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  1. Thanks Karen & Jake.Mike and I had a wonderful time. It was so nice seeing everyone again. Also meeting new smarties is always a really treat.
  2. Had a rocker arm come off a lifter way back in 1975 on a 1972 Mustang. Ford said it was weak lifter. Had fixed a couple of times. Did you have your service done at the dealer or did you do it yourself?
  3. Are these still forsale? If they are could you find out how much to ship to Ontario.
  4. We, K-W, Cambridge group, just had a get together at the beinning of November. We toured Elora and had a really nice dinner at one of the local pubs. The food was great and so was the company. We have been trying to get together from time to time and Markham isn't that far from Kitchener-Waterloo area. Just keep and eye out in the Ontario section and hopefully you can attend when we have the next one. We love to have as many smarties as possible the more the merrier.
  5. Ours is at 148,000 and after new tires and an A service we're off to California at Christmas.
  6. Get this, just ordered a full set of Contis at Green & Ross mounted on my steelies, balanced, installed and taxes. $506.00. Only down side have to wait 2weeks to come in. Should be here and on my car by end of Nov. I'm still in shock.
  7. If you want we could slide across to the Commercial in Maryhill. They have pretty good food at reasonable prices. Bands start later and if we're there before six the have karaoke. Been there a few times and it's really fun. It's also on the way home for those who live in Kitchener and Cambridge and not far from Guelph. I don't think you would need res.Just a thought.Di
  8. We had a similar situation when we first got our smart but it wasn't a buck it was a transport trailer that decided to change lanes on the 401 only problem was we were already using the lane. My husband hit the brakes and we went from 100k to 0 in no time and the truck just kept changing his lane. I don't no if he ever did see us but my husband couldn't believe how fast we stopped and the fact that the smart never wavered. We just had to get our hearts out of your throats before you could continue on. Never want to experience that close a call ever again.Di
  9. Hi GaryIt's good to hear from you. I'm so glad your surgery went well. Hang in there with your rehab and we hope to see you driving your smart to one of our meets in the near future.Dianna & Mike
  10. We're getting there come on everyone sign up should be a great day. Looks like we'll be there for sure my husband is off on the 1st!
  11. Does anyone know how to link the other K-W, Cambirdge, Guelph topic to this so that we can encourage other local smarties to attend? The topic title may not be clear enough for everyone to know what its for. Just a suggestion. Thanks