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  1. ahhh! The Reliant Robin!Top Gear turned one into a Space Shuttle last season
  2. I think it's real... Ilinois doesn't give Vintage plates to repicars
  3. Saw this in Chicago yesterday
  4. dude.. I'm gonna be 50 miles away in Chicago!Maybe I'll rent a car and head your way.
  5. I believe you can drive it home for a day and drive it back to the states. It wouldn't be a hassle if you lived in a border state or the Northeast Corridor, but if you lived... say in Florida, that'd be a pain.
  6. is that cookie dough, or do my eyes deceive me?
  7. Do you still miss the Canadian Airlines goose jets?So... I'm flying on Air Canada in August.. lol. LAX-YUL-CDG-CDG-YUL-MCO. Yay... I get to test out my horrid french by flying between the two most Francophone cities on the planet... yay!ok.. back to the Canadian hooters girls
  8. Just wondering. I had a job interview yesterday in Chicago and it went extremely well... I have a second interview on the 2nd of July, but the first interview seemed very promising.That out of the way, I know this is moving ahead of myself, but can anyone recommend areas to live/avoid, and things to do?Thanks!
  9. lol.Are we gonna get to cover all bases?
  10. that's not even close to being safeI'd stay a good mile behind that
  11. time for me to crack open illustrator and make some through my spreadshirt shop. I'll reply in a few days after I go through the usual spreadshirt "approval" process.
  12. hot canadian girls *faints* So Iain, there's a Hooter's Inn about an hour out of Orlando and it gets better..
  13. I don't wanna be anywhere near your Jing-a-ling.Maybe Ralph Nader should write another book and doom a burgeoning automotive exporting nation? I mean, he already ruined any chance of future GM automotive innovention.
  14. wow.. check out the Jiangling Landwind test.. fatal at 46km/h
  15. thanks for your comments about my pics :)Anywho, I'm originally from Massachusetts, so crappy winters aren't much of an issue to me. I've actually been in limbo with the Canadian government trying to get a work permit for the past 3 years.. lol. Anywho, I had about 2 1/2 hours to spare, so I checked out the downtown area, and I really liked it. It's a major city, which I like... and the people were friendly, which I also like. I went to Monk's Pub for a few pints after my interview and was having a great discussion on baseball and what living in Chicago in like.I really felt comfortable there.
  16. I'm guessing something Daihatsu?
  17. I don't have much to add other than Chocks away, tally ho... etc. lol
  18. I ended up having a Buffalo Mozzarella and Grape Tomato sammich, washed it down with a Hoegaarden Ale
  19. It's 1:10am Eastern Time and I'm hungry, what should I eat?HELP!
  20. A friend of mine in high school was named Matt Ring... his dad was Richard Ring, and went by "Dick Ring"also, a client of my family... Mrs. Ima Stranger
  21. Gotta love the New Wave
  22. Holy exotic car day batman!
  23. back to the original topic, a while back I contacted the local MB Dealers in Orlando, after speaking with the service manager, MB of South Orlando was willing to work on Smarts, both G&K/Zap and CDN/Mexican smarts.
  24. which dealer? Central Florida Toyota/Scion treated me fairly. Scion of Orlando wasn't openly trying to rip me off, but they were rather curt with me. Didn't try David Maus Scion though.
  25. I love Disney... I also love cheap airfare ;) and I also love cheap that's how I keep in touch with back home