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  1. Thanks Cameron.. It happened yesterday afternoon, suddenly, while driving, after 1.5 hours of running... I haven't don't anything at all to the vehicle, no aftermarket accessories have been added.. (except an exhaust 80,000 kms ago) and the last regular service (just an oil change) was 7,000 kms ago.
  2. Please help...I have a 2008 451 with about 105,000. Now off of warranty.. Today I suddenly lost my instrument cluster, strip-panel switches (heated seats & sometimes door locks, & the rear hatch unlock switch), signal indicators.More specifically, my speedo and tach are stuck at 30 kph & 2000 rpms respectfully, and the lights & leds beneath the speedo are all blank. (I don't have a fuel gauge, dummy lights, indicators, outside temp guage, etc...)The rear turn signal lights work (with a fast flash) but the side indicators and front signal lights don't work... I checked all of the fuses and #12 was blown... Tried replacing it and unfortunately every fuse I try immediately blows.. There's a short circuit there!My wife's mechanic had a quick look and is also unsure on how to proceed.. He tested that fuse #12 slot and there's definately a "dead short" (even with everything turned off, tons of current)Anyone see this before? Where would the short likely be?
  3. Say what you will but all other vehicles that I've driven in the past 2 years (about 30 different makes & models) are within 1 or 2%. The 451 is the only one that's close to 10% high. (and it's not related to tires, mine are now almost bald too and its still currently 9% high)
  4. Yeah, my 451 is the same. Odometer seems to be accurate but the speedometer reads 110 kph when my gps reads 100. I've always hated it and also agree that it's truly unacceptable but never did talk to the dealer about it thinking that route would be futile.
  5. For comparison sake, my 08 gas model (driven 2 winters now) has always started, even after sitting outside those nights that it got as far down as -38'C. (that's the ambient temp by the way, not counting the windchill. and for the record, in those 2 years, Winnipeg has had 6 nights that it got below -35'C)And the gas models also have great heat.Edit: oh, and it didn't even have a block heater or any kind of oil/fluid heater.
  6. FastEddy will win, that would be my recommendation. He has Blizzaks on sale for cheap right now.EDIT: Ignore what I just said, I didn't read the whole thread and missed Don's post above.
  7. Go see Kirk at Waverly Mitsubishi and tell him Denis & Nicole from Auto Facts sent you. He has a pretty good deal for us on oil-pan heaters (installed). It's a low-wattage meant for our application, unlike the store bought ones.. And that dealer's done several (at least 5 or 6) for Club smart Car Manitoba.
  8. Also 24/7/365.(my 2008 already has 95,000 kms on it)
  9. I was reading (elsewhere) something about a smart 2.0 firmware update/check. Included is a transmission software update..Does anyone know if we'll have these updates available thru warranty in Canada??? or is this just a U.S. thing?
  10. Yeah, sorry. It's made for the 451 with the naturally aspirated 1L gas engine.Adds about 12-14 lbs/ft of torque between 2500 & 3500 rpms, right where we need it the most and get the most use of it.
  11. No, sorry, I don't have a photo handy of this new one. As I stated above, it's brand new and still in the box. Attached is an old photo I had on my computer of the 1st DTH exhaust I had (almost identical) beside the original muffler.The DTH weighs 5 lbs vs about 21 lbs for the stock unit. Additional details can be found at Sounds clips and videos can also be found on youtube. Go to and search for Doug Thorley smart.
  12. I have a new (2nd gen redesigned) DTH single exit exhaust that I just received from Nick at Doug Thorley Headers. I had problems with my original one and he sent me this one as a replacement. (The new system allows for expansion and contraction as well as a limited amount of flex.) I loved the performance and sound; but my wife is enjoying the quiet of the stock system which is now back on the car. It's brand spanking new and still in the box.$250 obo (in Winnipeg)