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  1. Update and answer time.. lol.I ended up deciding on a cheap used car that her dad picked up at auction in FL for me. 96 Jetta, 5 speed, power everything, 29k miles... $1500USD!!!!!!!!! And since daddy owns the local Veedub dealer, maintenance isn't a big worry of mine. Car should arrive next week.Her Dad confided in me that he's hoping to get the smart franchise on the island, if not once they start selling, he promised to get me the first one he finds at auction in the states.As to why no Honda Fit. They're backordered on the island... like the Scion xD and any Mini.

  2. Here in PR we...Drive in MPH over distances in KM, then we fill our engines with Liters, top off our oil in quarts, and add PSI to my tires while measuring my fuel consumption in MPG. My address in the rainforest is Route 191, km 5.3, and then turn off the road and go for another mile. When grocery shopping we buy our water in gallons, weigh our meat and fruits/veggies in pounds, but get the rest in metrics. We buy property in M² and rent our property in FT². When I get my scuba tanks filled, my equipment reads PSI but the fill station reads in BAR (with PSI marked in sharpie). When I go to the Dr. I am measured in Feet/Inches and weighed in pounds, but all of the medicines are metric. Our temperatures are in F° but my AC settings at home (and the settings in most AC units sold on the island) are in C°To add more confusion, todays date can be both 9/12/2007 and 12/9/2007, so I typically write the month instead of the number to make things easier. Furthermore, even though Spanish is the official language here, all computers sold are packaged with English software; we just add the Spanish language packs to do this: ñ, this: á. this: ü, this: ¿, and others like it ;)I believe I win this measurement clusterFFFF

  3. Heh, what an opportunist!

    Yes. They also used to own the local Peugeot dealer :doublethumb:until Peugeot pulled out of the US market.

    Don't drop her until after you've taken delivery of the car...

    No. I'm far too smitten at the moment. A nice Puerto Rican girl that's well travelled, doesn't use my money, is... err... easy on the eyes, and can hold her own against me in one of my political rants. She's a keeper :D

    Marry her--- you'll get an even better deal. :smirk:

    Maybe. After gradschool. And several doctorates. :tongue3:

  4. You don't pay any duties to ship a car from the Mainland US to the USVI.You pay a HUGE excise tax to ship from the Mainland US to Puerto Rico. My crappy 2002 Nissan Sentra has a tax of nearly $4k to ship it.This isn't counting shipping costs which can run from $600-1000 depending on the port. Jacksonville, FL is the cheapest one. I'm not in the mood to pay full price for a smart in the mainland + tax, tag, and title (you can't get out of these in Florida, even for export) + shipping + excise tax + local sales tax, tag, and title. I'm scared that a $15k car will end up costing me closer to $25-30k after everything is said and done. Not to mention no place to have it serviced when if the need should arise.