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  1. I am really happy that the show was picked up for a 7th season... this show has given me a lot of ideas. Including this crazy one in the back of my mind telling me to go to medical school.
  2. oooo.. thank you
  3. that doesn't mean they do. I was looking at an xB when they were first released in Florida, and I was quoted $25k from Courtesy Scion in Orlando I called around when the Hot Lava xB was released, and that same dealer quoted me $32k for it... BASE.I actually told that salesperson to go f!!k himself. No thanks.
  4. I've watched a few episodes of 24, and honestly, I'm not a fan.I prefer Scrubs
  5. I gotta work :(phooey.
  6. I just submitted my passport application today, and I wonder... how long does it take in Canada for your passport?My grandma did hers and it took her close to 14 weeks I did mine today and paid extra for expedited service, so I'm estimating 3 weeks... how long did it take for you guys on the right side of the border to get yours?
  7. Smart goes to the grand canyon."Big Canyon, Little Car"coming soon to a theatre new you.Speaking of sleep... I could go for some of that as well...
  8. I paid about $200 for mine.. $30 application fee + $67 passport fee + $60 expedite fee + $20 billed to my fedex account for overnight shipping (x2) = $197I got it in 11 days... but bear in mind, your passport probably went from the NYC office to your place in NYC. Mine came from Miami which is about 250 miles away.
  9. according to Family Guy, if Al Gore was US president, we'd have Flying Cars that run on vegetable oil... and then George Jetson would get mad and throw his wife out.. lol
  10. Well, I just gained a wee bit of faith in the US government.. my passport arrived today.. and it only took 11 days I'm sure that paying an extra $60 and for Fedex overnight both ways had something to do with it
  11. It seems to me like the legality the collection method is questionable, but there's no doubt that it's definitely unethical. I despise my Homeowners' Association, and they have never and will never get a cent from me. However, that doesn't stop them from sending me notices that they want money... I just send them a prewritten letter that I typed up over a year ago, stating my rejection of their claim. And they accept it.
  12. I believe in alternative fuels. Yummy Vodka Tonic
  13. Riverside and Laguna Niguel are also MB dealers :)The Hollywood location is also a Mini dealerThe West Covina/El Monte location is also a Toyota/Scion/Lexus/Rav4EV dealerThe San Diego location looks to be a completely new dealership, neighboring the San Diego BMW & MB dealers
  14. I think I'm going to call the number on the side of the smart.Maybe it's a smart for good ole boys?
  15. reminds me of the DMV in Puerto Rico
  16. sounds like the DMV here :PI'm guessing there are no private expediting services in Canada you could pay to do the legwork for you? If you need your passport in 48 hours, they'll do it... but it'll cost you an extra $199 on top of all the gov. fees.
  17. And I'm not talking about Dakar or anything of the nature.Gumball, etc.Apparently the Bullrun is passing through Orlando as for the last 2 hours I have been seeing stickered up exotics and other random stickered up cars blowing past my office.I really wish I had my camera with me.
  18. There's one with NJ plates rolling around Orlando. It's regularly spotted at the Ritz-Carlton valet lot. From what I've been told it belongs to a very regular guest there... regular enough that he has an assigned parking spot with a Canopy in the valet lot.Personally though, I don't find it that interesting... I am much more interested in the Bentley Continental Flying Spur in my hotels parking garage.
  19. How do you think I feel... I can't even get back into my own country without one now And since I work in the tourism industry, I've pulled our numbers. Travel from Canadian, Bermudians, and Bahamians, all of whom were exempted from passport requirements, has hit the crapper. Thank goodness that the strong Euro/Pound are there to pick up the slack, but nonetheless, it's bad for business. really? yours are only valid for 5 years? My US passport expires first week of June, but it was valid 10 years.
  20. well, thank goodness I opted for Fedex shipping. My paperwork was received today at 9:20AM at the Delaware office. It appears mine will be issued out of Miami. Most of my friends have had their passports issued from the "National Passport Center/US Department of State."... my last one was issued in San Francisco, and now this one from Miami.. lol.
  21. I love those lil Cinquecientos
  22. teeheehee :DJacksonville Oct. 13-17Orlando, Fla. Oct. 19-24Tampa, Fla. Oct. 29-31Miami Nov. 4-8Huzzah! All within a 3 hour drive of me :DAtlanta Oct. 6-10Charleston, S.C. Sept. 28-Oct 3and these two are within a 6 hour driveI have seriously just cancelled my October trip to California to do this instead