in Texas once. Once. I would be scared to drive a smart in most of the state. Austin I think I'd survive, but Houston or Dallas... EEP!