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  1. Does the 2005 cdi Cabrio use the same gas cap as all other smarts. Will a 451 petrol model cap fit the 450 cdi?
  2. Thanks Mike T, that was the issue. Had the scan gauge so long, forgot it needed to be re-programmed. Works like a charm now.
  3. My scan gauge II has worked great for the last few years. My first scan gauge lasted 7 yrs, now on my second one. While driving It would readout around 60 - 65 mpg (US). When I coast down a hill or up to a traffic light it reads 9999.99 This week my scan gauge show I get only 6.4 mpg and when I coast it reads 9.7. I have no error codes that pop up, power seems the same, Is my scan gauge on the fritz, has some gauge setting been altered, or has something happened to my engine that drastically lower my mpg? Power, shifting, rpms all seem unchanged. I am baffled as to what happened, any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Is the MDC cruise still available, or is it sold?
  5. I'm curious as to how long the key battery lasts. My 05 is still going strong with the original battery. How long are these batteries really good for?
  6. Received the new cdi fuel filter today and finally got the chance to repair my Smart. After completely draining my fuel tank of what I believe to be bad biodiesel and putting in the new filter and some fresh dinodiesel the car started right up. Before starting I turned the key to position 1 a few times to prime the new filter. Drove around and accomplished a few errands with no further "check engine light". Seems to be back to normal. Time will tell.I found that my small pump that I use to drain my oil worked quite well at removing the bad gas from the tank. The oil pump came with a very long extension tube which came in very handy.My German Smart did only have the one inline filter and came out quite easily. No tools needed to replace the filter as the gas lines at both ends were spring clips that easily pushed in and released the fuel line from the filter. There was also a push pin electrical connection at the top of the filter. I have no idea how that works on a fuel filter, but it was easy to replace. I did remove the rear fenders and valance to have easy access to the wheel well where the filter was situated behind.This pic was posted by Smart142, but mine is the same setup but w/o a water separator. New_Picture__1_.bmp
  7. Ummmmm, that's the tarp under the car to keep the driveway from getting messed up. Snow in Texas.....I wish!
  8. I jacked the Smart today and put it up on jack stands, dropped the bottom panel and found only 1 inline fuel filter under there. It is located just to the front of the rear passenger side tire and directly under the fuel cap inlet. I could not find the filter/separator unit described in other areas of this site? Is the fuel filter/water separator under the front panel, I haven't dropped the front one yet? Or is the filter/separator something unique only to the Canadian model fortwos? Mine is a 2005 Passion cabrio cdi that came over direct from Germany without mods or conversions. Here are a few pics of what I found today, pics at the url and below. http://www.austinstructural.com/photos I'd like to change all the filters but only found the one small inline filter.
  9. Questions on cdi fuel filters:Are the fuel filters easily obtained from any MB dealer in Canada?Is the gas & diesel the same filter?Anyone know if there is a general purpose filter that will fit the cdi?The reason I ask is that I had one stored in my garage and it has lost itself somewhere in the mess. Now I need one and they are not easily obtained here in the lower states.Thanks for any help on this subject!
  10. Yes, I did fill with B100. The tank was half full with dinodiesel so that would make it B50. Texas is hot and I've used various blends of bio with no problems over the last year. I've purchased from a good supplier but this is the first time I've had a problem, haven't ruled out bad fuel though. After I drove the car a few times at low speeds the check engine light goes out on its own, without a dealer reset. But, the first time I accelerate hard it konks out on me and goes into limp mode. I need to replace the fuel filter as the first step, lube up the turbo linkage and see what happens next.
  11. Yep, that's what I came up with. Anyone know the "english" translation? Anyone here seen this code before with their Smart or knows what it really means?
  12. My 05 cdi quit on me today. Just filled up with biodiesel, 3.1km from the gas station while maintaining a steady speed of about 100kmh there was a small thud and the engine quit. The check engine light came on and a few seconds later the red oil light next to the engine light also came on. I pulled over and checked the oil which showed normal. No problem there so I checked the Scangauge for error codes and it said P0251.I tried to start the car and it started right back up. I was about 5 minutes from my house so I just drove slowly home, I hit about 80kmh and it quit on me again. So once more pulled over waited about 30 seconds and heard the reset click. Started the car right up and finished my drive home. Just couldn't go over about 80kmh. I haven't had a chance yet to check the error code so don't know what is going on. Anyone know off hand what the error code reading P0251 is? I'm thinking fuel related.
  13. Question about the 450 OEM cruise. When the TAN code is installed will it zero out any aftermarket remaps? Yes, no, maybe?
  14. I visited our new Smart Center in Round Rock, TX. They had one yellow Smart 451 in the showroom. Everything is up and running and the service dept told me they would be happy to service my Euro 05 cabrio whenever needed. They told me that Zap and G&K gray market converted vehicles could only receive limited service but unconverted Euro spec vehicles could receive full service just as the new 451. Now I can pop in the cruise control stem and they will install the TAN codes. :)Nice bunch of folks! They had all their brand new accessories on display so I bought me a new set of velour floor mats. They said they were for the 451 but they fit my 05 450 just fine. In fact they fit even better than my old ones. Nice! Also picked up a new cup holder that holds two drinks vs. my old one which only holds one. It also fit just fine. And they even installed them for me free. Also got a couple of new Smart ball caps. A black one for me and pink one for the wife.
  15. I have a used Gray OEM 450 cup holder for sale. Great shape, came out of my 2005 fortwo cabrio cdi. Has mounting screw included. US $49.00 + S&H