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  1. I ordered it in Barcelona red, 5 speed manual, with a rear spoiler, Pioneer Avic D3 (slightly cheaper than the factory AVN system), 17" OEM Scion TC wheels + rubber (I like em!), cargo cover/mat/net, scuff plate, lojack, TRD rear sway bar, and TRD strut tie bar. That should be fun on some of the mountain roads here. Total price, USD $24,685. Up USD $8,000 from the PR base priceUnfortunately, there's no satellite radio signal on the island, so I gotta listen to my ipod and an FM rock station from the Virgin Islands.

  2. It's 1:21am here... tomorrow. Greetings from the future. Early for me on a normal saturday night/sunday early morning... but not on a night after the storm. I drove out to my local watering hole and it was empty, so I bought a case of cerveza to make the night go by faster.

    Then my neighbor decides to turn on his generator. Grrrr. I went ahead and held a hotel room at the Sheraton Old San Juan for tomorrow evening in case he does this again0

  3. ^^Let's all unite. Right now, I'm wide awake. We were hit last night by the outer bands of Hurricane Dean. I have power, but the neighbor behind me doesn't, and his diesel power generator has a clatter worse than a diesel Ford pickup.. and it's keeping me awake.So I've decided to drink and watch the telly.How about you?

  4. Can it be done.

    I'll have a smart within 2 years. Less if UAG and the PR DTOP & Departamento de Haciendas let the car on the island.

    I have a weird, slightly warped, sense of humor. My older brother got me this as a gift for whichever car I end up getting. Since my next car is only going to be temporary until I get a smart, I want to know. Can this be done?

    Hell, if it can be done, perhaps I'll turn it into a General Lee smart

  5. USD $0.64-0.67 for regular. I'm paying USD $0.74-0.77 for the premium fuel the MDX so happily guzzles.It's not the cost of the fuel that I'm unhappy about. That's cheaper than what fuel costs in most of the US mainland. It's the fact that I've never paid USD $50-60 to fill up a car that wasn't a rental.

  6. Since I'm living in Puerto Rico (US Carribean Territory... kinda like NWT, with a much larger population, sunny tropical weather year round, and a thriving arts scene), and it seems that we get everything 2 weeks - 2 years after the mainland, I've resigned myself to the fact that I probably won't be able to get a smart here until 2009ish (unless I import one from the mainland).

    What should I get? I'm presently driving a tank; an Acura MDX that is on loan from a cousin who's spending a year in Europe; and I'm not thrilled at spending $50-60 to fill the tank (regular unleaded is USD$0.647/liter here). We have a 96 Jetta in the driveway, but it's not insured, and I can't wait till November when its owner returns and insures it.

    I've broken it down to several cars, each with pros and cons.

    Toyota Yaris

    Pro: Reliable, economic, easy to park

    Con: Drives like a pig, too common on these roads, no personality, UGLY

    Scion xD

    Pro: Should be Reliable, economic, easy to park, should have a personality, if the xA is any indication- it should be fun to drive as well

    Con: new model (dealer markups.. ugh)

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    Pro: Look at it! It's attractive, should be reliable, relatively economic, fun to drive, amazing value

    Con: common on these roads, frequently stolen here

    Hyundai Brio (Accent) Hatch

    Pro: Reliable, nice ass, easy to park, somewhat economic

    Con: Drives like a pig, face like a pig, too common on these roads

    Nissan Versa

    Pro: it could be reliable, has a huge personality, amazing value, economic, fun to drive

    Con: The hatch is ugly as sin, the sedan looks like a first gen Prius

    Other things to note, we do not have Saturn here, so I can't get an Astra (phooey!) and our roads are shot to hell. Think of detroit... but worse.

  7. I mean, we have a 96 Jetta in the driveway, GLS, 5 speed, upgraded stereo... and it's been perfectly reliable.But fast forward several years. 2001 Jetta, POS. We took VW to court over it; 2006 Touareg. The engine and tranny were replaced under warranty... after we had the same attorney as last time write a letter; 2003 Audi A4, impeccable till last year. Now it's had more electrical troubles than a third world city.1/4 good VW group cars is not good at all. That 96 Jetta is perfect though... I'm considering buying it from my brother who presently owns it.

  8. I am assuming the Jetta would be made in Germany. If it's Mexican, well I wouldn't want one - they have a nasty reputation for reliability.

    Mike... where I'm at, all VW's - regardless of factory - have a nasty reputation for reliability.

  9. argh... you still can't get a Wii on the island due to demand and the extremely minimal numbers alloted for PR retailers. We're getting a Best Buy & Circuit City opening in the next few months, and hopefully then the numbers will be closer to demand... AND I'LL GET ONE!Congrats tho.. I'm freaking jealous. :D