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  1. Hi rosanna - You should enjoy the 5-speed, once I got used to the non-floor mounted pedals it was fun to drive. Must admit I use the cruise control often to keep the turbo from getting me into trouble.
  2. Thanks dmoonen, I am really enjoying the 5-speed with the 898cc turbo every day. I did test drive the DCT before and if that is what someone chooses they will not be disappointed. I applaud Mercedes for making both transmissions available in North America so everyone can choose what works best for them.
  3. Thank you HandyHobbit, I am enjoying my 453 more every day. The 5-speed manual is a personal choice and I think it is great the Mercedes has offered both in North America so we all can make the decision that suits our individual needs best. The "party piece" is the reduced turning radius, it makes me smile any time I get the chance to use that capability while parking. I also would like to give a big thumbs up to the 898cc turbo as the torque really improves the drive-ability.
  4. Hi Smartnhappy, I appreciate your perspective, but the clutch action on the 453 is pretty light and I have enjoyed shifting it. My 2008 Passion had the paddle shifters and I did use those routinely, but I missed using a clutch peddle and am very happy to have that in my 2016 and am happy Mercedes made that as an option in the US.
  5. Friday I took the plunge and traded my 2008 Yellow/Silver Passion Coupe for a 2016 White/White Prime Coupe. Daimler did their homework and made many, many improvements, especially in the highway driving dynamics. I am also very happy to have a real 5-speed again!
  6. Good observation, the Fiesta got up to speed quickly, it just didn't feel like it did in the 453, perhaps it is the gear ratio differences as the smart gets off the line well. I found the453 has far superior ergonomics and the driver seat was much better than the Fiesta.
  7. Test drove a Ford Fiesta with the 3-cylinder turbo and 5-speed this evening and it was an OK car, but it did not feel as stable and powerful as the 453 that I drove last week. The local Smart Center is expecting a Prime model with a 5-speed that I hope to drive soon and I hope that allows me to finalize my decision. I agree with the comments above how much I enjoy the rear drive smart as compared to a front wheel drive Fiesta.
  8. Thanks Mike, that would be great, I am looking into a white Pure with black tridion so this news is most welcome.
  9. I noted white body panels in the first image, was it possible to determine if the white was molded in or painted? When I test drove the 453 locally I asked that question and have yet to receive an answer. In 2008 I chose the yellow as it was my favorite of the non-paint colors (out of black, white, yellow). Considering the new yellow has an up-charge of $395 (US) I assume it is painted and figure only white and black in the 453 was molded. Does anyone have confirmation of that?
  10. Stopped at the Smart Center in Scarborough this evening and test drove the Passion Coupe (even though it was a DCT and I want a 5-speed manual). I must admit it drove well, stable, felt planted, and had plenty get up and go from the 899cc turbo. The ride was European firm, but not uncomfortable and it handled well, did highway speeds before I knew it. They will have a 5-speed soon and my name is on the list to take it for a drive.
  11. The local Smart Center in Scarborough, Maine has 2 new 2016 type 453's and I was going to stop in to check it out this weekend, that is before I read the specifications on-line and saw the fuel tank is smaller than my 2008 type 451 by 1 US Gallon! My first thought is this must be a typo, why would a car that is wider have a smaller fuel tank, so I emailed the Smart Center and they confirmed it. I have a long commute each day and need to stop every 3-4 days to refuel, so having a smaller tank only exacerbates this situation and has caused me to rethink trading for a 2016. I may test drive a Ford Fiesta SFE with the 3-cylinder turbo which gets about the same fuel mileage, but has a 50% larger tank. Bummer!
  12. The earlier post about the 900cc 3-cylinder smart turbo being comparable in fuel consumption to the 1 liter 3-cylinder Ford turbo needs to take into consideration the Ford engine is direct injected and the smart is not (to save cost), so by design the smart engine will not be as fuel efficient as the Ford. That said, the smart will be smaller and lighter than the Fiesta, so the total consumption my be comparable. Looking forward to real world road test numbers from North America of the 453.
  13. Very interesting photo of the 453, 450, 451 as it makes a great comparison and shows the evolution of the smart. I am holding my opinion on the body styling until I also get to see one in person, hopefully in the US soon.
  14. Thank you very much for the insight on the US deliveries, I am waiting to see one in person and for test driving a 5-speed manual before I decide what to do with my 2008 Passion Coupe. I must admit the shape does not wow me in pictures, but the drivability is where it is at for me. Thanks again Huronlad
  15. Any insights on initial 453 deliveries to the U.S.?