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  1. Is your wastegate stuck?
  2. I don't know whether this related, but on the SAM are 9 connectors, 5 always on, 4 switched. If the ignition circuit has been plugged into the always on connector this may be the issue.
  3. Isn't this why the stability control light comes on?
  4. Do you mean that the tach isn't reading as high as it should be or the engine isn't revving as high as it should be? With your car standing still in neutral and putting your foot on the accelerator what is the maximum RPM that can be reached? If it is only about 3,000 RPM then the most likely explanation is that the car is in limp mode resulting usually from a stuck EGR valve or wastegate.
  5. Although I took material science at university, I must have been away the day that the von Mises and Tresca yield criterion was taught. I had to look it up.
  6. I have two 2005 cabriolets. Over the years on 2 occasions I have found metal rings on my driveway, both virtually identical. They are from a broken front spring, one on each car. The photo below is from another thread which comments that there is a flaw on the springs which creates a weakened point at the same place on every spring.
  7. See if this fixes the problem.
  8. Although I haven't used it on my smart, I have used it on other tires and it works! I am referring to the liquid tire sealant in the plastic container that is stored in the foam footpad under the passenger seat carpet. Remove the tire valve, inject the liquid into the tire, replace the valve, pump up the tire, drive the car to spread it around.
  9. How are your tire pressures?
  10. My 2005 Cabriolet had a water leak on the front passenger side. When I took it through a car wash, water could be see dripping from the pillar. Later after rolling the roof back I noticed a significant amount of dirt and debris in the rubber flashing which seals the top at the front. Cleaning it out fixed the problem which I proved with another car wash check.
  11. It is my understanding that it is possible to add a knob with a pushbutton and I believe also a software change to enable "Tiptronic?" shifting.
  12. 75,000 km on my 2005 smart. After unseizing my alternator, a few weeks later I also experienced the no charge indicator light on my dash. I'm not a happy camper and am curious what type of fault (from corrosion?) occurred a few weeks after the alternator was unseized.
  13. Thanks for the tip. Clever thought. The tach is steady at 800 RPM when idling. I was curious if any one of Canadian Tire's fuel additives would be an asset to cleaning the injectors? Any suggestions?
  14. My 2005 Coupe with 75,000 km which I haven't driven for a while has a distinct vibration which you can even feel in your seat and in the shift lever when idling at 800 RPM. I smooths out, however, when a bit of throttle is added. Not being a car guru, I was hoping to get an opinion on what it might be. Two uneducated suggestions are motor mounts or missing on one cylinder at low RPM.