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  1. hi I'm looking for a silver coloured grill for 2005 smart fortwo coupe - please pm me with details
  2. I"m trying to find decals and badges - Was the "fortwo" badge ever made in 3d or raised letters? I know there was the smart - MHD - CDI - electric drive - saw a forfour online - but no fortwo - looking for part number Also looking for part numbers for moon wheel covers with smart logo on them - they're about 6 to 8 inches round and cover the center part of the wheels. I was at the dealer yesterday and he could not find anything on these. any help please - thx
  3. hi is this deal available for NB residents or is it limited to the 3 provinces with a gov't incentives program?
  4. This is an interesting video of the smart ed going on a round trip up Mount Wilson in Glendale CA. It's amazing. Great scenery, great music and with results that will surprise you. I liked it and hope other members here will too.
  5. Is there a wiki on how to do this and if not can you or someone in the club here explain the steps on how to lube the waste gate actuator...thx
  6. I did mine last week and replaced it with the OEM. I figured if the first one lasted over 110,000 kms I should be good for another similar run. You will need patience for the work involved - everything is limited in work space - take your time and you should be ok. Take a look at "what did you do to your smart today" thread and you will see my version of this repair. Good luck.
  7. hiIf I may, I would like to contribute to the club after receiving so much info here on servicing the smart. Today I changed my IC fan, took pictures of the parts & labor only - not of the bruises, scrapes and blood (busted thumb)... ;-) oh well.To start off - the part number - 0003127 V010 0000 00 2 - remove the zip ties 3 - unplug connector from fan motor 4 - start pushing bundles of wires, hoses, making a gap big enough to pass the fan motor and plastic shroud 5 - wiggle, wiggle and wiggle some more while pushing and pulling wires and hoses aside until the fan is removed. note - you might need 3 hands for this part - this is where the bruises, scrapes and blood becomes apparent... 6 - get your new IC fan 7 - installing fan is the reverse of the removal - step 5 thru 2.It took me most of the afternoon to do this - I was taking my time and was not in a hurry. The hardest part was making an opening for the fan to pass - not a lot of room to move around. I tried to load some pictures but the files are too big so stay tuned for part 2 as I figure this out...herbieok - part deux
  8. R.I.P Bil - we exchanged a few pm's over the years and he was always ready and willing to talk smart cars. Bil, you will be missed. Condolences to his family and friends... herbie
  9. thank you for the reply. Do you know if I have to remove the EGR unit and hoses?
  10. hiMy ic fan is also gone. I bought a new one and now am looking for references to change it. Is there a wiki or something similar to help me along with this task. As always any help and or suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
  11. hi,last Tuesday I had a chance to test drive the ED in Quebec city at Chatel Auto. Had the car for about half an hour and had a blast. It's fun it's quiet and the torque is just fine. Couldn't get that smile and grin off my face. I was a happy camper.
  12. well - they came in yesterday on the 10th of June and within a 10 minute period while taking my time they were installed. Very pleased with the product. Easy to order and easy to install. Thx everyone for the help
  13. thx everyone - I just put the order thru - should get them next week. Will let you know how it goes.Thx again for all the help that is provided on this board - it's very well appreciated.
  14. Last week I went to pick up my son at the bus stop and went to put his luggage in the boot and the glass would not stay up. The two struts were shot. I searched the board here and I got a reference to the Stong arm #e4420. Called my local CT store and they had them in the system and said I could get them within 2 days so I ordered them. Last night I tried to install them but they don't fit. They rub on the window support (too big) and the hatch doesn't close... needs another 4-5 inches. Anyone here have another reference to this part and it's availability?
  15. just read it - nice article - brought back wonderful moments of almost 9 yrs ago now...