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  1. Wow... I quite like that.
  2. Here's the most recent census map I could find.My personal thought is to do Western US, Midwest, South (or Southwest & Southeast), Northeast, and AK/HI/Territories
  3. I mean, we have a 96 Jetta in the driveway, GLS, 5 speed, upgraded stereo... and it's been perfectly reliable.But fast forward several years. 2001 Jetta, POS. We took VW to court over it; 2006 Touareg. The engine and tranny were replaced under warranty... after we had the same attorney as last time write a letter; 2003 Audi A4, impeccable till last year. Now it's had more electrical troubles than a third world city.1/4 good VW group cars is not good at all. That 96 Jetta is perfect though... I'm considering buying it from my brother who presently owns it.
  4. Mike... where I'm at, all VW's - regardless of factory - have a nasty reputation for reliability.
  5. argh... you still can't get a Wii on the island due to demand and the extremely minimal numbers alloted for PR retailers. We're getting a Best Buy & Circuit City opening in the next few months, and hopefully then the numbers will be closer to demand... AND I'LL GET ONE!Congrats tho.. I'm freaking jealous.
  6. I already own a swatch
  7. I should also mention what watches I currently have.I have the non-working remains of my Seiko Kinetic, stainless steel Skagen with a round black face, stainless steel Nixon with a square black face, Translucent White & Black Swatch Fun Scuba, and a random assortment of diesel watches to wear to the club. Watches, ties, and cufflinks are my obsessions.I googled the Omega that was suggested, and I personally think it's amazing. The problem is getting Omega on this island isn't too easy. There's a handful of jewelers on the island that offer Omega, and none of them are ones I'd like to deal with.
  8. Because it was made for markets other than US, never certified for the US, and never sold in the US.
  9. You could either do a personal tourist import for 1 year on foreign plates, or import it for off-road use only. That car is noncompliant for US roads.
  10. After losing my job, I bit the bullet and moved away to start grad school.Bite the bullet and attempt for something better than Grade 12. I was the quintessential screwup through high school, and now I'm starting work on my masters degree.
  11. oh, no disrespect taken... rather, this is an interesting perspective that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise ;)In the Guaynabo area I live in, I personally find a lot of similarities to Southern California.
  12. Yup. I'm back in Florida at the moment though, tying up some loose ends.. y'know, closing accounts, shutting off utilities, selling my house/car, and getting the dog accustomed to riding in a kennel, cause the little brat is being sedated and riding cargo. I'll be in Orlando till the 7th of August, and then I go to Miami till the 10th. Then back to San Juan. I don't see the resemblance.. lol. Where did you go? I have heard "americanized latin america" before, and that one I get.. but not Bronx/Florida. I'm living in Guaynabo, which is part of the San Juan metro area, but just outside of San Juan. It's actually ranked the safest and cleanest city on the island which is a big deal for me, it's got a thriving arts community which makes me happy, and an irish pub, argentine restaurant, arts supply store, and dive shop walking distance from my house.Now I gotta get a car
  13. so, due to my unprecendented move to Puerto Rico (instead of Chicago), my trip to paris has been cancelled. I got my money back, and I'm going to try for next year. Here's my photos from the caribbean trip:
  14. there are states with Lax DMV's... eg, Florida. I know for a fact that there is a Euro Ford Escort Cosworth registered, as well as a relatively new Peugeot 507 and UK Spec Audi 90 RHD.I'm certain that a CDN Spec Smart could be registered in Florida with no problem.
  15. A redneck once told me that if I didn't like America, then to get the hell out.So I did.
  16. Amazing film... well worth it.
  17. Shipping to the Caribbean, the reliability ratings IME are:#1- Fedex#2- DHL#3- UPS#4- Post OfficeThat's where my experience comes from. I don't ship much to the civilized world
  18. You saw a british regged Vauxhall Vectra VXR. While it's made by the general, it's not the same POS GM that we have here in North America... they're much better than what's available here (although maybe not compared to the Euro equivalent)Definitely a cool find in NB
  19. Skip the post office altogether. I do my ebay sales strictly through Fedex/UPS/DHL. If the buyer requests Post Office, the bid is cancelled unless they agree to another shipping method.USPS took a record of 4 months to sent something that I paid extra to get priority with.
  20. so... can anyone suggest what to do about a physically damaged HDD?One of the lappys on this trip had a hell of a physical shock during a boat trip on Monday morning and has now spent nearly 48 hours on the Win XP boot screen during various boot attempts. The longest stretch was 3 hours before a reboot.
  21. I saw one yesterday at the Yacht Harbour parking lot here in Virgin Gorda. I thought about you the second I saw it. I was just too damned busy unloading the boat and moving the cargo onto our rental Mazda thing.
  22. And lastly, the view from the house
  23. for those watching, here are some pics. These are from the boat ride from Fajardo, PR to St. Thomas, USVI and then Tortola, BVI. Immigration was less than fun, and I haven't seen a single smart car. Albeit, I've seen a ton of KEI cars here, JDM and otherwise
  24. Ditto, thank you much neighbors to the north. And a happy belated Canada day to you as well
  25. Chicago was fun yesterday and today. Did the Taste of Chicago, had my job interview (went very well BTW), and went shopping at H&M which we do not have in Orlando. pictures are here: Wednesday I'm going to Puerto Rico, and then sailing around the Caribbean New addition, July 31st I am going to... ugh... Houston, TX to visit a friend of mine who's getting married out there. The steaks and other beef products better be as good as I hear. rrrucke, Shame I won't see you in Orlando next week I'll be sipping on cerveza at the beach