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  1. I have 05-06 radio. The volume knob don't act funny sometime, sometime the volume goes up when you want to turning it down. Otherwise, everything work well. I have the security code. You only have to pay for the shipping.
  2. I can't remember what it was... Actuator ?
  3. So I can't buy a Lamborghini because my Civic still work good ?? I stop, but you see my point ?
  4. Who care if he got what he want ?? Did he paid that with your money ??
  5. Your problem is very similar to what mine had... Start fine, but run very rough for s short time and perfectly after.... The alternator finaly get stuck after sitting in the driveway for couple weeks and i sold it..
  6. The battery have the same warranty that the car have ? 80k/4yr ?
  7. The car life will end before the battery pack.. http://insideevs.com/200000-miles-tesla-model-s-experienced-6-battery-degradation/
  8. This look like a Photoshop picture...
  9. Negative Camber, but the tire wear off on the outside... ?
  10. Any number for the range on this one ?
  11. Like I said before, ask smart if you want the official documents.
  12. Because fews people put link to fews website, but you question thoses sources. From what i know, the battery of the first Prius generation are still good when the car reach the end of there life. Company buy it for use it for other think.
  13. If you want an official source, talk with smart....
  14. Generally the battery last longer than the car itself. http://insideevs.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/maxrange2.png Even after 85 000km, the battery is still good at 94%..
  15. I use Sliver Wax https://www.silverwax.ca/en/product/rim-and-chrome-ultra-strength-cleaner/ It doen't clean 100% of dirt, but if you are like me and hate cleaning wheels, it work well for a quick and easy way to clean it. Sory it is in French only but you can see :
  16. No but, when you buy a smart, you buy it for having something special not for "praticality". Hard to sell 10 000 per year with that, like the Civic do..
  17. Here I see "a lot" of old people in 451 smart, i thing they don't really care about the RWD.. For 20k, in my opinion you can get a more equip car with more space and everything. If the sell don't go up, i thing this will be the last generation of smart out here.
  18. 17 300 for a Pure smart and you can get a base Hyundai Elantra for 16 000$.. The smart is too expensive now, and only 2 seats..
  19. I sold my smart the last winter, but i still have fews random parts : https://goo.gl/photos/uYi1wQdjCsMBf7wh8 - Cigarette Ashtray - Like new (No screw) - Thermostat - For Petrol smart.... - EGR Valve holder/mount - Fuel line for injectors - 3 Injectors - About 100 000km, seems to work correctly... - 1 screw for the front hub/bearing. - New - Radio - I have the security code. The volume button act weird.. The volume goes up and you turn in down and down when you turn it up sometime. - Stock third brake light with SMART sticker on it. (All assembly - Plug and play - No screws) - Inside Rear Windows trim. Missing 1 corner clip. - Inside Trunk cover (No stick/holder) - Fews stickers. Best offer on each parts + shipping.
  20. My car was in storage for the winter with the battery disconnected, and the indicator still remember the last reset.
  21. The brake system on the smart is different from any other car ?
  22. No problem with fast blinker at the back ?
  23. It work with a lot of others car, can be usefull.
  24. Mine is 6 years out of warranty in that case. No big problem. These exhausts can be repaired. Their internals do not wear out so possible to fox by fitting new stainless steel shell. Here, the car is warranty for 4 years/80k km, but the muffler, 8yrs.