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  1. I do see how you find some of the comments insulting. But also realize that cost to fill a tank is absolutely meaningless. People ask me this question all the time and are surprised saying, "That's it, my Jeep costs me almost $100 to fill". Well, of course it does, the tank is 80L and mine is 22L. How much does a dual tank F150 cost to fill? It's right up there with "How far can you go on a tank of gas?". I say, "About 400 KM". The response, "That's it? My Jetta can go 1000 KM". But who has the bigger tank? Apples meet oranges. BTW, I am now driving a Jeep Wrangler 4L... and will no longer be listening to any whining about fuel consumption from anyone getting < 10 L/100KM. Try closer to 15 L/100KM in the city. But it is fun!Kerry
  2. 2006 PulseCoupeStar Blue/Black72 000 Km$5995 OBOSaftied today/etest passedWindsor, ONDetails:-currently on winter tires/rims - 50% life in tires-summer rims are Roadster steelies with moon caps - Kumho summer tires 50% left in fronts, rears are done-Glenn (smart142 remap)-100% dealer serviced-new door locks today under recall-2 new front wheel bearings... pasted safety but they're noisy so replacing-Blindy centre exhaust installed properly with Brabus bracket; custom center plastic valance but will include 2 different stainless valances that can be painted or refinished (or sold!)-tinted windows-side marker turn signals as the car should have had-ADDED: FACTORY CRUISE CONTROL INSTALLED, great for highway-others? Just ask.-ADDED: Stock stereo will be returned. if interested in aftermarket stereo negotiable. Various options but would rather return to stock given the time. Installed bass bins though and car will have them with aftermarket speakers installed. Equal to sound upgrade essentially... meaning you could actually hear the speakers ;)The verdict:Moving to Edmonton in about 10 days really short notice. Not worth shipping unfortunately so need to let it go. Original owner, 100% MB serviced at Overseas in Windsor. After I leave it'll be on a lot so price may increase... get it first before the lot takes a bite!kerry.mcphedran@gmail.com
  3. +1 here too. Driving on the highway with 145/175 is already bad enough. 185/195 in the summer is so much more stable. Next winter I'll go with 175/195 on Roadster steelies. Then again, in Windsor it barely even snows... nothing on the ground yet this year!Knocks on wood (since my summer tires are still on)Kerry
  4. I pre-emptively bought extras for the price . My dealer couldn't or wouldn't find the part number for just the grommets and they always seem surprised when I give them a part number that they find in the system. Ah, the internet!
  5. I imagine you can purchase just the female side from a wrecked car if it's not working. I've only ever went that route with a seat belt... except for my Honda which has a lifetime warranty fortunately.I've been told similarly from the dealer from numerous parts... maybe someone can chime in with an individual part number that you can use from the dealer. That's how I got the rubber grommets for my luggage cover for $2 instead of buying a new cover as suggested by the dealer. Quite a scam. Kerry
  6. If you are watering your lawn then this whole discussion is moot. There is grey water collection (from sinks)... it's easily done pre-construction and is used for LEED certification. I'm sure a retro-fit would be pricey (maybe?). But the point above makes the discussion irrelevant.C'mon, how can you really worry about 5L of water if you already choose to live in a 'rather large' house. Seems a bit silly to me. Penny wise, pound foolish.JMHOKerry
  7. Hey,On your video... I'd say there's nothing wrong with those. They don't take much to compress (especially using body weight) and yours are retracting smoothly. If they were fully blown they wouldn't have pressure to retract. Throw them back on and call it a day.I gave Essex Distributing the Bilstein part number for the kit (B14 PSS suspension) and they found it for me. I was also told 2007+ only as well, but I think it was only since they don't have the PN and didn't want to do the leg work to find it. I always give my local MB a PN too since they always want to sell a 'kit'. Like the whole luggage cover to get new rubber ends... that seems reasonable (sorry for the off topic)GL
  8. PM'd you about my shocks. Essex (Bilstein Canada) can get you them as well... just get them a part number. Their Bilstein kit is $895 for the 450 but needs to be ordered. HTH Kerry
  9. I have two original shocks with only ~20K on them since I switched to H&R cup kit. Shoot me a PM if you're interested and we could work something out.Kerry
  10. Yes, the majority of my riding is in a peloton. The group was 18 people and for the most part we do 38-43 kph in the flatlands. Much easier to keep the speed up that way. Our 'hills' are literally highway overpasses... that's it. But we do get some brutal winds, those are the long days!People should never be discouraged. We have decaf, coffee and espresso group rides. I started in decaf (27-30kph) but worked a bit to even do that at first since I was so out of shape. Coffee is 30-35kph (no dropping riders). Espresso is hang on or ride home alone... and definitely not for everyone.
  11. Wish we had some hills here... we just deal with the winds instead! Did 450 km last week, all group rides. 130 km yesterday at 36 kph average, crosswinds but nothing too major. Fun day for sure out with the club racers.Sorry about your flats, seems they always come in clusters. Kerry
  12. I just ordered some used springs from Eddy in the interim. I sourced the Bilsteins from here (47-107632): http://www.bilsteincanada.com/ He said 12 weeks to arrive... but I doubt they would actually be that long. $895 + $40 + tax = ~$1000 all in I may just do this and wait. Maybe if we get a few people they'd be willing to expedite delivery for us? Kerry
  13. 12 + 0 = ?I used to love doing these is grade/high school!
  14. [Agreed. My stock springs broke at the top. The Cup Kit at the bottom. Bottom is much worse and unsafe! Oscillation of Death is my name for it.I've been quoted $895 CDN from a Canada dealer... but it's an order from Germany so a long time to wait. But only $40 shipping once landed, so just about $1050 to your door. That's a really decent deal if you're not in a rush. Unfortunately even at the sale price Flying Tiger ($1395) is at $1550 all in. I've ordered from Eddy before for some items that were much more reasonably priced (I do prefer to buy Canadian, even though that's a bit of a stretch for Bilstein shocks ), but the Bilstein won't be one of them unfortunately. Not sure why his price and SmartMadness are so high for Bilstein?$840 USD shipped to my house from US. In stock. Add 13% duty and still less than $1000 all in. I'll post how it goes after I order and receive. I think this is about the same price as ordering direct from Germany?Kerry
  15. Well it turns out that the H&R Cup Kit springs break too... the kit was older but it surely wasn't expected! Both front springs are snapped.... I think about 60-70K on them all told with 2 owners.Anybody shopped around for the Bilstein B14 kit? I've looked in a few places but thought others may have a good resource for decent pricing on it.When I hear of people driving with broken springs I've no idea how they can possibly do it. Truly unsafe... I'll ride my bike in the interim!Kerry