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  1. I'm thinking things may have slowed down and settled into place by then. Maybe add me and Blonde Star as good possibles. I Know, I know, I haven't been around much but it's a long story. I won't be able to be around much for the next little while either, but don't give up on me. see ya'll latter.
  2. Not much yet, I'll PM you.
  3. Sounds interesting, if it goes into production.
  4. Thanks again shung!!!
  5. Thanks shung.
  6. Again, You too?
  7. Hello shung, do you know if my car has made it on a train yet? The Number is: 0670178622
  8. Good for you Xan! Enjoy. Bud
  9. And don't you have to pay the provincial sale tax as well to run with Sask. insurance?
  10. Are there any cars abourd the Atlantic Conveyor? Does anyone know?
  11. I don't really think so, because most of the people that I know of don't need cars at the moment and also I think that the smart car is a specialty Item. The people that buy the smart are looking for a car that is fun and funtional. Most people are looking for at least a four seater. I do believe that a lot more smarts would be on the road if the forfour was in canada. I know for sure that we would have a forfour as well as a fortwo. But in saying that, I think that there will be more that will look at it when the time comes for a new second car.
  12. What exactly is Woot?
  13. Identical, but with the addition of power steering Mike.
  14. Too late, I already answered.
  15. Well Xan, Hello again. Nice to read you. As of right now, I have been told today that Junior is sitting at the port in Germany. So I guess we have to wait and see when he boards and go from there.Medically things are progressing fairly good, just a few bothersome things left to take care of. Not in a whole lot of pain, just annoying things. Oh yes, day by day things improve, and being at work is really helping me a lot. I don't mind being a testament so much, I just hope that no one else has to try to prove it. I think if everyone had a chance to speak to those around me that had nothing but laughter and jokes to tell before my accident, they wouldn't believe the way things have turned around in Medicine Hat minds. It's really incredable to hear what people say now.